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  1. MasaAndFaker

    Happy Birthday

    I want to know who has a birthday. write the date and I will try to give you gifts on your momentous day. each player will not be left without attention. On this day I want to hear warm and good words My birthday 03.05.1994
  2. MasaAndFaker

    New Names. New Faces. (Old People??) 🤔

    because I did not understand anything
  3. MasaAndFaker

    How to claim faucet.

    Wiow big captcha)))
  4. MasaAndFaker

    New Names. New Faces. (Old People??) 🤔

    I thinking its funny
  5. MasaAndFaker

    Using PD on phone

    I play on mobile. Bad download PD5 but I play