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  1. In life chat: one day support tell that it will be resored, another - thant they still don't know, on 3 - that it will not. So can admins tell for all PD players exacly: faucet will be 10 forever or will restored to 100,300,700 and so on?
  2. Rolling - its a good way to relax, and if you are lucky one - even win good bank!
  3. colors can be made little bit lighter then now and will be good. Old ver color theme was more friendly.
  4. As for me - it's better roll then talk-), but as many people, as many thoughts
  5. Make 700,000 from 10 satoshis - its real mastership!
  6. I don't play there pd is my first and the only one and most favorite BTC casino. I hope it will restore all function and become even better.
  7. Hello man i got my acc here tommorow-)
  8. just wait and everything will be as it must be, developers are too human and can't predirect everything, they must test everything and only then we will see result
  9. there are people who can raise from 300 satoshi to 100,000 and even more but repeat this 10 from - very hard, even impossible. So i think someone like to talk on forum and they can be paid for that - that's good. And someone like to roll dice, so they must have an abbility to get faucet (not 10) and do what they able.
  10. it's hard not to agree. 300 it is much better then 10 satoshi
  11. free satoshi (faucet) it was a zest of PD, so i think they must restore it.
  12. yea speed is realy cool, design can be changed without problems and technical bugs - its a real thing with must be solved
  13. New version is preaty good, but has a lot of bugs. So there is what to do for developers.