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  1. Maybe? If 10btc is shrug-off-money then yes, you are most defenitly rich, haha! But I would probably do as ravenyvolle, because if I had enough money to gamble with 10 btc, then I would be prepaired to lose it!
  2. Doesnt work for me, what am I doing wrong? Resetting Seed! Please set starting bet using nextbet = x.xxxxxxxx
  3. Haha Im not saying that would be my goal, it was just an example of how I would probably make shitty dessitions with the money, haha
  4. Not on PD but on Bitsler (Found that before PD). I invested about 0,004-something btc, and I ran 1sat at 2x payout and x2 on loss, thinking this was printing money. After about 2 days straight I hit 19 reds and lost it all.
  5. Im torn. On the one hand I want to think I would put the money to good use, help my family and close ones out, invest etc. On the other hand I know myself and I have an addiction-personality, so I would probably just buy a ton of worthless shit and develop a coke habit or something.. haha
  6. You inspired me, going to do the same, but Im sticking to a target of 4% up (or 10% down) per day, slow and steady wins the race. Good luck buddy!
  7. If you lose and keep losing, you will no longer get any profit after 100 rolls on 18 Satoshi, after that you are just increasing your loss for every bet.