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  1. Maybe? If 10btc is shrug-off-money then yes, you are most defenitly rich, haha! But I would probably do as ravenyvolle, because if I had enough money to gamble with 10 btc, then I would be prepaired to lose it!
  2. Doesnt work for me, what am I doing wrong? Resetting Seed! Please set starting bet using nextbet = x.xxxxxxxx
  3. Haha Im not saying that would be my goal, it was just an example of how I would probably make shitty dessitions with the money, haha
  4. Not on PD but on Bitsler (Found that before PD). I invested about 0,004-something btc, and I ran 1sat at 2x payout and x2 on loss, thinking this was printing money. After about 2 days straight I hit 19 reds and lost it all.
  5. Im torn. On the one hand I want to think I would put the money to good use, help my family and close ones out, invest etc. On the other hand I know myself and I have an addiction-personality, so I would probably just buy a ton of worthless shit and develop a coke habit or something.. haha
  6. Yeah, we all pretend we never heard of this one before, am I right?
  7. You inspired me, going to do the same, but Im sticking to a target of 4% up (or 10% down) per day, slow and steady wins the race. Good luck buddy!