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  1. oh yeah i just love poker, this is my most favorite game. there are so many emotions. i get very high adrenaline from poker
  2. I want to try to play on a grand scale, and spend the winnings on the construction of housing. Since we do not have it yet, but five of my children still keep me from this risk)
  3. Indeed, this cannot be cut at the root, for this and there are moderators, they know their work and do not badly clean the chat themselves. need a little time and everything will be fine. and I note, they are doing well, I myself have already experienced the effectiveness of the moderator and now I think that my chat has become more understandable, and I avoid spam. spam grows only in the absence of moderators
  4. Here is also a good strategy, you can customize. it all depends on the distance, can be on short, or on the far. you need to calculate your balance on the calculator of geometric progression. here is an example: Base bet: 0.0001 Balance: 0.016 Multiplier: x4 Raise on win: Reset Raise on losing: x1.333 it's at 14 rates. in a small distance you need to play carefully, and I usually wait 15-20 red and start playing. well be careful there is no reliable strategy as such. any strategy for a long game leads to a crash. need to control yourself to stop. good luck to all
  5. I always played with a small yield, it was very long but it was effective. even it turned out to add + 500% but one day I put 0.15btc on the x2 multiplier and lost. This was my biggest bet. now i'm not risking
  6. the leaders will definitely remain Btc.Eth.Xrp. I think Ltc will rise to line 6 Bitcoin cash, I would say it is difficult to keep in place) but the list of others can change, it all depends on investment, investor uncertainty strongly affects the market. I think by the summer there will be something already known. I hope that after the April Forum in Singapore investors will calm down)) And maybe something else is waiting for us interesting.
  7. это не максимальная его цена) столько инвесторов, столько вложено в него, он явно начнет расти, после форума в Сингапуре я думаю что то ждет нас, ,,великие комбинаторы" что то затеяли)) нас в этом году явно ждет серьезный рост, и это даже 8000 баксов, я уверен что будет выше 10.000. все это будет если не одно НО. в прошедшем уже году многие инвесторы морозили свои финансы, если нас не будут ждать события еще хуже чем в 2018, то рост будет, однозначно.
  8. No need to catch everyone))) you need to give a chance for improvement, but for repeated violation they should be sent to the eternal ban without the right to appeal)) I want to say that others can improve due to the bitter experience of others. but a couple of indicative executions, too, would not be bad to arrange))
  9. sick theme, beggars really fed up. they flood chat, cry for rain, don't pity them. if there is no money, do not bother others. all the beggars ban)))
  10. finally they lowered the limit, I waited so long for this)) thanks to everyone who took part in it
  11. I decided to play less for myself)) although it is hard, but you need to have self-control so that the family budget does not suffer. new year - more work and more family time
  12. on the one hand, the idea may be good, but for such changes a detailed analysis is necessary so that there is a minimum of disappointment
  13. do not need new games, let it remain so. I only love this game. This is the favorite Primedice. Therefore, I still play only here. If you change something, then, as alien0211 said, it will not be the same loved by everyone Primedice
  14. it would be great if an internal exchanger appears. I dream of him))
  15. it makes it difficult for many people to communicate, sometimes chat moves very quickly due to spam, participation in quizzes is difficult. I, too, for the fact that they wrote it in a personal message
  16. I will be honest. I would not return. If my financial situation would be better than now, then I would return it. I don’t have such a sum and I can’t make the same mistake))) and that person was wrong, that means his financial situation is much better than mine)) Yes, I would act shamelessly.
  17. I also thought about it, someone from above measured their share in luck, courage and so on. I also noticed my profit of 20-30% and if I was brazen, I wanted more then I lost everything. maybe the way it is, that everyone has his own limit?)))
  18. Well, about political actions there everything is foggy)) But one thing sure, Brokers will artificially raise the growth of Bitcoin. By the summer, bitcoin will definitely jump above 6000, but before that there should be another fall in the course.
  19. as written above, the whole thing is in fear, you risk only the amount that you can afford to lose. But already playing at big bets makes us worry about losing. It is precisely for this reason that we are losing, fear drives us. It is necessary to play or recklessly, risking everything, to tempt fate and not to think about a loss. or just a cold, mathematical calculation. And only when fear does not disturb us, the game goes much better.
  20. there is really responsive support, they quickly react and help. And this casino has established itself as the most honest casino, there have never happened strange delays in payment. And as for me, the most pleasant interface. That's exactly why I love this casino.
  21. Funniest: @Kate865 Friendliest: @muxamor2000 Forum Hero: @athena2007 Chat Hero: @biggad Most Lovable: @igarey Most Intelligent: @anansik Most Influential: @Bojana Best Moderator: @Biggad Funniest Support: @Mirella Favourite Support: @Irena Favourite Staff: @Bojana
  22. good luck to you, let's break the bank like Marcelod4 did ( Lod071)
  23. Well, probably, it helps both the beginning player and the experienced player, that is, control of the chat (and sometimes it explodes) help or advice to a beginner, which is very important! It happens that sometimes people ask for advice, or any links to the forum, they are often ignored, thereby disappointing the player, and in fact he needs to feel comfortable, so that he wants to come here again.
  24. oh my friend .... such doubts always torment me when I risk betting on rare long prerolls, especially if I lost ((I mean, an even rarer long preroll fell to you