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  1. boaler

    Scam Site Watchlist!

    Also a scam site: neoinvites.com
  2. boaler

    Bets history

    very nice idea. how many you think is good, or all?
  3. boaler

    Ethereum Launched!

    very nice ! thank you for adding ETH. 😀
  4. The increase do not work: 6 sats / increase 15% - also not the return to base by win: https://prnt.sc/jbrjzx here you see that after win the bet is 9 instead 6. and i saw a bet as win and lost. i have no prove for that...damn.
  5. boaler

    New Design, many issues

    no refs under my ip. Also now informations about them, i know from one that she registered. no information. I can at least ask one. if someone pays something, it will be fun. I am angry because after the conversion my 80k were gone very fast.
  6. boaler

    New Design, many issues

    Yes, now it is. but nmot really well implemented. It is nowhere indicated if I have a message ->icon where i see i have new messages. Or i understand something wrong. all is away in Affiliate. i think i should start with screenshot to have proves for times like that. no problem. i think only 3 referals without comission. Thank you!
  7. boaler

    New Design, many issues

    thank you for informations. iam not sure if i stay long here. because i feeled scammed.
  8. ok, no problem. maybe i can earn other ways.
  9. boaler

    New Design, many issues

    Hi, CHAT issues: My friends list is empty, why i had some private message should be a inbox and not in-stream. link pasting looks awful. OTHERS: Affiliates again not shown up / My Campaign link is also missing again. Again my refs are away. i can not see a history of my campaigns and i can not see registered users to my link. how i can find them and donate if i want? I can not send tips - https://prnt.sc/j34pdr
  10. Iam a native GERMAN speaker. i need some informations about what you want