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  1. Which is the best source of news do you check? Can you share a link so i can also try it, Thanks!
  2. I got the same thing. And it says "Cardano is a smart contract-capable blockchain focused on security through a layered structure. The Cardano team consists of the best minds in the industry which choose to key on a strong completely open-sourced software." Alright then. hahaha Pisces, Leo and Libras feels lucky by now. Haha, congratulations in advance. They can really ace many dice rolls. Best of luck!
  3. Will there be any possibilities that we can have an option where we can transfer litoshis to BTC fund? An added button maybe where we can convert funds from either of those currencies, what do you think? Bottom line, big hope that we got big profit as always ~ k8k8k8
  4. The video can be a hoax, i think. Because currencies can't be exactly predicted not unless they really have their ways. Or maybe, just maybe, they're the masters of guessing. So magical!
  5. Didn't know that there's a topic like this. Hahaha. Buzzfeed nailed it tho.
  6. Some people believes on what their daily Zodiac Sign says, their lucky colors, lucky numbers, etc. I am born in the year of the pig. My lucky colors are earth colors. I am a Taurus. I did follow some sayings and myths. I won a lot of times with big amounts. Yet, i also lose sometimes. How much do you believe in things like these? Or do you do this already? I'm not sure if i do mine correctly, can you share yours? Thanks! ~ k8k8k8
  7. How much do you believe that gambling like playing PrimeDice can help you have a strong brain? Harvard Medical School says that "Gambling and anxiety often go hand in hand." and they continued with this paragraph: "Many people gamble as a way of managing anxiety. As they gamble, people often report being separated from their anxious feelings or projecting their feelings of anxiety onto the excitement they feel when they partake in their gambling activity of choice. As a result, gambling can work its way into the fabric of their everyday life, and the impulse to gamble can overwhelm the rest of their lives." As for me, i play PD in a way that can help me relieve stress from work. It has been a detour for exercising my mind into matters far from what i don in the office. How about you? Do you think PD helps you in any positive ways? Just keep away from busting too much as it will create additional stress for sure. Best of luck to us all! ~ k8k8k8
  8. This really sounds fun and tricky. Nice one!
  9. I think what it says is roll 100 times with 100satoshi bet amount. You will spend only 10k at most. That will save your 90k sats for the next game. Your profit will basically depends on how fast you hit your target using 100x payout. So if you win on your 50th roll, then your profit will be 5k sats. You now have 105k sats on your bank. Try higher bets or higher payout for higher profit it will just go the same. Note that if you bust your first 10k, YOU HAVE TO STOP. And then try again after hours or on the next day. Patience + discipline indeed Best of luck on us all!
  10. Know how to use the automated betting it will save your time and can give higher chances of getting profit Best to you, man!
  11. This one makes sense. I think i should also try this one. Basically saying that we should know when to stop and go. Thanks for this Best of luck on us all
  12. I totally agree. More careful gaming next time and withdraw as soon as possible. Better withdraw small amounts that just bust it all and got nothing. We all learn a lot of lessons from mistakes like this.
  13. Just make sure to stop when you lose more than how much you can't take. Best of luck to you, man! I hope you got high profit Update us
  14. Awesome! Thanks for this. Maybe some other time after learning much, i can make new topic about my script stories. Haha. Have a great day, man!
  15. I basically don't have any idea about dicebot and "script" programming. You have any post about it? I think i have to read about that topic so i can understand more