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  1. i only play in Primedice, and i only use BTC. I'm looking forward that they add ETH in the game
  2. eleven011

    How to Recover Challenge - Double It Up

    A silent killer. I will take note of this and try to avoid 1.1x as much as possible. after all, this strategy bust me before when i was on my first weeks playing. Thanks though @paul01 and @Tintin
  3. eleven011

    How to Recover Challenge - Double It Up

    I really like the sound of winning more. I really hope so. So far, I'm like a kid learning how to walk. Tiny steps each day till i can run fast.
  4. eleven011

    Does pineapple go on pizza?

    i know someone who don't like pineapples on pizza, and i'm quite thankful for that because all the pineapple goes to me. Pineapple bits on pizza are added happiness. And happiness is a choice. If you don't like it, then give it to others and make them happy. After all, that's the truth.
  5. eleven011

    Does life exist outside of PD?

    In real life, faucet fills your bucket with water. Just water.
  6. eleven011

    Looking for opinions

    Sometimes, we all know the answer but we're just afraid of facing the fact. Maybe you just need to hear something you haven't heard before. You can give it a chance, you still have that faith inside you, and no matter how small it is, it is still there. The Lord provides, maybe soon you will be able to see what your wife sees. God bless your beautiful family.
  7. eleven011

    A Noob Loosing 700k - How to Recover?

    reading this somehow fill the blanks in what i lack. Thank you UltraChief! This helps a lot.
  8. eleven011

    How to Recover Challenge - Double It Up

    Truly, small amounts per bet to make more assurance. tiny steps though. hoping for best luck. ^_^ That's it, self-discipline will play the most part in here. Thanks bro. :)
  9. So yes, I am the noob before who lost almost 0.01BTC from playing greedily. I quit playing for a while since the night i loss. Until i came to my senses today that i want to recover my loss. I have been thinking of a strategy to at least recover my loss by depositing 0.01BTC and double it for the span of 15-20 days. Slowly but surely, i assume. And here's how I layout the plan: Deposit 0.01BTC to my PD bank account Strive to have 7.5% profit everyday. That will be 75k Satoshi profit every day. I will use every strategy i know like martingale, 1.1x payout, 75%-300x strats, etc. I will play only once a day and if i loss 100k on that day, I MUST STOP and reserve it for the next day. That's why this might take 15-20days. Wish me luck everyone. And i hope for an amazing fortune with this strategy. Seven blessing to us all! ~ k8k8k8
  10. I hope you make it grow big and try not to bust it all to zero. Just play little -by-little. After all, small profits are better that busted balance. Greediness is a bitch, so take care Seven blessings to you!
  11. eleven011

    A Noob Loosing 700k - How to Recover?

    Truly, addiction is a bitch I can now manage preventing myself from playing and hope to recover all my losses when i get back on track. Thanks Noeprellik. It's actually a thing that i don't know when to properly change seeds.
  12. This might be a tiny amount for some old players/ gamblers. But a noob, winning 700k from 400k and then losses everything to ZERO can really turn the table up-side-down. Losing this amount made me suspend myself from playing. Until now, i'm not yet opening my PD account to play. Maybe i can return next week, i don't know. If you can suggest anything on HOW TO RECOVER, please share. It's really hard to move on when your first big loss happens. Still, Seven blessings to everyone! ~ k8k8k8
  13. eleven011

    Start at the end - Song title version!

    Rejoice and Be Glad
  14. eleven011

    Don't Put Complacent in "1.10x Payout"

    I think i'll try to stick with this one as soon as i return gaming :) Thanks Syczey!
  15. Hi @dmbadillo10 I suggest the 7.5% bank increase. This is supposed to double your bank in 15 days (if you play with patience for 15 days)