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  1. Sounds like what I do almost everyday with rain bot I know you've gotten it yourself @trisha22. On PD's bday alone I put out .015 in rainbot/tips. But good on ya for that. Good luck!

    Hi guys

    welcome! check out strategy section to learn some good Strats.
  3. as long as you don't get in the gamblers mindset where if you lose you have to put in more to make up for that lose which you will end up losing by rage betting. When you lose you should call it quits or when your up a good bit call it quits before you lose.
  4. bump.. this has happened to me once and the person actually sent the .02 back
  5. Support is doing nothing wrong except not letting me become a mod but in all seriousness ❤️ PD
  6. One time @hui tipped me .0001 on a old name of mine in late 2017 and I turned it into .018 over a few hours. I ended up giving away half of it though because it was gifted too me I felt I should gift some back.
  7. I typically make a alt name to play with but I only chat with one.. I have noticed I do better on new name for the first few hundred rolls. But, if I get greedy I lose big..
  8. I think its only people playing.. but I am not sure... I know if I am active in the chat I haven't gotten any raindrops but when I play I get them but I am not certain..
  9. well I have been here since 2013 but really playing/chatting since 2016. I always typically use alt's but I am gonna use this one for now on to chat with. So far I've given out .007 btc spread out over maybe 10-15 drops with more on the way. I have won a lot here and lost a lot here but the community is what I like the most.
  10. If you are in the chat for the next few hours, I will be giving away many raindrops of BTC. So stay tuned in an playing to win! good luck all! I hope everyone enjoyed the 2.5mil in rain drops/tips/trivia today
  11. I love hearing billionaires complain about bitcoin :)
  12. Please change back to PD4 layout.. This hurts my eyes to play on.. I also cannot talk to anyone privately..
  13. Ok I know I am not the only one here who hates it.. Problems Ive been having are: PM's do not work, only shows a blue screen(even after clearing catch/cookies. I even tried a different browser) on a MacBook Pro. Tip limit is raised. (not only raised, but it tells me minimum is .00145 even if I put .00145. I have to click it like 5 times for it to send). rolling is laggy on manual betting hotkeys do not work. Site graphics look TOO much like stake.. Its ugly! Something is different when rolling but I cannot spot it out... I have seen MULTIPLE people complain of same issues I have complained off on chat. First day you guys changed to PD5 I put in .03 an it showed .07 but then went to .03 when rolling (possibly an exploit so be careful an keep a eye on it) And for the rollers sake, please change it back....
  14. Honestly its not about winning or losing a little bit for me here.. Its more about the community.. I like talking to everyone BUT.. if I was forced I would say if I hit the jackpot an won 100+ btc I would probably be too busy in my lambo to worry about PD lol.. I have a few BTC already so I don't need a full BTC as I already have that and more but I would like to win lotto :). I think if I win $30-$75/day I am happy