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  1. It has three significant differences from POS mining on your computer:

    - The profit is 11% annually, 1% is charged for the 24-hour support of the mining pool.

    - There is no need to keep the equipment and worry about its safety.

    - All deposits are summed up in a single pool, significantly increasing the rewards frequency for POS mining.



  2. POS mining has recently shown its advantages, so now Cryptonex is bringing it to a new level:

    - To start mining you only need access to the Internet.
    - The profit is 11% annually, excluding the rate growth.
    - The speed of reward is the same as with the largest wallet in the network.

    Together with the cloud mining launch, all Cryptonex currency owners will receive a 20% bonus when sending currency for mining with 1 year hold. https://cryptonex.org

    I've just started using it, but so far I am quite satisfied with it. Do you have experience with it?

  3. To buy Bitcoin, Ethereum with Visa and MasterCard, you need to:

    1. Select a cryptocurrency and its amount on the website https://cryptonex.org or in your backoffice https://wallet.cryptonex.org
    2. Specify your wallet address. (If you don't have a wallet address, register on https://wallet.cryptonex.org The wallet address can be found on the Deposit->Bitcoin tab. Copy the wallet address and paste it into the form). 
    3. Enter the bank card details.
    4. Go through a simple verification.
    You will receive notifications to the specified email address, check the mail.

    Pay attention:
    You can pay in any currency, exchange for USD or EUR is made at the rate of your bank.
    The first purchase is from $50 to $10000. The daily limit is up to $20000. The monthly limit is up to $50000


    Personally I stick to this platform all the time - it's quick, creditable, the fees are quite low and I see great potential in it.

  4. POS mining is really a good thing. I've been using it for about 4-5 months and I really like it. Right now I mine Cryptonex coin this way.

    The profit is 12% annually + CNX price growth is not included in the income. To get the reward from mining, you need to register a web wallet, buy CNX coins, transfer the coins to the desktop wallet and keep it online. 

    In my case the  reward is deposited every day. CNX coin kepps increasing and this makes mining even more profitable. I encourage you to have a look at CNX as it can really become a major player in 2018!