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  1. oh i see! i have that also.. i was thinking of a real bank..lol
  2. 21,966,208,694 placed by josefyuzon Wagered: 0.00000100 Payout: 495.00x Profit: 0.00049400 username: josefyuzon thanks!
  3. yes it is a fun place! goodluck to us
  4. josefyuzon

    Im Exadao

    Welcome! Goodluck!
  5. hello! Welcome! Goodluck
  6. how do u actually save some guys? i always end up losing.. lol need to start saving today!
  7. Newbie here! want to try this 30 day saving challenge also with my physical money.. lol
  8. whoa! thats great! hope to be in the list soon!
  9. Hi everyone! it's me josef, just joined this primdice forum today! Have great day everyone! its my first time to join any forum ever! but im a primedice player since 2015 hope to know you guys soon! goodluck! see you in the game! im also thinking of referring some more friends here!