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  1. Lets start off by saying If you can't afford to gamble you should not play, at all. You should not loan to gamblers in the first place. so whoever came up with lending gamblers money should blast himself in the face lol.
  2. I wonder how Miners feel about this, shutting down their gear for an hour? they burn electricity like it's christmas day in and out.
  3. you guys are sure making me feel welcome haha thanks all!
  4. B:21,967,841,435 placed by FastnSlow Wagered: 0.00000100 Payout: 450.00x Profit: 0.00044900
  5. Thanks a lot guys hope to be more active and participate in contests and other things
  6. thank you guys i'm trying to gain some posts so i can enter the contest haha, without spamming that is.
  7. Figured i'll make an introduction as well, what can i say.. hello & hi everyone? a person of few words... sorry!
  8. This looks like a difficult task to achieve @Dan but i wish you good luck.
  9. It all depends what you want to do with your bitcoins, gamble it? then it really does not matter when you buy it.
  10. did not know you also have a 30 day challenge going on good luck
  11. welcome to the forum and do not think about making an income from gambling.
  12. FastnSlow

    Im Exadao

    Hello and weclome to the community forum i'm new too.
  13. Hello and weclome to the community forum