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  1. Haven't been able to play last few days, will update soon
  2. Yeah man that's the hardest part about this challenge for sure! Updated it! (check post or below) Let's hope i do Update: 13/04/2018: Start: 0.01121549 End: 0.01235587 Profit: 10-12%+ (115,344 sats) USD Profit: 9$
  3. Yeah i feel you man, going to be hard to stop when i'm down. We'll see how it goes DAILY UPDATE: 12/04/2018: Start: 0.00998018 End: 0.01121549 Profit: 10%+ (123,531 sats) USD Profit: 8.4$
  4. Well i don't stick to a certain strategy, i think the best thing you can do is note down several strategy. Test them all and see which one works best for you at that moment. That's what i do A strategy i love tho is; Bet 20 sats @ x13 Loss = +10% it's slow but if you have like 0.02 BTC that gives you over a 100 rolls before you bust
  5. Thank you! That's why i also added a Stop loss, if i were to go down -10% i'd stop. So either i go up 10% or down 10%
  6. Hey guys here i'll be sharing my road to achieve 1 BTC from 0.00729562. How i'm planning on doing it; Every day my goal will be to profit 10% After the 10% is achieved i can't play more for the next 4 hours after i've achieved the 10% I can try 1-3x a day max. When i go -10% my bankroll same rules apply, i'll not be allowing myself to play for the next 4 hours. I can also try this 1-3x a day max. Best case scenario is that i hit the +10% a day, would take me 52 days to get 1BTC. I'll be trying & testing lots of strategies, but i'll most likely place smaller safer bets & not try to get my 10% in 3 bets or something like that. Let's see how far i'll be able to go! Screenshots of game history (oldest pics are first 10/04/2018 -> ...) : https://imgur.com/a/3JPb2 Start: 0.00729562 BTC 10/04/2018: Start: 0.00729562 End: 0.00802518 Profit: 10% (73,000 sats) USD Profit: 4.9$ 11/04/2018: Start: 0.00802518 End: 0.00998018 Profit: 23% (188,528 sats) USD Profit: 12.8$ Third attempt got me 20K sats, wasn't being lucky so i quit when i was up a little. 12/04/2018: (My birthday) Start: 0.00998018 End: 0.01121549 Profit: 12%+ (123,531 sats) USD Profit: 8.4$ 13/04/2018: Start: 0.01121549 End: 0.01235587 Profit: 10-12%+ (115,344 sats) USD Profit: 9$