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    Mahdirakib reacted to lupandina in CryptoGamblersPub | Exchange between/inside crypto gambling sites   
    Did someone notice new Dinabot update?
    Now bot automatically detects and refunds not exchanged tips after expire. It's way easier and faster than waiting for support in case you've made a mistake  
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    Mahdirakib reacted to clanmicin in Have you ever gambled whole night without sleeping?   
    most of gambling player is difficult to fall asleep. it's same like before you sleep you check the phone, watching TV or Social Media. so with them, they can't sleep before playing gambling game lol.
    Note: Most of them probably have daily sleeping at afternoon
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    Mahdirakib reacted to UltraChief in [0.0012BTC] [Raffle - 103] Ultra's Raffles! Enter your names here!   
    Here is the winners list for the 103rd raffle:
    1 visions
    2 SarcasticNik
    3 drenkit
    4 Bolik1337
    5 Blahx
    6 infi
    7 Rashid777
    8 dolphinpuke
    9 Mahdirakib
    10 try7dlyk
    11 winnwave
    12 Muffin20
    Congrats to all winners!
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    Mahdirakib reacted to Magdsolieman in Have you ever gambled whole night without sleeping?   
    The most important feature that a player should have is conviction, because if a player starts losing, he feels tired, then he will not be able to focus and therefore will continue to lose. Personally, I have not played throughout the night before and I stop when I start losing.
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    Mahdirakib reacted to HermanWilliams in Have you ever gambled whole night without sleeping?   
    I consider playing this way as useless and it is a way that ends with losing everything. The gambling player must be in constant focus so that sleep is important and when he feels that luck is no longer in league with him he must stop
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    Mahdirakib reacted to FotisNt in Have you ever gambled whole night without sleeping?   
    Did that many times, most of them, I slep when busted. To sum up, you need to sleep between gambling sessions.xD
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    Mahdirakib reacted to Bimfo in Have you ever gambled whole night without sleeping?   
    Yes. Was playing martingale and I rolled for 3 nights. It was real fun though, but it was dicey and dangerous. I was drinking Soda and I was already feeling really really dizzy. It was a crazy run. But since almost a Year now, I just fall asleep in the midnight and not able to roll. It's crazy.
    To roll at night is now very very stressful to me.
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    Mahdirakib reacted to kasinojacob in Have you ever gambled whole night without sleeping?   
    I have some that many times. Not only here on Primedice, but also in many different poker sites. If I have balance, it is very hard for me to stop. I know that this is a sign of addiction, and I have been addicted for many years. I hope that I will be able to quite this addiction, just like I quite smoking weed about 3 months ago. 
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    Mahdirakib reacted to nolep in Have you ever gambled whole night without sleeping?   
    I have never done this because I have a part time job that I have to finish at night because I have a day job, so I cannot do that and I will choose to sleep because it makes my body become excited.
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    Mahdirakib reacted to donreyadano in Have you ever gambled whole night without sleeping?   
    Yeah people doing crazy rules and goal, but when we achieve it our mind will close and still want more. When we lost it all at the end we all on says, I should withdraw it, so much regret and painful feelings that we can't sleep like we're going crazy. But I don't think theres playing all night if there are they are really crazy. I didn't do such thing like that will never sleep, but I do redepo when I loss so much.
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    Mahdirakib got a reaction from nonce in Primedice exchange   
    You can use dinabot here to exchange crypto at pd. Even you can transfer your coin from here to stake by it. I have used it without any issue. Check out here
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    Mahdirakib reacted to FotisNt in What you think about the future of Primedice?   
    Well, not expecting a bright future for Primedice, Stake got all the glory and players right now, hope pd wont die anyways.
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    Mahdirakib reacted to @zulfandina in What you think about the future of Primedice?   
    I wish you the best for primedice. I hope primedice is always there for all gamblers in the future.
    and I'm also sure the primedice admin will always try to give the best for the judges by presenting various promotions or other interesting things as a form of business primedice provides comfort for gamblers who join and bet
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    Mahdirakib reacted to Chikou1306 in What you think about the future of Primedice?   
    i expect many features ! as dan promised they are working on a better version of primedice with promising features ! i really want to see a better site, cant wait for PD6
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    Mahdirakib reacted to GKD09 in What you think about the future of Primedice?   
    I don't really see primedice getting more that 2k online users tbh. Unless there is some substantial change, which other dice sites or dice games have to offer. But there isn't that much. The only way they can attract more players is probably by reducing house edge or giving more bonuses. I know they do give and I'm not asking for more but, it seems like it will just be like this - the trusted and more experienced online casinos. 
    It will retain their old players and attract a small amount, but since stake and primedice are talked and advertised a lot within them, most end up moving on to stake. After all dice is there in stake too. Maybe if stake didn't have dice, the dice lovers would particularly be on PD - but thats not the case. 
    Also, I don't think they have plans of making a huge change in the years to come since they have stake to focus on, which has far more interesting things than PD. So PD will probably remain like this, till there are no players in it ig  
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    Mahdirakib reacted to BidaManEris in What you think about the future of Primedice?   
    At this rate, Stake will soon overtake PrimeDice in terms of popularity and integrity. PrimeDice, with its recent changes (especially the penny rainbot), slowly pulls out people from staying on the site more often.
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    Mahdirakib got a reaction from Chikou1306 in Happy 7th birthday, Primedice 🎂   
    Well, happy birthday to primedice. 7 years! It's a long time. I want to see pd online until I stop. Lol hope it will stay more then that. Thanks to all team members of primedice for providing us the best opportunity and their support on these years. 
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    Mahdirakib reacted to jamyr in 📢 Discontinuing Pay per Post   
    Just got back today and to learn about this got me to remembering times when I was able to win from a 2000 forum credit twice or more.
    To the admin, 
    Many thanks for the double pay-per-post events,
    To UltraChief,
    Who I am very thankful for giving me a chance for always correcting me whenever I do something stupid here in the forum. And for the extensions you gave before.
    To the weekly event Hosts,
    Thanks for making the challenges very hard for me, lol.
    To Serlite,
    Who makes these challenges easier, lol
    To Dose,
    Who makes the payment for the prizes.
    It has been a very good and I feel lucky to be one of the 421 who have benefited from this initiative, so I would like to thank everybody who I have interacted or had a discussion with here on primedice forum.
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    Mahdirakib reacted to Dan in 📢 Discontinuing Pay per Post   
    Hi All,
    Today marks the end of an era for our Pay per Post initiative on the Primedice forum.
    For 4 years now, we have been running this initiative to help develop a flourishing community with the intention of encouraging the production of quality content creation and discussion, coupled the ultimate goal to fuel a larger SEO reach.  This long journey has been a great learning experience for everyone involved.  
    Thank you everyone who participated in this fruitful initiative, I'll leave you all with some fascinating facts about what we were about to achieve over the years.
    Total Cashouts: 1528
    Total funds distributed: 0.98541273 BTC
    Number of users paid: 421
    Most earned by a single user: 0.05489903 BTC
    With regards to your forum reward balance, that will remain for a few months until it is also phased out.  
    Cheers, Dan
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    Mahdirakib reacted to Palestra14 in Have your profit made your mind satisfied ever?   
    My earnings are still very small, but I try to maintain the strategy of reaching goals. So, I prevent greed from spoiling my game.
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    Mahdirakib reacted to nolep in Have your profit made your mind satisfied ever?   
    I tried to be satisfied when I managed to improve my balance and when the game that I was doing started to look bad and got a lot of red, I would stop and I would continue it another day when I was ready. so the satisfaction of profit is in ourselves.
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    Mahdirakib reacted to Chikou1306 in Happy 7th birthday, Primedice 🎂   
    we all know what this month is ! its the primedice month , in this month eddie started this amazing project
    so i just wanted to be the first one to congratulate the community 🎂
    happy birthday primedice , and i wish the best of luck to  all the players ☘️

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    Mahdirakib reacted to kasinojacob in Near to withdraw but all of a sudden busted...   
    I almost always have these types of bust. Og makes me a little angry and sad in the start, but the I remember that it's just money. Easy comes easy goes, and almost all my money I gør hans on relatively easy Because I like my job, and og is not physically hard, so when I Gry oaid for it, I always think of it så easy money
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    Mahdirakib reacted to BidaManEris in Hello!   
    I will cut my introduction to a very short one as most people who stay on PD chatroom probably knows who I am now. I am not new in PD, but just decided to jump in to PrimeDice forums today. Wish us luck dicers!
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    Mahdirakib got a reaction from Nikola_ in How have you come to gambling?   
    I'm in gambling since 2017. Wasn't playing much on that year. But lately it become my regular habit. I started my crypto journey earning through faucets. And it made me introduce with gambling sites. While searching for free faucet sites at bitcointalk, I found info about gambling sites there. Then I thought I should give it a try. Now I have learned a lot about gambling. But I'm not a winner in it. 
    How you have come in gambling world?