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  1. Same here man. I have no patience too. When I start playing I just try for a quick run. Even if I'm up enough I don't stop there. I continue my game then end with busting. I will suggest you to play in comfortable place. That can help to get a little patience.
  2. Btc is valuable coin. You don't bet btc like other coins. Example: you put 1000 litoshi base bet on your strategy and 1% increase on loss. So it will run and work. But if you put 10 sats base bet and 1% increase on loss nothing will happen. So this way same strategy may not work in btc for many more reasons.
  3. Welcome. Nice to meet you. Pd is a great place too. Glad you are here. Best wishes for you.
  4. Pd forum is little bit died. It isn't active much. If you see stake forum you can see the difference. Stake forum have a lot of user. Pd don't have much user and only dice game here. So user need to talk about only this game. So we can't see much post here. Don't know how this forum can save! It will stay as it is now.
  5. There are a lot of games and stake have a lot of player. Where pd don't have much active user who participate in challenges. So the challenges at stake is harder then here. And only with dice game pd can't give hard challenge always. If they do user will loss their interest to complete challenge here. As stake have many player a lot of them will complete hard challenge also.
  6. I always focus on making profit. I'm not a VIP yet. I have completed 68% wager to reach first VIP level. All that wager happened while I played for making profit. But I'm losing a lot. Now I found if I tried for wager I could surely mange to reach VIP level with the amount I lost.
  7. Same here. I always try to play part by part. I don't want to make full amount in depo. If I bust first depo I make another one. And my target is to recover and make little profit. I continue this way until I complete my goal or bust all.
  8. Hi welcome. Good luck for you. Pd is the best dice site.
  9. No, I never made music. But I love to listen music. Sometimes I try to make some tune with guitar but I'm not good at it. Just for fun.
  10. In past I was always playing for roll over but nowadays I play on both side same way. After hitting green on one side I change to another. Try martingale strategy. I feel it better now to switching high low. It improved my game.
  11. Hey welcome here. There are a lot of strategies in dice. You need to try out all and see which is good for you. Best wishes.
  12. My biggest recover was 0.5 bch. I was down little by little. I was losing my hope. But finally from a 0.06 bch depo I made all my losses back and little profit too. Now I'm in little big lose at ltc, btc and doge. Will try to recover in future.
  13. Not always. I can stay in calm while I play and lose little for fun. But when I loss big money it doesn't let me to stay in calm. I become angry and sometimes play rage bet. Blame myself and site too. It depends on time.
  14. Lol no. This is not true. Hunting depends on seed and odds. Sometimes you can get few close hit and sometimes there maybe long gap between each hit. Taking break during hunt wouldn't make any effect. And confidence can do nothing in hunt. Luck and seed is everything.