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  1. Nah I don't. I'm playing since so long. And I'm using my old strategy most of the time. So I have learn the game so well. And have good knowledge about the chance and probability on this payout. As we can't bet the house edge unexpected reds lead to bust.
  2. When I make a depo I try to make it double slowly. Then wd the depo amount. I play with left amount for making a quick profit. But sometimes I try to make 10k sats profit on every session. If I do it I left and when I come back again I try it with same way.
  3. I focus on making profit. I'm a bronze VIP now. Before reaching bronze I tried for wager a little time but most of the time my target was to making profit. Now profit is my main target. When I bust my coin I check how much progress on that run.
  4. Don't play with same strategy every time. Make variation in your game with different strategy. That's the best way. Cause no strategy can give you surety of winning in your every session. Use martingale strategy, manual game, hunting on big payout.
  5. Auto bet is boring always. So I don't watch my bet during auto run. Cause it's a long way of game. I make the setup with a good strategy then put auto run. And go for other work. But while I observe my game I like to do manual bet. It doesn't make me bore.
  6. I'm a bronze VIP here. Have made it without any plan. But reaching on silver is taking much time. I'm doing gambling less nowadays. It was my plan to do gambling less this year. I'm slowly going up. Not with any wagering strategy. Just normal game.
  7. Our target is to making profit in gambling most of the time. But we can't mange to do it always. We bust our coin with unexpected game. So when you can't win or get greens as you expected do you feel worst? Or take it as normal. Cause it has to happen as we can't win always. You become happy during win or even with loss?
  8. Welcome to the community. Congrats for being a VIP. Good luck in your games.
  9. Lol you right and that's would be interesting. I think it's a good option. I also show my anger at chat when I bust much unexpectedly. That's the nature of us. Most of the gambler become angry after losing unexpectedly. Self mute would be like self control.
  10. Biggest profit on a single bet? Only 0.15 bch maybe. Haven't played with big balance here. Only played few times with good bankroll but I tried to play safe with small bet. So that was my biggest win I remember. Though it's too small amount.
  11. Most of the time I play manual game. With a small start I need to play in different way, I change my payout bet amount most often with manual game and try to build up my balance. I use auto for hunt only. Manual game is full of fun. Every click on bet is noising.
  12. Luck is an important thing for gambling. You can win good if you are lucky. Seed is also important as luck. Cause a good seed can give you better session in game and that will help you to manage good profit. Many says luck is indeed but a good seed is more needed thing then luck. A lucky seed can provide you the best win. I think good seed and luck combination is better for game. So what is more important, seed or luck?
  13. Hey welcome to pd community. Enjoy and learn many thing at forum. Good luck.
  14. Nah it doesn't affected my game. I'm playing same way as I'm doing before. Cause when I focus on price I can't concentrate in my game properly. So the result become bad obviously. But while I focus on my balance and try the way I like to use with that balance gives me good profit. If btc reach too high then I need to provide attention on price too.