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  1. Mahdirakib

    How many instant depositers here?

    I don't depo my whole balance from wallet always. I make depo part by part. If I bust my first depo then made another one bigger to recover and continue the process. But it's gambling so many time I bust all I have in my wallet if I have cash in my hand to spent in crypyo I buy coin and deposit to play recover or make something big. BTW I heared that many people doing gambling form long time and they never bought any coin. Always managed and played with free money and still doing.
  2. Mahdirakib

    My learning from gambling

    Not recovered. BTW enjoying gambling now. Recovering little then losing much more. 2 weeks ago loset 75k doge. And lost more 0.023 btc in last 3 days. Positive is when I win little I tip to my well known people. That's pleasure.
  3. Mahdirakib

    30 Days x2 Challenge!!

    Best of luck for you. You have well patient. If you can do this it will really amazing. I can't play slow always for long term. Whenever I made depo or get some coin I try to make a quick run within shirt time. But I lose most of the time. Only few times I can make a good run. Though I'm sure that I can play like you in a long term of profit slowly. I don't have the patient.
  4. Mahdirakib

    What will you do when you win big?

    After winning big from my deposit I never run away with my coin. I make withdraw to wallet then redeposit and finally busted. Then I know that I'm too much stupid. I always do the same. Two days ago I made a 10$ deposit to 150$+ in a day. I didn't sell the winning coin. I have made it redepo again and finally lost it. Sometimes we get something unexpectedly and lose it too unexpectedly then realize that what we did!
  5. Mahdirakib

    Warning and example. (no advertisement)

    There are a lot of scammer like this in crypto. Many people trying to fool people. There is not any sure winning strategy in gambling always. We may won some but we will bust for sure. Many newbie attracted by those scammer and when they realized it was wrong the leave cryoto sometimes. But those user who are connected to crypto gambling from so long don't affect by the scammer much. You can see thousands of scammer post like this selling winning strategy in social site crypto group.
  6. Mahdirakib

    Hey PD!

    Welcome to primedice community. Have a great experience here snd best of luck in your game. BTW your name end with 87, my username also end with 87 at some other gambling site
  7. Mahdirakib

    PD promotion?

    Haven't seen any promotion by mail from pd. Yes I think pd should bring some more promotion. Last year I got few promotion bonus by mail. I use to check my mail every few days but not found any new promotion. Stake have large amount of user. There we can see a lot of promotion in their forum. Even stake announced promotion at bitcointalk which is still running. Pd don't have something like that.
  8. Mahdirakib

    What was your longest red?

    The long streak of reds depends on the payout actually. I have played in various payout also. In 2× I have faced 24 reds in a row and in 3× payout I have faced 41 reds. Though that's not actual always. Many people got much more reds on those payout. I have played on 9900× too. Faced many reds, though haven't played much on this payout. On 100× faced up to 400 reds. Though there was some wrong sides.
  9. Mahdirakib

    My learning from gambling

    @DreamStage Yes I'm still playing and in bad situation too. I'm winning from my deposit and finally busting it with my ingested coin. Last week I have lost around 27000 doge. And in last two days I have lost 1.2 bch and 1 ltc. That's a for my greedy mind. I always want big. Sometimes gain decent amount of profit but without withdraw I continue my roll and end with lose all. Today morning lost also 0.32 xmr at a site. I'm always in negative profit.
  10. Mahdirakib

    Introducing Bitcoin to your family members

    Actually cryptocurrency is illegal in our country. Cause by this people can make and keep their black money. Transfer it easily. BTW many people in our country using it. Not only me. We aren't committing crime by this. We are doing gamble and some people buying for hold coin getting profit during price up.
  11. No one can guess and say it in exact usd value. Cause crypto price get up and down always. I have lost a decent amount in my gambling career. I have started gambling in the middle of 2016. And till now I have lost more then a btc. Yeah I haven't won in that long term. Got profit many times from my depo. Cash out little sometimes but mostly busted by redeposit. And again buy coin gamble sometimes win other time lose. But overall gambling career is negative... It going down more now. Though 1or 2 btc isn't too big at current price rate.
  12. Mahdirakib

    Introducing Bitcoin to your family members

    I have told my family about bitcoin long time ago. Nearly two years or more. And some of them bought only few dollars and hold it for price up. But unfortunately they bought it when btc price was at ~15000$. After that time the price never went up. It only decreasing. Lol how it feels. Though now I'm telling them to wait cause btc should increase again. And I don't want to tell about btc much to all my known people. Btc is illegal in our country.
  13. Without losing big no one can say that they are gambling addicted. Yesterday I have lost 150$+ at a site. I spent most of the time nearly hole day long to lost that 150$. I'm a gambling addicted. Cause after losing big like that previous time I haven't stopped yet. Still playing like this. Spending five hours every day for long time and losing only five dollars is really funny. I could addressed them as beggar. What they did only spending 5$ haven't won big also. That's mean they spent that time for getting free money. Addicted gambler always take risk with big balance. 5$ is somehow dust amount for the addicted people. They will always try to make it big or bust as dumb.
  14. Mahdirakib

    If someone accidentally tips you 1 BTC?

    If it happen as accident tip I will give it back for sure. Human makes mistake. The man wish to give me tip and mistakenly give me 1 btc so why shouldn't I give him back! Maybe different kinds of people do and say different things. But we know many people here always wants to play with other people money. The will even run with a small tip if they can.