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  4. It's obviously a smart movement. But I don't stop until I start winning again. Well, you have quite smoking then you can also avoid doing gamble at late night if you try. Hope for the best. Seems like you are really crazy on that matter. Few months ago I was also doing better on my late night gambling session. But now I have stopped doing it. Agree with you. If you are addicted nothing can stop you. You can realize that time you should stop and take a break with proper sleep. But your mind will stay out of control.
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  6. We need to accept the changes. It was fun to get some free coins by creating topics and replying to them. Most often I posted here to get some free satoshi but always tried to create unique topic and spam less reply. Though it's not the main achievement, I have learned a lot of thing here about gambling. Moreover it helped me to improve my English listening & speaking skills. I will keep continue my post at forum. Hope all other active forum users will be here too.
  7. There are much men in gambling. I don't think there should be any difference for men and women gambling.
  8. I do gambling for fun only. And don't think to stop my work for gambling. Cause there is no guarantee of profit all the time. And you shouldn't take it as earning way.
  9. Same story happens with most of us. I have experienced it a lot. Two days ago I faced it here with btc. Finally after busting I found how stupid I'm to take right decision in gambling. It happened before but I never learned the lesson. I know it going to happen with me again in future
  10. I was never a high roller at pd maybe. Though not sure. I always place bet with average bet. If I have a big bankroll I don't went for big hit. I made hr bet at other place. Once at stake also. It was at 3× payout.
  11. There is no specific coin that makes me loss. But whenever I fear to play I loss my coin. And I loss most of the time in a through of recovery. I'm much negative in ltc. And most of the time I loss my depo in a thought if recover my losses.
  12. Does the small profit satisfy yourself? Don't you think to make more.. But it's good thing if you can always stay positive with small steps. I don't think so. No one can consider himself as a professional gambler. All become greedy at some point. I have seen a lot of professional gambler but they also want to win more after having good run.