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  1. I actually play with winning mind. I have lost a lot and my every deposit target is to recover some of my lose and withdraw. I don't want to recover all at once. Cause I know I can't do this. I make withdraw while I'm up at least 2.5× of my deposit. . I make all profit to withdrawal and left deposit amount to play more. I will say I'm addicted and greedy. But I know I can leave gambling easily as I'm not mad. Thanks for your words.
  2. I have no plan while I make deposit. My main intention is to make profit and withdraw while I'm up much and happy. But most of the time while I get much profit I become more greedy then lose all profit with deposit amount too. Greedy gambler and loser.
  3. There was not much coin available at pd before. Now we have little much coin list. I have played much with bch here. And also played with ltc eth & doge same way. But played less with btc. As xrp new here so haven't played much with that coin.
  4. Agree with you but mostly people don't gamble with proper plan. If you do it with proper planning you may stay with profit always. Firstly you need patient. And you should stay happy with low profit/win. Step by step you can make huge profit. Actually there is not any fixed amount of deposit that will help to make profit easily. Play freely with proper plan don't lose hope. And don't make your whole balance in deposit. Just make sure you aren't losing all in a run. Play with less then 10% of your total amount.
  5. Girls in gambling pretty rare. But not unavailable. I have seen many real girl on gambling sites. Though I haven't seen any girl on pd doing gamble. Maybe cause I'm not so much active at chat. But I have seen girls doing gambling at some other site. Yeah I'm sure most of people use girl name or image in gambling sites are fake. They just try to get money form winner.
  6. Yes I play on 100× but not on 99×. Both those payout are pretty close we can say same. I use to hunt 100× with small balance first. Firstly I bet 50 sats each bet for 100 rolls. If no hit I try for 100 sats each bet for next 50 roll. If it hit that time, I can recover my lose of previous 100 rolls and little profit too. If I don't hit within that roll aslo I do 200 sats on 100× for next 25 roll. That's how I play. If a hit there is profit with recover. But if long streak of reds it leads me to bust. Fun game.
  7. You described something important and it's good for sure. But maximum people don't run thorough any plan with their bankroll. And me too. I use to deposit 20-25% of my bankroll and if I lose it I deposit left 75-80% of my amount. Sometimes rage bet and lose all. But plying like this way would be more better. Appreciate your idea.
  8. You can do it easily with big bankroll. Just play any way you like without much risk. With low balance like 0.01-0.05 btc you can do it too. But you need a miracle then. That doesn't cone's much. But I have seen people to win like this from small amount. Though they never expect to win like it at start. It just happens.
  9. Yeah I have seen the sequence too. Mostly I see two 10× number comes in a row. Or sometimes in other sequence I can guess that before. And it becomes right. Though I have never went for that to hit. I play on other payout. But I'm sure if I try I will hit something big on this way. I have seen a player who try this way. He waits for 4 10× payout number in a row. And sometimes he win big by this. And tell us not to try for this cause it comes rarely.
  10. I always use my phone to do gambling. I can play with my phone from wherever I am. That's why I use phone. And I feel comfortable on phone too.
  11. Welcome to primedice. Hope you will enjoy your gambling better here. Best wishes for you.
  12. This can only happen in dream not in real. Cause btc have highest value in marketcap. If it's price suddenly increase 10× within a night people need to invest trillion dollars within short time. Lol but it's a good dream that will never be true. It may go up slowly there but not in a night. Maybe you can check marketcap or coin price list. Some low value coins price increase 10× even more within shirt time and it went down too. Sudden price pump also makes dump later.
  13. Nice site. Well designed and new games. Quite interesting. Site doesn't works on mobile maybe. As it's like flash site game doesn't load on mobile. Like the layout much. Hope the site will do much progress in future. 100% referral bonus is a good decision to attract user but you should give more promotion to get much user.