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  1. Mahdirakib

    Wild Feels

    That unluckily happens. It also happened to me not at pd but somewhere else. And mine was a big mistake. I deposited 0.022... btc. Then I put auto roll 3× payout. I want to put increase 60% on lose. And I put increase on lose 60 on that site. But unfortunately I forget to check that the increase on loss wasn't in percentage. It was as base bet multiple (×). Okay I should put 1.6 for increasing 60% on loss as the site rule and I put 60. That was really a big mistake. It drained my hole balance within few roll. I but became astonished and thinking why that happen! too quick bust. Finally I noticed it. As the site is new I forget to check settings. My base bet was 200 sats.
  2. Mahdirakib

    Personal luck of a person!

    Ok I'm confused. He might have a huge storage of btc. And you can see that btc price has dump much in recent times. It was upto 20,000$ each coin now around 3500$. So he is trying to increase his coin. As the price low he isn't fearing for loss big. That's how he climb up with huge profit. Though I'm just guessing this. Don't know what his bankroll is!
  3. Mahdirakib

    Personal luck of a person!

    Luck! Okay I don't know what's the actual fact. Yeah I see many new user come and make huge profit. I see people made 0.11+ btc from someone 0.001 btc tip at a site. It's a matter of luck and skill. When we made big deposit we fear to loss. Actually the fear of losing won't allow us to win big. Luck is a matter too.
  4. Mahdirakib

    Coming in to gambling bad or good?

    In my opinion coming into gambling is worst decision. Firstly you may found it's good. Maybe you can won some. But as the time will go you will find it as harder. We become addicted more and more. Destroy our times and money in gambling. And it's hard to leave gambling if we become addictive. So it's an worst decision not only the little bad.
  5. Mahdirakib

    Do you really need a Religion?

    Hmm well said. Okay, yes we need religion. But I'm not saying it as violation of humanity's. Actually there are different kind of religion and stay them on their position. But truly we need the humanity. Attitude shouldn't be here. All should stay and see each other as same class people. Actually our attitude makes the difference as you said. Why? Okay you are at pd to gamble and get profit. When you loss you become rude behaves bad with other. It's just our attitude. No religion support any bad work or bad thing.
  6. Mahdirakib

    What do you expect from PD moderators?

    Moderators need to be soft and best minded people. And we have all those best moderator here at PD. They guide the user to stay cool. They also cool too. To make chat clean and spam free they need to provide their best attention. I don't expect anything from them cause they know their duties well.
  7. I don't say anything without bitcoin. It was, it is and it will stay at top in my opinion. Btc is the king of crypto and it rule the kingdom of crypto. You can see all other coin price depends on bitcoin most of the time. If it's get down other goes down too. The reverse action also happens same way. So it's btc. Though any miracle can happen. But btc have a large number of user and most familiar.
  8. Mahdirakib

    What play style describes you best?

    It is a good list of playing method. I don't like the pre roll. Cause sometimes and mostly we get the number while we do pre roll. So it's better to start the real game from first roll without pre roll. Seed is effective. But every time you can see the same pattern will run at every seeds. You need to observe the bet to learn the seeds. I don't play martingale now. You added the risk lover at last point. Many user play at low payout high winning chance. I also do that. Why you don't add anything like that 'high winning chance'/ low payout.
  9. Mahdirakib

    1BTC Challenge

    Dream big you will success ☺. Don't know how far you can reach. As you made a goal for 1 btc with low start up. Well slowly slowly your balance will increase if you don't bust and play good. But remember you can make a huge base from this little and then the end up may happen within short time. I always face the problem. Though I haven't made my goal to reach 1 btc. But from my little balance sometimes I make better. But before reaching target I bust all. To close but too far. However wishing you best of luck. Just don't play when you not feel comfortable.
  10. Mahdirakib

    Will the Jackpot ever be won?

    Jackpot is possible. Even you can hit it if you lucky. But no one can surely say that he will win jackpot. And if you win jackpot you will get little part from it. Not the full amount of jackpot. Cause to won the 112 btc jackpot you need to bet huge amount and needs two 77.77 in a row. That's somehow impossible luck. Lol but winning a little part of jo isn't bad. But it purely needs luck there is nothing about percentage.
  11. It will help but not always when you will loss your control. I like to save my winnings on vault. Slowly slowly make it big. But while I loss game balance I put out all from vault. Sometimes play rage bet bust all. But overall I will say vault is useful. You have also described some here how it could be use effectively. Thanks for that.
  12. Mahdirakib

    What is your greatest Win, Bust & Bet?

    Bust shouldn't called as greatest. Big bust hurts much. I haven't played much with BTC at PD. I played with BCH much here. My biggest BCH bust here is something like 0.16 bch in a bet. That time bch price was good. If you want to know about btc. Yes I have big bust in btc at other site 0.075 and 0.06 btc. That hurt me much. Btc price was also up then. I don't have any greatest win bet as I always bust win is nothing.
  13. Mahdirakib

    Stop, don't panic, this is a real life!

    We all are expecting something good to happen in crypto price. But it is now on the wrong way of downward. Many people getting panic while a little price drop happening. Some big crypto holder getting panic and selling huge that's leading big price drop. Maybe we going to see some more huge price affect at the end of December. Moreover Christmas and new year might affect the crypto price. Maybe going to get more down. But who knows what will happen. Just keep believing it will be back in a good position again.
  14. Totally agree with you that gambling is an addictive thing. It's like drug if you start gambling, it will destroy you by taking all your money. And that's an interesting matter that deposit vs withdrawal. Yeah I will say that I have much balance deposit then I withdraw. Cause I know I have overall loss in gambling. But I can't say that how many number of deposit and withdrawal I have. Sometimes depo big and bust or depo big/small and make many small withdrawal. I think no one can say it proerly unless he is newbie at gambling.