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  1. It's new update. But I think e-mail confirmation was better for extra security.
  2. I have experience with all kind of situation in gambling. I'm doing it since so long. It's nearly four years. So I don't upset now after loss. I take it as normal. But sometimes I feel angry when I badly need money but I busted more in gambling.
  3. We all are gambler here. As we play with money, bet with money and take risk with it. If you were playing here without money and risk you can call yourself as a player. We are greedy in gambling. Player don't do like that.
  4. Maybe a small break is best choice during this kind of situation. I have also experienced bad luck like you. After having impressive run I have deal with bad luck for nearly a month. Then I made another impressive run. That's like a circle of gambling.
  5. Oh lol you are saying about stake race here. I have placed in top 100 few times there. Though haven't placed in top 20 yet. I never tried to make wager. I tried to make profit and wager comes this way. I don't play wager game to reach next VIP level also.
  6. The welcome bonus for reaching VIP level is interesting here. And I got more surprised for it when I reached VIP level. Then you will get bonuses, rakeback, monthly and every 14 days VIP coupon depending on your wager. I think it's enough to make user happy. People should stay happy with these. And why someone consider to loss their money for reaching VIP level? You can do it on win way too.
  7. Nah I don't. I'm playing since so long. And I'm using my old strategy most of the time. So I have learn the game so well. And have good knowledge about the chance and probability on this payout. As we can't bet the house edge unexpected reds lead to bust.
  8. When I make a depo I try to make it double slowly. Then wd the depo amount. I play with left amount for making a quick profit. But sometimes I try to make 10k sats profit on every session. If I do it I left and when I come back again I try it with same way.
  9. I focus on making profit. I'm a bronze VIP now. Before reaching bronze I tried for wager a little time but most of the time my target was to making profit. Now profit is my main target. When I bust my coin I check how much progress on that run.
  10. Don't play with same strategy every time. Make variation in your game with different strategy. That's the best way. Cause no strategy can give you surety of winning in your every session. Use martingale strategy, manual game, hunting on big payout.
  11. Auto bet is boring always. So I don't watch my bet during auto run. Cause it's a long way of game. I make the setup with a good strategy then put auto run. And go for other work. But while I observe my game I like to do manual bet. It doesn't make me bore.
  12. I'm a bronze VIP here. Have made it without any plan. But reaching on silver is taking much time. I'm doing gambling less nowadays. It was my plan to do gambling less this year. I'm slowly going up. Not with any wagering strategy. Just normal game.
  13. Our target is to making profit in gambling most of the time. But we can't mange to do it always. We bust our coin with unexpected game. So when you can't win or get greens as you expected do you feel worst? Or take it as normal. Cause it has to happen as we can't win always. You become happy during win or even with loss?
  14. Welcome to the community. Congrats for being a VIP. Good luck in your games.