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  1. Lol why they will give it to random people. Play if you are lucky you will hit the number twice in a row and with proper bet amount. It's really hard and though to win it. But we should believe in miracle and luck. Maybe someone will win it this year or later doesn't matter.
  2. I always play with enabling max bet button. And yeah I have faced this a few times. But all time I didn't bust. When I bust accidentally big balance by clicking max bet button I feel angry on myself. Though nothing to do then. Everything become empty.
  3. New coin! Interesting. I think it's XLM time. I will love to see it at pd and stake. Lowest tx fee and instant confirmation is the best thing of XLM. Eos and trx won't be bad but I think xlm would better and they are planning to add it. Let's wait and see. Thanks for the info.
  4. Yeah it was removed and I felt little unhappy. Actually I like to see my profit stats and observe my progress while I play for recover. Now I can see it by modbot and profit command. So it's okay. It just remove from user profile so other people can't check it.
  5. PD is the an old crypto casino. And we have the crypto dice game here science it started. It's the only game here. As time passed by a lot of gambling site created with dice and different other games. But still most of people like to play dice here. I'm here too. I like the simple & best look of pd dice. I feel comfortable with it and love it. So I'm here and playing always. What keeps you here at primedice?
  6. The title doesn't saying about big loss. Small loss will never reduce the pleasure of gambling. But if it's become too huge people will loss their interest in gambling. They will fall in depression and mentally problem. I'm doing gamble science so long. In past I was getting disappointed and hopeless when I was losing 0.0015-0.01 btc. Now I don't care about this type of loss. Take it all as fun.
  7. I started gambling for fun. Then I tried to make profit and get some extra money by winning. Then I'm become addicted. But in the long run I'm getting fun in it and not staying in profit. It become my habit and regular routine. So I'm doing it now as habit. Not addiction and need.
  8. I'm confused.. unbeatable strategy!! Well if I get it I won't tell about it to anyone lol. I will try to grab as much profit as I can using the strategy. When I will become satisfied I will tell about it to my friends at gambling site. Anyway we know there is no unbeatable strategy in gambling.
  9. We make mistake very often in our game. Did you ever set wrong win chance by mistake that you want to put in payout? Like I wanted to play on 1.2× payout but unfortunately put it on win chance and haven't noticed. The payout become 82.5× as the opposite of it what it should be. And I rolled all red bet then notice wtf I did!!
  10. Hey welcome here. Yep you can learn about good strategies here. Hope you can make your game better with it. Good luck
  11. This type maturity is hard to get. People always try to make their loss back by making more depo after loss. It's a habitual fact of human. Not only in gambling, people also try to make their loss back. By spending more money on their business/section to make much profit and recover loss. I also do it. As long as my wallet fill with coin I make depo to recover.
  12. I have time limit. I don't play for long at same time. As I have my study I try to do gambling less. Mostly I spent one and a half hour in gambling everyday. Though it's not so long time everyday but enough time to spent in gambling as a student. And after making depo I try for short time quick run. Don't play for long. Long run ends with bust.
  13. Yeah gambling doesn't helpful for us. In the long run most gambler stay in loss. Many people loss huge in gambling. New people thought they can win easily in gambling. Firstly they can get good result but as they do it regularly, start to losing always. I have seen many people saying they have loss a lot in gambling and it's very bad for them. People try to make profit for paying bills or buying other thing. They make depo but can't manage to make profit always and loss the amount too. But I have limit in my gambling. I don't waste much money for gambling.