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    Presearch - Get Paid to search in the internet!

    2018-05-15 04:03:15 25.00 Referral Bonus Tokens Cool, thanks
  2. Xylber

    una cuestión vital

    Estoy empezando a sospechar que no hay españoles en el foro, ¿todos latinoamericanos?
  3. Xylber

    Hi Evreyone ! Im Stefania

    Welcome and good luck!
  4. From the website: https://www.earthhour.org/ "Starting as a symbolic lights out event in Sydney in 2007, Earth Hour is now the world's largest grassroots movement for the environment, inspiring millions of people to take action for our planet and nature" In my opinion, a lights-out of one hour does nothing for the planet, but it is a symbolic way to show that some people may care about the climate change
  5. Xylber

    What will happen if people stop mining Bitcoin?

    That is true only after the next bitcoin mined. If right now, all miners left but one, the single miner mining will not have enogh power to mine the next bitcoin, which has the current difficulty. He/she must mine the next bitcoin at extreme diff to readjust the diff of the network.
  6. Xylber

    What will happen if people stop mining Bitcoin?

    There is just one bad case: if all miner leaves at same time, the difficulty will be so high that a single miner will not have enough CPU power to mine the next bitcoin and readjust the diff.
  7. Mav ya lo dijo, "Nueve Reinas". Me queda mencionar "Relatos Salvajes", en la que también aparece Darín en uno de los cuentos (son 6 historias en la misma película). Todas las historias tratan sobre una situación que termina totalmente fuera de control. Y otra cosa que gusta mucho en Argentina es la serie de dos temporadas de "Los Simuladores" (que luego se exportó a México, Chile y España); es la historia de cuatro socios que resuelven problemas de cualquier tipo, "simulando" situaciones mediante "operativos de simulacro" en el que se disfrazan para engañar a la gente.