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  1. ahah thanks bro! This place seems to have some dope characters aha! Most definitely I think our power as a group lies in what we can all do if we collaborate! Im currently working on bots that are much better than the ones out there , everyone is tripping about 1-3% daily gains from their bots. TBH thats so bad in the crypto market lol, maybe impressive for regular markets but not this one. So its a easy part of this market to corner aha! Puff Puff Pass that iissssh! I actually pretty much grew up there also aha!! I moved to Vancouver when I was 18 and now I have just officially moved back. My hood was mainly San Jose, I went to Cupertino highschool and San Jose state!!! what about yourself?
  2. hmmm has anyone tried to pull of method of using only this double bitcoin promotions and pulling out like x6 bitcoin profit from deposit bonus promo's?
  3. Hello All! I have recently stumbled on this site a couple days ago, at first I thought it was a scam site until I met some of the community members, and boy oh boy was I surprised. This has been the first community Ive seen where people actually want to help each other instead of scam each other aha, its quite refreshing tbh.. Im looking forward to my experience in this community A little about me; I quit my job as a data analyst 3 months ago to dive full force into crypto currencies. In the beginning I knew absolutely zero about markets, stocks, and charts. Fast forward to know Im a proficient technical analyst. I opened up my own crypto investment firm, The Satoshi Group LLC located in San Fran. Currently I only have a few clients, one of them being my ex companies CEO ahaha. If you guys need some guidance investing, dont be afraid to reach out. I can chart out alt coins and bitcoin, and forecast price points, so im more than happy to share this info with such a giving community! Happy Gambling/Investing!!! ;D