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  1. Sorry Guys I have realized this is is fake. Do not join to this one. If I cannot rease the thread maybe a mod could do it.
  2. DiscordMC $6,000 PAYPAL Giveaway no clickbait on DiscordMC!!! Just join and start to participate!!! Join now!!!:https://discord.gg/5yGYV4j
  3. Organized Pumps & Profit It´s running a giveaway currently: $1,000 ETH and you could be a winner!!! Join now:https://discord.gg/srMtFBV
  4. CryptoPhoenixes What is the Phoenix pool for? What happens when a phoenix explodes? 10-12% of all transactions go towards the Phoenix pool. A phoenix owner can choose to explode his phoenix to claim a portion from this pool, but doing so will cause the price of his phoenix to drop significantly. The phoenix will take some time to grow and get ready for its next explosion. What are the incentives for exploding a phoenix? Getting a portion of the Phoenix pool. The current price of the phoenix is too high, leaving you stuck with bag hodling. Better to get something than nothing right? You get 0.5% dividends from all subsequent transactions made for that phoenix until the next explosion. What are the disincentives for exploding a phoenix? Earning dividends for being a phoenix owner The price of your phoenix drops by 80 or 90%, depending on the current price Wait for the phoenix pool to grow to a larger amount. Someone snatches the phoenix from you for a higher price, and you get majority of the proceeds from that sale. How much exactly is the price drop of a phoenix after it explodes? If its price is more than 1 ETH, 80%. Otherwise, 90%. It will however never go below the base price of 0.0025 ETH. Website: https://www.cryptophoenixes.fun/marketplace Discord: https://discord.gg/mrbfwam
  5. EtherCities FREE CITIES that worth a nice amount of Ethereum to top 5!!! Prize pot of 0.10 ETH!!! Join here:https://discord.gg/Vp9zDVs
  6. It´s secure. This project is running by the CryptoCities DEV Team. Also 517 players worth 1093 ETH combined are waiting.
  7. To add some juice to the start we’ll be paying a 0.1 ETH bounty to the first 10 players to make successful trades in the game. We’ll do this shortly after they are made (you will not need to contact us for them). These will be made to the first 10 unique addresses we see with successful transactions in the game. Check the right time of the launch on Saturday 17 March: 11pm in Beijing 4pm Central Europe 3pm UTC 11am in New York 8am in San Francisco
  8. Crypto Floating Towers How Does It Work? Floating towers is a fun game that anyone can play using MetaMask and Ethereum. When you buy a tower you become its owner. When this happens the tower grows taller and the price automatically increases by a certain percentage. When the next person buys the tower you are paid the new price (less fees), and so you make a profit. You can buy each tower as many times as you like. Starts at 3pm UTC on Saturday 17 March The game will start within a few minutes of this time. Be sure to add your email address so that we can send you a notification email before it begins. This time will give players from American and Asian time zones a chance to play at the same time. Prices only increase The price doubles every time someone buys the tower. Once the tower is worth more than 1 ETH it increases by 15%. This increase is hard coded into the ethereum smart contract. New towers appear When a tower stops growing because no one wants to buy it anymore, then a new tower appears with a starting price of 0.001 ETH. We expect there to be a period of inactivity before this happens. We'll judge this time period based on the number of players online at the time and the state of the network. It could be 30 mins if there are lots of people waiting for a new tower and ready to play. Or it could be a day if people are taking a break or all asleep! We'll want to be sure that there are no more trades being made and that everyone is ready for a new tower. This will be influenced by the state of the network, congestion, pending tx's, etc. The current tower remains tradeable until the new tower appears. Just know that we will use the information available to us and our own judgement to decide when it's time to start a new tower. We won't be able to take requests for this because there will be too many vested interests from players. When a new tower starts, the owner of the previous tower then receives a 1% dividend from all the trades of the new tower. They receive those dividends only for the new tower, and not all towers that come after it. Referrers earn a 1% dividend If you refer someone to this game you will earn a 1% dividend from every trade they make. All you need to do is give them your referral link and the rest is handled automatically. You will be paid immediately during each trade via the smart contract. Contact us in our through our page to get your referral link. Fees are automatically deducted A 4.9% fee is automatically deducted during each trade. Out of this fee the previous tower owner is paid their dividend, and any referral dividends are paid too. The remainder is used as the dev fee. You need MetaMask Please make sure you have MetaMask installed, working, and funded before the game begins. All purchases will be made through this wallet by default. Play Responsibly You may end up being the last owner of a tower if no one wants to buy it from you. If this happens then you may end up owning it forever. When you buy a tower the current owner is paid immediately. It is therefore impossible to reverse a transaction or provide a refund afterwards. Although you can profit from buying and selling towers, you can also make a loss, so only play with ETH you can afford to lose. Join here: http://floatingtowers.com/336901
  9. [ANN] [POW+MN+POS] ROVER COIN [ROE] INVITE BOUNTY [AUCTION] 12th March 21.00 UTC Rover Coin (ROE) is a PoS/Masternode based Crypto Coin that provides a secure crypto-based purchase experience in Gaming Sector.It’s a Hybrid Coin Which Provides reward for Proof of staking, Masternodes and for Proof of Work.. Our roadmap includes a Website For Gaming. And wanted ROE as a Currency for Gaming Website and Applications. PROOF OF WORK A proof-of-work (PoW) system (or protocol, or function) is an economic measure to deter denial of service attacks and other service abuses such as spam on a network by requiring some work from the service requester, usually meaning processing time by a computer. We have POW Rewards on ROE Based on the Number Of Block’s. PROOF OF STAKE Proof of Stake (PoS) concept states that a person can mine or validate block transactions according to how many coins he or she holds. This means that the more ROE owned by a miner, the more mining power he or she has. We have Pos rewards upto 25% of the rewards. TWITTER GIVEAWAY MASTERNODES The Rover Coin (ROE) is a decentralized CryptoCurrency the network of Masternodes, Staking and Proof of work without superfluous control and intermediaries/gatekeepers with nearly 95% pure Block reward phase and ensures lightning fast and secured transaction in Less Fees, It will also Support multi-wallets, encrypted messaging, stealth address for complete anonymity and low number of confirmations, .Masternodes, POS and POW are constantly connected to the network to achieve faster transactions. These full nodes run 24/7 and require collateral of 10,000 ROE. The iMaster node owner will be rewarded upto 95% of the block rewards. MASTER NODE AUCTION- 10 AVAILABLE Time: 12th March 2018 Monday 21.00 UTC Bidding Starts From 1 BTC RULES Minimum Increment: 0.05 Node will be sold to the highest bidder if there are no bids for 120 seconds. You have 5 hrs to make the payment. You will be invited to Private Channel to complete the sale. And the BTC address will be shared in the #Auction Channel in Public Itself Reason: We have Already Appliyed on CoinExchange and Cryptobridge and will be Listed on This week (Within 17th March) And We are having this Auction to Apply on More Exhanges Like Kucoin, and Cryptopia SPECIFICATIONS Coin Name : Rover Coin Ticker : ROE Algorithm : X11 Coin Type : POW + POS + MasterNode Based Coin Block Size : 3MB Total Coin : 60 Million Masternode Collateral : 10000 Block Time : 90 Secs (Approx 960 Block/Day) Reward Per Block : 32 Block (Reduction) Halving : -16% / Year Premine : 5% First PoS Block : 351 Last PoW Block : 5,00,000 Block Reward Distributation : On Table Instantx - 3000 Minimum Stake : 8 Hours Coin Maturity : 101 Blocks USAGE OF PREMINED COINS ROE has 5% of Premine that will be used for Airdrops, Bounties and to listing on exchanges, To Start the Gaming Website Which Accepts ROE as Payment Method, To Get ROE as a Payment solution on Gaming websites and Applications, To Develp Web Wallet, Android/IOS Wallets and much more which is Listed on the Roadmap and to maintain the ROE. WALLETS Windows Wallet Release (Completed) Linux Wallet Release (Completed) Macintosh Wallet Release (Completed) Mobile Wallets: Android - Coming soon iOS - Coming soon Web Wallet - Coming soon PORT ADDRESS: RPC Port = 28217 Port = 28218 POOLS ddclub.org Code: -a x11 -o stratum+tcp://ddclub.org:30021 -u [Your Wallet] -p c=ROE angrypool.com Code: ccminer -a x11 -o stratum+tcp://angrypool.com:3533 -u WALLETID -p c=ROE 🕸️ https://hashfaster.com 👌 Code: cc/sgminer: -a x11 -o stratum+tcp://hashfaster.com:3534 -u WALLETID -p c=ROE http://minpool.net Code: Pool host: minpool.net Pool port: 6800 Pool user: Your_Wallet_Address Pool pass: c=ROE Algorithm: X11 Fee: 0.9% Payout: Every 1 hour http://s2.mpos-pools.com/roe Code: Ports: Asics: 3534 Nicehash: 3535 Low diff: 3536 All pools: http://s2.mpos-pools.com ::[MIX POOL]::=-http://pool.mixpool.ru/ Code: ccminer -a x11 -o stratum+tcp://pool.mixpool.ru:3533 -u RYWrjPFNtpTrGz4bRbTCShv5ABnMZcRcAb -p c=ROE pause http://nicepool.me/explorer/ROE Code: -a x11 -o stratum+tcp://nicepool.me:3533 -u <your_address> -p c=ROE Mine Rover Coin on Evil Pool http://evil.ru Code: -o stratum+tcp://evil.ru:3533 -u <YOUR_ROVER_WALLET> -p c=ROE http://hash4value.pw Code: -a x11 -o stratum+tcp://hash4value.pw:3533 -u <WALLET_ADDRESS> -p c=ROE LINKS Website: http://rovercoin.io/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/rovercoinroe/ Discord: https://discord.gg/sFtp4J7 Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/rovercoin Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/RoverCoin/ White Paper: http://rovercoin.io/pdf/White%20Paper.pdf Block Explorer: Github: https://github.com/RoverCoin/Rovercoin/ MASTERNODE SETUP GUIDE Windows: http://rovercoin.io/pdf/Rover_Basic_Masternode_Setup_Guide_-_Windows.pdf Linux: http://rovercoin.io/pdf/Rover_Hot_Cold_Wallet_Masternode_VPS_setup_Guide.pdf Rover Windows cold wallet Linux VPS guide (Video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZVZT1sn7VRg&feature=youtu.be Rover Windows VPS guide (video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gh2AKzU0zVk&feature=youtu.be ROAD MAP Research and Development (Completed) – Q1 2018 Launching Website (Completed) – Q1 2018 Windows Wallet Release (Completed) – Q1 2018 Linux Wallet Release (Completed) – Q1 2018 Macintosh Wallet Release (Completed) – Q1 2018 Android App (Planned) – Q2 2018 IOS App (Planned) – Q2 2018 Web Wallet (Proposed) – Q3 2018 EXCHANGES Stock.Exchange (Q1 2018) Crypto-Bridge (Q1 2018) CoinExchange (Q1 2018) Cryptopia (Q2 2018) HitBtc(Q3 2018) MASTERNODE TRACK LISTING: Masternodes.pro (Q1 2018) MNRank (Q1 2018) Masternodes.online (Q1 2018) Discord Invite Bounty Competition Invite Bounty Ends on 17 March 17.00 UTC and will be Paid after 20 March 17.00 UTC The invite competition rewards are as follows :- 1st - 1000 Rover Coins 2nd - 500 Rover Coins 3rd - 400 Rover Coins 4th - 300 Rover Coins 5th - 200 Rover Coins 6th - 180 Rover Coins 7th - 160 Rover Coins 8th - 140 Rover Coins 9th - 120 Rover Coins 10th- 100 Rover Coins 11th- 15th 75 Rover Coins 16th- 20th 50 Rover Coins Join this Link and Generate a New Invitation Link which Never Expire: https://discord.gg/sFtp4J7 We will check the number of Level 1 Users While Paying. If an User Have Very Less Number of Level 1 Users then We hold the Right to Reject them From Winners List Reply this Thread with your Discord Username and ROE Address to Conform your Participation TWITTER GIVEAWAY 1000 ROE COINS Twitter Bounty Ends on 14 March 17.00 UTC and will be Paid after 17 March 17.00 UTC Follow this link https://gleam.io/QbGOe/rover-coin-twitter-bounty AIRDROP Level 1 Users are Eligible to Get an Airdrop buy replying to the #airdrop Channel in Discord Airdrop is open to anyone who Joins to the Discord Server by Filling the form Given there on Discord Airdrop Channel Airdrop Start Immedietely and will End on 14th March 17.00 UTC and will be Paid after 16 March 17.00 UTC Maximum of 30K ROE WIll be Given For Airdrop. And 3 Rover Coin Per Users. Twitter Account which do not have 10 Followers May Be Rejected for the Entry for Airdrop If you have More than 1000 Followers in Twitter You can reply with your Twitter Tweet Link in the Bitcoin Talk thread https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3085400.0 to get More Airdrops TRANSLATION BOUNTIES Translation Bounty Ends on 14 March 17.00 UTC ANNOUNCEMENT THREAD TRANSLATION BOUNTY You can reserve for Announcement thread Translation Bounty by Replying in this Thread. Once You Complete the Translated Announcement Please reply to the thread with The Following Information’s Link To Thread: Rover Coin(ROE) Address: The Person Who have Participated in ANNOUNCEMENT THEAD TRANSLATION BOUNTY is not allowed to participate in White PAPER Translation Bounty WHITE PAPER TRANSLATION BOUNTY: Translation Bounty Ends on 14 March 17.00 UTC You can reserve for White Paper Translation Bounty by Replying in this Thread. Once You Translate the White Paper Please reply to the thread with The Following Information’s White Paper or Link to White Paper Rover Coin(ROE) Address: The Person Who have Participated in White Paper Bounty is not allowed to participate in Announcement thread Translation Bounty Translation Bounties are Available Only for the Following Languages Türkçe (Turkish), Polski, Русский (Russian), Philippines, Português (Portuguese), 한국어 (Korean), Skandinavisk, Nederlands (Dutch), Română (Romanian), Hrvatski (Croatian), Deutsch (German), 日本語 (Japanese), Ελληνικά (Greek), India(Hindi), Français, Italiano (Italian), עברית (Hebrew), 中文 (Chinese), Español (Spanish), Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian), العربية (Arabic), TRANSLATION REWARD : 50 ROE
  10. Ether´s Ark 0.4 ETH Giveaway just join here and participate!!! AND A PRIZE POOL: 1.0 ETH. Join now: https://discord.gg/3BWT4dx
  11. Stick around this successful community, this is profitable for sure!!!
  12. CryptoCities I want to start from how I´ve found this awesome website and community. Well I was invited by a member trough discord and I checked everything there, they have useful channels on the CryptoCities server and this server is very active. You can have some fun there and a lot more. I get to this great website later: https://cryptocities.net/ CryptoCities provides an innovative way where gamers and crypto investors come together. This is one of the first and best crypto game platforms that support Ethereum. Everything on CryptoCities have to be with locations, points, and features. Every premium location is snatchable and anyone can buy this location from you, When you buy this location it's price will automatically increase by 15% that means earnings right away. The marketplace is a good place for you to interact with the platform, here you can buy new locations. The locations are the raw materials of all. You can buy/rent/sell/collect/trade these locations and they are going to be needed for new games in the near future, too. The whole idea of this revolutionary crypto game is one of the best in the web right now. This is different from the rest because this is the place related to crypto games but not related to gambing like other crypto games where you usually lose your money. So this community is more profitble than others so far and is going be more profitable in the future. The are bounty features here, too. So there´s a limited number of ETH bounty that have been hidden and if you find one of these then it will be automatically transferred to your ETH wallet address. For you to start you need to buy one location first of all, go to the marketplace and choose one to start. It´s simple: 1* Click buy and approve the payment in MetaMask. 2* Go to this page: https://cryptocities.net/discover and start your first discovery. It is going to take around 16 hours to complete more or less. 3* You will be able to make bigger discoveries as you progress. Come and discover the valuable 50 point cities before others do. Go here and check: https://cryptocities.net/discovery_info 4* When you want to take profits off the table sell your locations in the marketplace. Come and watch this handy video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x3asGVzdAho Come and be part of this, trade and earn ETH trading CryptoCities. Website: https://cryptocities.net/ Discord: https://discord.gg/MgAJvQ4
  13. This is your last chance to join and be one of the winners!
  14. You just need to invite your friends and family and spread the word through all the social networks we all know and use. Everyone have the opportunity to win from number 1 up down to number 6. 6 winners from 0.5 ETH to 0.1 ETH. So you just need to invite a many people as you can for you to hit one of the winner places. Just join this discord server and create your invite link and set it to expire never and spread it everywhere for you to participate. I hope a couple of us win something good with this.
  15. We are kicking off a 72 hour discord invite competition! Prizes: First place: 1st place: 0.5 Eth Second place: 2nd place: 0.25 Eth Third place: 3rd-6th place: 0.1 Eth each Join here: https://discord.gg/MgAJvQ4