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  1. I am Agree with you but somehow it easier to get 3 Red on 1.1x than 1 green on 999x , and changing seeds somehow gave an motivational lucky effect . Thats all about , people think its help , people think PD will cheat on them if they don't change their seeds on long run. And they didn't even checked their Probably Fair Bet. Conclusion is Changing Seeds or sides is useless and won't help your chance.
  2. Technically its 0.1 % chance of getting 3 red in a row , and 1% to get 2 red in a row . But it is easier go get that 2 or 3 red in a row or even 4 red that have 0.01% chance , with 1.1x than to get 1 green on 999x that has 0.1% chance. Playing with doge , never profit with 99x , 999x , but always lose on 1.2 or lower that it . I think the safest zone to take a low bet is on 1.3
  3. Waiting for your result sir. If you think it legit , then will definitely try it . Thanks , been using webminer on other site , trying real hard to get the minimum WD , and get scammed .
  4. So the maximum bet he can make is 9899 for getting profit , and the actual chance 9899 * 1/1000 ( on the PD web Writen 0.01 , that actually 0.001% , Correct me if i am wrong ) = 9.89% chances you get profit with 100 satoshi each bet . That 10% for 0.00989 is something i am not gonna take a risk for 😂😂
  5. How lucky , how much you spend to finally get that 9900x? , Never try in bitcoin but trying a lot on dodge and never win any 😢