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  1. Hi, Crash game made a major version update today. Feature: - Trenball mode added. - The max payout is increased to amazing 1,000,000x. - Optimized cashout stability and sucess rate.
  2. - Made by players for players ! 🙏 Speed of 200 bets per second, 🙉 the other casinos will seem slow to you... 🐘
  3. [Luckyfish] 💰 New vegas slots of cowboy is released! Hi New vegas slots of cowboy is released Game features: - 25 lines - High variance - Any wild appearing on the wheel expands and held throughout the reminder of the bonus. Have a good time ! + EMAIL BONUS [Valid time: 2020/11/04 - 2020/11/11]
  4. - [Luckyfish] 💰 Learn VIP benefits on LuckyFish Below are some details about VIP club: What are the benefits to join VIP club ? 1. VIP Rakeback 2. VIP(ultra) speed for Dice Classic 3. VIP exclusive weekly bonus & daily login bonus More vip profit coming soon How to join VIP club? You can join VIP club when your wager amount reach to 1btc(or same value of other coins)
  5. [Luckyfish] 💰 New vegas slots of Spartacus is released. New vegas slots of Spartacus is released Spartacus Gladiator consists of 2 sets of reels, a smaller 5x4 set of reels, and a larger 5x12 set of reels. Enjoy playing all 100 paylines. This slot also features transferring wilds, stacked symbols, scatters, and free spins.
  6. [Luckyfish] 💰 New Limbo game is online. Don't miss out on big win!. Hi, It's time to experience our new Limbo game on PC or Mobile. Limbo features: - Accumulated higher and higher payout, up to 1,000,000x - Provably fair + EMAIL BONUS [Valid time: 2020/09/02 - 2020/09/0]
  7. [Luckyfish] 💰 New vegas slots of White Snake is released. Game features: - 186 lines - High variance - Full reel of White Snake in base game or any eye appearing in free spins mode will transform into a WILD REEL. + Email BONUS