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  1. Agreed. But since his question just mention about his client seed.
  2. I think you can check from your previous bet/feed setting page, and set the same old Client Seed of yours
  3. But what will be the cut off, to determine/identify good seed -vs- bad seed? Will new seed actually give you better roll output? Nothing is certain. IMO, I count all that as Luck. Since, to change seed or not, to change seed and get the good one or not. That's not something you can predict beforehand. And since you can't predict it, you do, and you won, isn't it entitle to be called "Luck" ?
  4. Same here. Having 28 as current max losing streak on 2.00x
  5. Yeah, agreed! Change seed or change side is not really matter. What's matter is your luck. Since chance of each number to come out remain the same. While your luck will determine if the action you do lead you to get your needed number or not
  6. Worse case in my history for 1.10x payout (or, in another say, 90% chance) is 9 lose streak.