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  1. Twitch.tv/nackskottlol Deposited 8 ETH over the 1 I had earlier so am now playing with so 10k start bet. Giveaway at some point (0.01 ETH), you need to be reigstered, following me and be able to type in the chat.
  2. Bot streaming statistics. Over 130k rolls atm, running 24 hour this session. 1 ETH start BR
  3. Hm well 0.1 BTC bet around $10k, something among those lines.
  4. Another idea, /DND (do not disturb funcion), /DND <messaage> sends back a PM to the sender with <message>.
  5. Search on youtube or google Bitcoin flaws, I watched a 90 min video but I haven o idea what it was called. The point of the video was that investors go invest in the blockchain, but not the Bitcoin because in their eyes it's not the future. I am not saying Eth is gonna replace Bitcoin it's probably going to be a way more advanced at coin that is completely decentralized. https://www.coindesk.com/edward-snowden-public-ledger-is-bitcoins-big-flaw/
  6. Dont talk about it on a forum, am I not allowed to speculate? I used Electrum when BTC was that high but I doubt there was any major difference between other wallets, Electrum isn't insanely expensive. Bitcoin has a lot of flaws, as one would expect with the pioneer crypto, more and more sites are starting to use alternatives. There are several alt coins with 0 transfer fee, you seriously dont see a possibility they will replace BTC in the future? And yeah it was because it was overworked that the fee got so high, let me ask you have they fixed that? Actually found the transfers, $75 fee and this was when it was worth $15k not $20k.
  7. 0.03 gone in 10 seconds I was sooo confused lol when I realized I started laughing. Sometimes I really shine, 72 losses in a row I think.
  8. I try to but I run the other bot on laptop with remote desktop and its hard to know which computer you are controlling sometimes lol. Anyway I donated 0.1 LTC to rainy so we should be good for a while.
  9. Hm how so? Prolly take some coding but should be doable.
  10. Bet: 23,333,557,905 placed by sickhouse on Invalid Date Wagered 0.00000353 Multiplier 3.30x Profit 0.00000812 Bet: 23,342,016,066 placed by sickhouse on Invalid Date Wagered 0.00000426 Multiplier 3.30x Profit 0.00000980 14 0.01 and 15 88.88 lol.
  11. It's slow so the site doesn't crash.
  12. Chrome works fine, I think your web devs need to fix it for FF / others. F5 works to reset it but the problem remains.
  13. Ignore button (I can not understand why it's not there) Votemute (for X hour(s) until a mod can decide) maybe 10 people required to agree Getting to the PM is a hassle, make a shortcut on the top of the site (or wherever there's space) Option to not be able to recive PM's without accepting it Option to not recive friend requests
  14. Does it take into account that some people have several accounts? I am logged in with 2 accs on the same IP, is one of them off limits in the calculations? Hugs & kisses Confirmed, I got on both Sickhouse and Bankbank once. I tip it to rainbot but others are going to abuse it.
  15. No proof I can't see into the future. But the fee of BTC is really a joke when its worth $20k, who wants to pay $50 for a transfer when there are cheaper alternatives? And I have been following the curve since the beginning 2011, and been reading up a lot (nerdy lot) on BTC.
  16. I'd call him ask for a fair reward, if he decline I would take whatever % I find fair and say that I found it like that.
  17. It will rise when the whales decide it's time. And it will probably be the last high peak for BTC so I am going to sell of mine when that happens (maybe keep 2), there are better alternatives now and many sites has started using ETH. I hope to see NEO more mainstream too
  18. ~$750k, hmm I would move to a tropical land and buy a luxury house there.
  19. First version. PD2 was my favourite version (so far).
  20. Turned off adblock, allowing all scriptswith noscript. I have Kaspersky addon too but doubt that's whats causing it. EDIT: Latest Firefox, Windows up to date.
  21. https://imgur.com/ZezoX6d - nuff said Going to a different page to see PM's is a hassle a shortcut would be awesome.