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  1. Obviously u can turn those on or off. Because going to account -> annoying every time you need to check a PM, how about a popup with just the name that you easy can close and no sound? Very small one.. A 1k.1k static pixel box with a certain amount of boxes the reset are queued? And I would prefer having a static box over not being noticed due due to all spam I turned it off. As for the last part if its off by default you avoid that irritation, spam is the wrong term for a PM convo imo. Good guy not making a new thread for every new idea, please bring back VIP. IDC if it has no perks or does, but I worked rly hard to get 100 BTC wagered - if it's a problem with converting the values I am sure that can be worked out by adding the LTC+BTC+ETH wagered together and converting them to USD/whatever.
  2. XRP is good for short term, long it can go back to where it came from. It has some new good thinking strategies but printing money didn't work with fiat cash for very long and people realized that & created cryptos. So I'd put my eggs elsewhere.
  3. Dno if you missed quoting me but I'll just say experience, rainman and https://imgur.com/9PEb9qn But we both know (well I do anyways) that it's not gonna rise up to 20k like that again. The whales are paying too much attention and the bots are running rampid. The curve is way way way different than last years. And binance tenfolded the bots, hence creating huge walls making it harder to push HUGE amounts fast. Take a look at how it's started to change instead and compare it to your trades last year at this point of the year. Oh and I did it way more on bitstamp but that account got terminated. So don't come saying its a one time fluke or shit like that
  4. https://coinmarketcap.com/ go trade coins while it lasts its christmas again! XRP not a bad idea, lot of cash per coin raise and you get a shitload of coins - on the other hand it oversold so it's most likely gonna be a while (2-4 weeks). Unless whales push it up which also is likely to happen
  5. Wishful thinking or logic behind it? I learned both games over the years lol
  6. While you HODL 90% of it use 10% on https://www.twitch.tv/cryptotraderstv and similar channels where whales tell the viewers get coin X, they pump it up 10-15% then sell. I HODL around 75% of my portfolio now, used to be 90% back in early 2017. Also Chief Start trading while you learn is my advice, I dont got the slightest clue about most of the things on the charts except the curve, and buy/sell orders + experience. We all fumble in the dark when we start something new but stick to it and your eyes adjust (never ever would I dream of trading $1m+ in 30 days my whole life, but it happend last Dec/Jan. It's like gambling but high risk high reward if you know what you are doing. That being said Chiefs advice isn't bad either, but imo it sucks to just sit on BTC, and since you gamble might as well try to learn it the right way ;) It's been bullyish since the big drop, the whales are going to start losing money by keeping it down instead of making a huge push again (surprised it hasn't happend already tbh). The bots are the main thing to keep this year different from last year, Binance+bots in multitude arose (therefore we have those 1-2 weeks without anything special happening and then nights like this, the trading wall between the bots break down, combined with whales abusing that fact. I would say HODL 90% buy LTC for 5-10% (whatever you feel comfortable with to lose, this is training money, however if your platform allows you to trade LTC versus other coins. When you trade alt for alt all you need is https://coinmarketcap.com/ and an eye on the chart when it drops. I'll SS all my trades tomorrow but it was the fastest paced trading I've ever done (I am usually a BTC/USD person, but I have only 1 ID so no deposit @ Bitfinex for me. Then you should have known how I felt in the beginning, $50-100 roughly when I started to trade with shit amounts I had gathered from Bitcointalk.org. Do a trade profit 0.001 and the fee is larger, accidently sell instead of buying (bitfinex has a fail safe against that, dunno about other sites). Sorry about a long post and I am not trying to make it sound like my way is the only path to take, it's just what's been working for me.
  7. Ah was talking about him in third person I know you didn't create the bot, but I realized when I hit post that it could be interrupted that way so I understand your confusion
  8. By far the best betting bot (that I know of), I mean even programmer tab? Come on dude (creator), you are awesome!
  9. They probably are It became tonights giveaway I was out of ideas and the random motherfucking universe had a good idea.
  10. If I had to pick 1 guy/girl (cant remember) I'd pick Singpays. Because heshe has been with me there since the start iirc!
  11. Bitfinex.com - great security (emphasis on great, never seen such good security), fee for trades is low if you are into that. The downside is that they take a few $$ with each deposit/withdraw. Bitstamp closed my account without telling me why, but I liked it a lot when I used it. Both has been around for years and are no scams.
  12. Okay so some guy I had nothing but good intentions with found it worded wrongly when I called it a winning strat so he shared it in the chat. Not more than fair the rest of you get to see it too. 37% win 1.63 raise at loss 19 loss = reset to base Switch L/H every 2 bets. Stop when you've doubled withdraw keep going, that way you have money you have won that you play with is my advice. Enjoy it it took me many hours to come up with
  13. Either way, the easiest would prolly be convert it to BTC.
  14. Would be nice to have a 4th button "convert all to BTC/ETH/LTC" so you can see the total bets / earnings on the same page. Would it be possible to implement a popup when you get a chat message in addition to the current system? Also FF is still having problems with PM. EDIT: HoF for more things, like most rolls, most avg bet / roll 'n such. And have a "hall of bust" for the losers of the day (not my idea but it's got my approval), would be sick to see the amounts there!
  15. So its "called" Gwei... That's kinda well you know the rest of the joke. Interesting, is there a site where you can see all alt coins "satoshi" names? My thoughts exactly when I made the stream lol. Either way ppl will probably go "what the F is Gwei" so just gonna go with Satoshi.
  16. Useless edit. You are an idiot sir. Stop trying to cheat your way to the reward or I am going to stop the giveaways. I do it for fun this is not fun for me!
  17. Cheaters get no prize - fuck you for wasting my time.
  18. Hahaha Really thanks a lot for showing me that!
  19. Not valid it is MY ROLLS it says so clearly in the rules..
  20. They have to be in a row doesnt matter if its in the bottom or the top, I don't follow your logic here.