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  1. This one, negative ca -0.18 but just unlucky downswings. I have many many bets over 2 accounts so sooner or later shit like this is gonna happen, try the simulator in the bot with 50k bets 10 times to get an idea. Hm MANY prolly over 1m in total. Counting ETH and both accounts before it went downhill. This is about as solid as you can get I'd say. I've rolled it since at least Aug 1st, and yeah I have proof 18 hour long twitch streams. If you want I can share them
  2. I've used MG since the first PD bot came along but not with 50/50, other bet % and raises. It probably makes 0 difference in the long run but I am 1 BTC profit with 1.5m bets if I count both big accounts.
  3. Keep this thread from derailing ffs! Deal with your BS in PM.
  4. This should be a sticky and somehow warning people on PD too. It's too common to ignore, and lots of the new people are very... I dunno what the word I am looking for is but dumb-kind.
  5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Denial_of_Service When a website is down due to it being underattack in most cases its because of this.
  6. Also wont appear in global when tipping to your bank account, saves spam and makes it easier for the users. Yes I thought about the fact that people might DoS the server with this, why a cooldown could be put in the system, say 5 min. If you wanna tip your bank account then you can use the normal style.
  7. 100% agree - don't get invested in Cloud mining. Either do it yourself or don't do it.
  8. 3rd world is big, different places different rules
  9. Nice site, MrNice you should be surprised. 3rd world uses BTC way more than West. Dec 2013 they installed one in Stockholm. If anyone wanna add it here's the adress appareantly. Regeringsgatan 29 111 53 Stockholm Sweden
  10. Fucking captcha the ground work for Terminator IRL, and auto driving cars. I agree it's become fucking difficult, and not only here but google wants blurrier, harder to catch images I guess.
  11. Bet: 23,601,449,261 placed by sickhouse on Invalid Date Wagered 0.00002031 Multiplier 2.68x Profit 0.00003403 Bet: 23,628,858,082 placed by sickhouse on Invalid Date Wagered 0.00003310 Multiplier 2.68x Profit 0.00005546
  12. The giveaway will happen after August the 14th, I changed my password on bitfinex and they have security measures. https://imgur.com/0ykYgJ9 Really sorry about this guys, the giveaway will happen and I will compensate with some extra.
  13. 17 followers to go! Hit 2 resets last night so gotta re-desposit.
  14. Got your reply its chill I am in no rush.
    Shoutout to Irena, you're great!

  15. Carollzinha I get error message when I try to PM you, but it all sounds good!

  16. Being forgiven for doing whatever the fuck I wanted ( to a certain degree). Now I get put in jail for what I did as a child
  17. Nono, 15 Miners, 3 hubs and 1 additional hub with USB fans to cool them (they prolly got over 90 celcius if left unfanned. It was a really neat setup
  18. You are welcome BTC is my #1 interest since I quit WoW (and in WoW it was auction house so I see a pattern called economics). https://imgur.com/P3bo8WH This was first miner non GPU/CPU based, 333 mh/s I saved 2 for nostalgia. 2012/13 somewhere iirc. In 10 years they may be worth a shitload
  19. Little micro sleep gonna roll a joint and go back soon... Im gonna update the names so far in the OP now then smoke and hopefully smack the ground face first.
  20. I'll check it out tomorrow gn guys! And dont fkn gamble it away if u need it
  21. https://www.twitch.tv/nackskottlol/ I started 0.2 and its at 0.08 now I have set the bot to stop at 0.025 so that will be rained away, as fairly adjusted as I can. Oh it's BTC also so it's a lot of cash to some of you take good care of it. REMEMBER TO STAY A FOLLOWER UNTIL YOUR NAME IS BELOW AT LEAST! Confirmed qualified: Sraboni2 bauwerax DiceMecca diamonddudepd SUPREMOCOC athena2007 tukangbet SEMPAXss dolphinpuke cangcimenn mahdirakib Alamar7 pandarianbm [ Ganoliito my very first follower! ] Ackeliito Kingofkekek hogrider666hog monepoly2 weedbtc kingofkek kathokmlorot Felikin1 aimdarlison respektvlad williamshennie9 jinggelbelz fressku Rraahim120 ssamsul123 ttrxxx kieltrixPD cybergeeks thefrog Mrnice23 gforfun liza431 lucus555 Darlison Felikin1 williamshennie9
  22. Bankbank was my alt I am sickhouse.
  23. 25 start satoshi bet 1.63 raise at loss 37% chance Reset 24 No bet speed, change seed every 500 wins (dno if its viable but w/e) switch H/L every 2-3rd bet. Slow & steady wins the race 25 sats 1.63 37