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  1. I never use needles, other than that I have done pretty much everything else. It's ruined my life, it's saved my life. Ask on, I am open with my use and I know dosages very well so if you wan to know if mix X is ok with mix Y I can probably advice you. I have been to rehab 3 times, detox 2 times, plus tried to quit alone a handful times.
  2. Right I mixed it up with another drug. Make sure he take dumps at least twice a weeks... codeine is a bitch and there are healthier Opiods to use. EDIT: I understand why he is hooked on it Codeine is one of my favs. But the bad stuff that comes along is not worth it.
  3. Tell your friend to extract the paracetamol from the Codeine. It's really easy and not doing it is dangerous for the liver.
  4. Yes big time. Been to rehab 3 times, never used needles but tried almost all drugs there is, Benzo is a daily need, I smoke almost every day do Opioids (main problem), get off the Opi feel like shit than when I am good I get on them again. Used to do a lot of amphetamines but it fucked my brain so now I am perma paranaoid
  5. Here is the full video with some great views and the down climb; 1. I know it was dangerous and stupid (banned from 2 reddit forums about climbing and video taken down from another). 2. I am very proud of having accomplished this either way.
  6. I gamble for money I can afford to lose (and probably would spend on drugs either way). Always bills before fun, never a late bill.
  7. Bet: 33,399,777,702 placed by sickhouse on 25/07/2019 Wagered 0.00005233 Multiplier 2.68x Profit 0.00008769 Bet: 33,402,995,103 placed by sickhouse on 25/07/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 2.68x Profit 0.00000168 Bet: 33,397,730,032 placed by sickhouse on 25/07/2019 Wagered 0.00000269 Multiplier 2.68x Profit 0.00000451
  8. Autobet is useless write !dicebot in chat - the reset is a must have.
  9. Hm far fetched but its what kept me interested in BTC as a hobby for a good long while. Partly I have PD to thank for being the trader I am today.
  10. Because it's skill more than luck unlike all other gambling. Also I'm a number nerd so got hooked instantly first time I tried it. Used to multi-table 30-40 (max was 50) Double or Nothing back when it existed for 3 hours a day, not a whole lot of time to think over your decisions then - just pure math. Great, wanna do a heads up on stars? You choose buy in but no more than $500.
  11. I recon that maybe 1 out of 10 races could be made for low rollers -how I do not know though.
  12. So I suggest a way to being able to read chat from people, but not rain on them. It really sucks to see rain land on bot (may be fixed now for all I know), and I prefer not having people on ignore to be able to follow the chat.
  13. 98% is not good. Not even with 3 appropriate raises do you survive very long.
  14. Make something unique and market it, but mind you its almost impossible to get a big youtube channel.