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  1. The giveaways's been done, thanks for helping me reaching almost 100 followers! I am going to organize a rain later on now I need a break lol. For some reason I cant tip you I don't know why. We're sorry — something's gone wrong. Our team has been notified, but you can or try refreshing. Only with your name.
  2. The 2 of you have been added. I'm gonna start soon, so in 47 min this chance is closed. At 98 followers atm.
  3. You're right it was a space when I ctrl+F you. BTW People you can still sign up, all you need to do is follow http://twitch.tv/nackskottlol/ Then make a post in this thread your twitch name and your name here. very close to 100 followers would be awesome if we could reach that
  4. Honestly I find it disgusting how people are trying to get away with having the cake and eat it too by not following. Lazy or idiots wh think I wont check weither or not you followed. I don't see you.
  5. Gonna start confirming this page now. Dont see you on twitch, do you know what follow is?
  6. Please post in the other thread to make it easier for me to check your name.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/user/Niinjaskills/live Follow the twitch link in description for WoW, the new expansion if you feel like it. If you follow me on twitch you will get 10 000 Satoshi within 48 hours (giving myself some extra time so I don't need to stress). More info in this thread: All you need to do is follow and write your name down in that thread and you get 10k BTC satoshi in tip within 48 hours. When I reach enough followers I will rain the rest, 0.03 BTC in total is gonna given away. Added 0.005 because of the delay.
  8. Thats the worst of it my family suffering. I get better they get happy then worse again, which turns into an evil cycle. And yes there's the crime part too, if I fuck up 1 more time I go to prison.
  9. I know a few people can handle it most can't it fucked my life in many ways. It's glorified through hollywood and funny as all heck (that ok mr mod?). Benzo opi weed shrooms spice speed I've done it all and mixed it all. It has completely fucked my memory at 28, and I know many like me - rehab cycles with psycopaths taking you hostage is not so fun for example. *Legal drugs = different story, but similar Can tell some horror stories after I sleep.
  10. This. I rained away most of my tips, I rly feel bad when ppl give me money. I dont need it, and I keep saying but I could be lying ofc.. Whatever any further questions ask in PM. People have known my since PD launched. Also check out the posts made by account sickhouse at bitcoinwisdom.com many many in PD thread early on there.
  11. Well in all fairness I could be a big scam but not I've proven I'm not. But I'll do it again so I can brag as well. And if you guys can't follow a curve that's not my issue
  12. Wasn't me and I missed the other guy so I can forgive myself for this missunderstanding.
  13. There should be one in Stockholm, Safello AB put it there. But I don't know if it's still around, I don't live nearby but I don't think we have another one.
  14. 30% of all winnings, 70% of all losses you can withdraw. And I am expected to make a sheet of EVERYTHING, every trade, where did I get this etcetc, really sick. Gonna end up with $8k in taxes this year, but they shut down my bitstamp acc and all money landed on my bank account and such a sum they will ask about if I dont tax it so no choice. Probably for the better not get 5 years in prison My guess they go after people who are registered on platforms for trade and hasn't taxed to begin with. Then a second easy target, until they had their fill. It's sick rly 2 years ago they were trying to ban it now they want taxes. I had the call made for me but was on the edge either way. I don't need to put myself in deeper shit than I am already, tax evasion is 4-5x prison sentence over here but I really don't like it. I would move to another country but can't until November, then its bye this place (or stay til December). Think Swe has the highest taxes in the world, maybe top 3 with Norway ahead and Denmark behind. Reason is we pay 30% on every grocery, computer part, phone, etc we buy. 30% on everything basically.