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  1. Wouldn't agree. Post-2013 maybe wasn't profitable for Bitcoin mining but many altcoins where more then profitable, specially in last October 17-February 18 period during the price surge. Then with price drops and difficulty increase due to lots of new miners and ASICs CPU mining became unprofitable for short period Feb-April. And now with the new ASIC-resistant CryptoNight algos, CPU mining is again profitable. For example with 1000h/s now you can make about $1.5/day with XMR, sometimes even more (we have seen up to $4/day) with some other altcoin like ITNS, GRAFT. Our idea is that browser miner is used as secondary mining where you can reuse some of your other devices in home like mobile phones, tablets, older PCs to increase overall hashrate. With CPU mining RAM is not important its the CPU itself. We have seen computers with 300-400H/s, iPhones 50-70H/s. Also you can generate Javascript miner and embed it on your website and let your visitors mine for you (you should notify them ofcourse). We have seen websites generating 100KH/s and earning much more then with ads.
  2. We are glad to announce User and Statistics release. Now its easy to credit hashes to your users and track stats. Common use-cases include granting in-game currency, selling small value digital products or other incentives to a user account on your website in turn for running the miner. Register here: https://coinwebmining.com/add-miner-your-website create a miner for your website and you will see the docs for new API.
  3. UPDATE New coins added: Bytecoin (CryptoNight) https://coinwebmining.com/browser-miner/bytecoin IntenseCoin (CryptoNightV7) https://coinwebmining.com/browser-miner/intensecoin
  4. You can now register on our site https://coinwebmining.com/add-miner-your-website and generate Javascript miner which you can embed on your website. Simplest miner ever in just one line of code: Both CryptoNight and CryptoNightV7 are supported. More examples: https://gist.github.com/coinwebmining/7d2685a6bd98ae1427c31e32879d8d43 https://gist.github.com/coinwebmining/e01b22327a4b894fca0a069c969a7225
  5. UPDATE 30.3.2018 - Added ability to manually adjust Threads. Now you can set the number of threads the miner should run on. Auto detect will try to detect the most optimal number based on CPU cores available on your computer. Disable checkbox if you want to adjust it manually. This can bring even more hashrate on some devices!
  6. UPDATE: We added support for Graft (GRFT) and Dinastycoin (DCY), now its possible to mine those two coins directly from your browser! GRFT is interesting because its still in ICO phase and has low difficulty. Its a good opportunity for mining!
  7. Well CPU mining is not dead, it actually resurrected in recent months due to altcoins price increase. However when we talk about CPU mining, then what really makes sense to mine with CPU is Cryptonight and Cryptonight lite algorithm based coins (Monero, Electroneum, Karbo, etc...). Those coins are ASIC resistant and are specifically designed for CPU mining (although its also possible to mine them with GPU, however difference is not so high as with other coins, its about 1:15). Webminer currently uses only CPU for mining, and we plan to develop support for GPU via WebCL. As related to MinerGate, their focus is miner app that you need to download and install and you need to mine on their pools. Our focus is browser based miner which is so simple that you don't need to install anything and it will also work on all kind of devices (old PCs which might not support miner programs, mobiles, tablets, PCs where you don't have sudo/admin access to install a program, etc...). As of Coinhive their main focus is embeddable JS code for site admins to make profits from their visitors CPUs. You can use WTM calculator to see estimated profits per hashrate: https://whattomine.com/coins/213-etn-cryptonight For example an older laptop would get you about 50H/s which is about 50ETN/month. Now those are worth $3.5 but price has significantly dropped during this last 2 week dips. If the price would go up again it would be about $14. CPU mining isn't power hungry as GPU and electrical costs are always lower than earned coins. If you consider that the whole Crypto market is on the rise, GPUs prices are rapidly going up and even becoming hard to get, ppl will start searching for other ways of mining and we provide exactly that. You can now easily mine from almost any device that has CPU+webbrowser, could be old phone, tablets, smart tvs,etc...
  8. We use different miner, custom made. Coinhive has 30% fee we have 0% while in BETA, and later on sure won't be more than 5-10%. You can mine coins you want (Monero, Electroneum, SumoKoin and many more coming soon) while on Coinhive you are restrained to mine only Monero on their own mining pool. Monero is great coin but its difficulty has risen recently, meaning its not most profitable coin to mine (check whattomine.com). You also have full control, mine on mining pool of your choice as opposite to Coinhive where you have to use their own mining pool. No minimum payout threshold. On Coinhive you are restricted to minimum payout threshold of 0.2 XMR which can take long time to achieve with browser mining.
  9. Hello, We are the team behind this website. Site is still in BETA, while in it fee will be 0%. Our idea is to see how many interest there is, gather some userbase and then see ways of monetizing it. Here are some screenshots:
  10. This site acts as a webminer, connecting you with the mining pool. So actual payout and therefore minimum withdraw depends on mining pool you select. We collected list of mining pools which are optimized for browser miner (have low share diff).
  11. HTTPS://COINWEBMINING.COM Mining for everyone and from any device! No more complicated line instructions to execute...no need to install any program...simply enter your wallet address, choose a mining pool and start mining coins directly from your web browser! You can mine from Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Phones and even smart TV-s! We don't use Coinhive, our webminer is Javascript port of open-source xmr-stak miner! At the moment we support web mining of following coins: Monero (XMR) - most popular Electroneum (ETN) Sumokoin (SUMO) More coins being added for complete list check here: https://coinwebmining.com/coins-supported Our plan is to add support for more Cryptonight coins soon. You have full control, mine on mining pool of your choice. At the moment we support all major mining pools which have low share difficulty (less than 2000). If your pool is not on the list contact us. Go to our website and start mining now. Roadmap : Add support for all Cryptonight coins Add support for NiceHash pools iOS and Android mobile apps Chrome extension GPU support using WebCL Add embeddable JS that you can add to your website, and let your visitors mine on your wallet.