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  1. i am watching the boy play sonic forces on the nintendo switch, head fuck in its self lol
  2. happy birthday Neobreaker, hope you have a great day
  3. im aware of the dangers, thanks for your concern
  4. well i just got 2 more drips , ill let you all know how it goes over the weekend
  5. So i had been offered a drip of LSD , California sunshine , i took it at 6.30 pm and by 7.15 pm i started to very giggly and extremely how, i ave done mushrooms in the past but never LSD. so i start giggling and then my eyes start playing up , a car break light was shinning through my glass door and i said to my friend , " it feels like a firework has been just set off and its in freeze frame mode right beside my face. i then adopted a dungeons and dragons theme inn my trip and the prize was a female player that was very. I saw trolls and unicorns and harry potter shit and it was just crazy. It was like a marry-go-round of circus clowns with safari animals and a slide reel of the craziest stuff I’d ever seen. I couldn’t believe my eyes, the colors were more vivid and I could hear voices of people talking that felt like they were right next to me, like hundreds of people all laughing and talking even though it was just me and my friend. It was the craziest experience of my life. Something I’m glad I tried but not sure I’d want to do again. i was seeing my self in my trip and when i was talking i could see my brain and cheeks falling in on them self as if they were made of sand and my brain almost come to a freeze. wow very mad.
  6. all i can say is bitcoin is not dying but for the people who invested whilst it was at the all time high are going to close that wallet and wait for the next btc rush , how ever if you purchased btc at low costs your laughing. bitcoin will rise more than you probably think but not over night
  7. Im half way through watching missfits for the 3rd time, here is what has been written on wiki SERIES 1 Misfits follows five delinquents on community service who are caught outside during a supernatural thunder storm and who acquire special abilities. Initially, the show focused on five young adults, each gaining a superpower which mirrors their character. Kelly Bailey (Lauren Socha)—constantly judged for her class ("chav")—gains the ability of telepathy, Curtis Donovan (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett)—trying to escape a mistake from his past—can rewind time after experiencing an immense sense of regret, Alisha Daniels (Antonia Thomas)—a woman that is extremely comfortable with her sexuality and body—sends people into a sexual frenzy when they touch her skin and Simon Bellamy (Iwan Rheon)—often ignored or not acknowledged—can become invisible. Nathan Young (Robert Sheehan) appears unchanged. The group are attacked by their probation officer, Tony, who was driven insane when he acquired his strange powers in the electrical storm, and is accidentally killed by Kelly in self-defence. The main plot of the first series is the five trying to stop anyone else finding out about the death. Tony's replacement Sally is revealed to be Tony's fiancée, and she suspects that the gang know more than they claim to. Sally's suspicion grows and she forms a relationship with Simon, secretly pretending to like him in order to get information from him about Tony's disappearance. She steals his mobile phone, which has the video of Nathan saying they killed Tony, sees it, and tries to convince Simon to go to the police. When she tries to get away, Simon turns invisible, intentionally unnerves her while doing so, and then accidentally kills her in the struggle for his mobile. Other subplots of the series involve Nathan living in the community centre after his mother kicks him out of her house, Alisha and Curtis becoming involved in a relationship, Curtis accidentally changing time so he never split up from his ex-girlfriend Sam, Nathan trying to figure out what his power could possibly be, and Simon's sense of loneliness and isolation from the rest of the group. After disposing of Sally's body, the delinquents discover the Virtue cult, a group of young people who have begun adopting ultra-conservative behaviour. Nathan and Simon discover that this is the fault of Rachel, a conservative young woman who gained the power of suggestion due to the storm. During a struggle on a rooftop, both Rachel and Nathan are killed and the brainwashed youth freed. As his friends mourn, Nathan's power is finally revealed to be immortality as he awakens in his coffin, unharmed and buried alive. Go and watch it , very entertaining .
  8. steak is more tasty peppercorn sauce or no sauce
  9. personally i think 0.004 for minimum WD is to high, imo 0.002 is a fair amount for min WD. i think you should be able to withdraw 10k sats minimum , all tho the transaction fee is much higher and doesn't make sense to do that, i think it re-assures the player that a WD is possible pretty much with no restrictions apart from transaction fee.
  10. Basics of PRE-ROLLING This has worked for me in the past however its NOT GUARANTEED! Target >>>>> 10x Payout , Bankroll 0.0001btc (10k sats) , Pre Roll Base Bet 0.0000001 (10 Sats) Normal Base Bet 0.000001 (100 Sats) Minimum Bank Roll (0.0001btc) 10k sats...... Pre Roll 8 losses (10 sats per roll) = 80 sats (0.0000008) TOTAL LOSS = 0.0000008 increase to Normal base bet 100 sats (0.000001) Roll 8 losses (100 sats per roll) = 800 sats (0.000008) TOTAL LOSS = 0.0000088 Double base bet every 5 losses from here until win. 0.000002 X5 0.000004 X5 This is ASSUMING that all rolls were lost, if a win occurs, STOP at win and stat again. Target 50x pay out , bank Roll 0.001btc (100k sats) Pre Roll Base Bet 0.000001 (100 Sats) Normal Base Bet 0.000005 (500 Sats) Minimum Bank Roll (0.001btc) 100k sats...... Pre Roll 40 losses (100 sats per roll) 0.00004 (4k sats) Total loss 0.00004 increase to Normal base bet 500 sats (0.000005) Roll 25 losses (500 sats per roll) = 12500 sats (0.000125) TOTAL LOSS = 0.000165 Double base bet every 25 losses from here until win. 0.00001 X25 0.00002 X25 This is ASSUMING that all rolls were lost, if a win occurs, STOP at win and stat again. Bigger the bank roll the better, These methods can be tweaked (reduce bet size/increase bank roll) If you have any questions PM me and ad greetings GhettoBlaste. Good luck Dicers and have a great day. WHEN THE FUN STOPS ! STOP GAMBLING ! National Gambling Helpline (0808 8020 133)