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  1. if i have given a 2 chance to go into the place i wanted to be is in the Italy specially to the Venice with my lovely wife it was romantic right and i was thinking on the second place i wanted to be
  2. in my own opinion china has their own reason why they are banning blockchain account like the other countries how ever it has a bad and good impact to the market but it will depend on how you see the way of taking advantage to the scenario
  3. well yeah you were right and its also a faucet that you only wait over an hour and you can claim bitcoin again freebitco.ion is one of first site i encounter in my crypto life.
  4. mga master na kumpirma na ba kung paying ang site na ito? sana may makapansin
  5. i am new in gambling since last month maybe and i spend a 500$ and lost it
  6. i am usually invest and take a risk in gambling that is my bad hobbit my investment is from the bounty i work
  7. i dont think that if i got a bitcoin i will quit because as soon as my future was not set at all i will not quit , maybe if i am satisfied in life what i had