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  1. Been here since 2017 of Jan got into after btc hit a all time high and I cashed in XD
  2. Does anyone know that this means , and how btc do I have to depo
  3. Who are u again , been scammed now a scammer
  4. Please stop downvoting , I know what I’m getting my self into thank you for your opinion, I would kindly ask u to stop voting/ replying on my posts if u have no interest to engage in it , in a positive way
  5. Need 5 usd in eth Will pay pal message me , can use escrow /support team/mod
  6. Thanks Athena I’ll not mention crypto , and hopefully get a refund but buy the time I do crypto will go up n I’ll be in loss of not investing
  7. Lol no wonder why fandoms were pming me thanks Athena
  8. I have no clue how I trusted him , n I have lost tons of money due to scammer n this the first scammer I’ve exposed as other ones have been banned but still have returned my btc , n I also tried getting loans no one trusted me like , although I’m new I’m not a scammer give a chance to noobs like me , I hope admin n follow up with ‘jefrigiovino ‘ and ban him , but still I’ve lost what I’ve lost cant be recovered , I’m hurt again and again by people with zero Empty thank you Utra chief
  9. Agreed to send .035 eth for 15 usd scammed me n left , I paid n he didn’t do his part
  10. What ya tryna do scam me lmao 😂😂take ur business else where thank you bro ^
  11. will have a try thanks for posting mate
  12. Need 15usd worth eth at today’s rate paypal , help ya boy out also message me in pms thanks
  13. While playing take breaks , n don’t chase loses I’m sorry u have experience this , it’s all bout luck , and like user above said try to keep profit buddy gl
  14. Welcomeeee to primedice , best site on the web , if ya need help contact live support , and also go though the forum for betting tips n things
  15. bettting crazy amounts of money
  16. Hey guys BTC has dropped allot atm this may be your chance win big time invest now and you could make a decent profit happy betting
  17. hey guys if your on a bad losing streak, remember to reduce ur bet so u don't lose much and try giving the system a break and you'll be winning in the greens
  18. good luck to all my fellow players may the greens be with you may the odds be forever in your favour
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    chaitanya31 invited me from bitcoin talk im krish