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  1. True! in fact in substance, what we need is education about what we want to do. Simple as that, in bitcoin, what you need is much larger investment rather than alternative coin but alternative coin gives more profit than Bitcoin do.
  2. Simple answer. Taxes. China has taxes and it is obliged for some Chinese or citizen to pay it through the income you earn. But Cryptocurrency income, including Bitcoin and other Alternative currencies are in the underground economy, where in fact, Chinese Government cannot gain taxes from it. And at some point there are a lot of numbers of Chinese who are engaged in cryptocurrency.
  3. Which has the most potential income? Investing in Bitcoin or Investing in Alternative Coins or Tokens?
  4. It is never too late to invest in bitcoin. The thing we are late is knowing it and becoming rich. Because everyone way back then who educate themselve about bitcoin and its potential, are might be rich But I have friends though who already are millionaire
  5. Bitcoin grows not in supply but in value and its community. Bitcoin is decentralized and with that, government cannot control its continuing growth. Government cannot regulate it.
  6. keynit

    Time for a vacation

    The perfect time to go to a vacation is when you are with your family. The lovenes of your life, with that, you will enjoy every moment with them.
  7. You must try some Filipino foods. If you are a foreigner, example American, it is so worthy to go to the Philippines because your money is so big or high. You can go wherever you want with just bucks with you.
  8. I also want to go to the Pyramid of Egypt. Seems a very constructive wonders of the world. Might if I go there, be asking how did really people way back then built that?
  9. Might be getting the whole supply of bitcoin. At some ways gambling is a hait. Even you get 1 Bitcoin, might you cannot stop still.
  10. It is somehow untrue. As what we all know, Bitcoin is made by someone named Stoshi Nakamoto, which was already been named who is he actually. He just used the name for security purposes and he might be humble
  11. It would be nice to go to Pyramid of Egypt and see its wonder. I might be curious if how does the pyramid did built.
  12. I just want to spend my life with the one I loved. To be in a paradise island where we can have a vacation there.
  13. keynit

    Travel to space

    This is everyone's dream. They want to see the space. The best time to ponder.
  14. I am really eager to go to Paris soon with the one I loved. Soon with money and perfect time. The place for lovers. <3
  15. When we travel sometimes with my family, we always use van. I never been on airplane. Been dreaming it so much soon.