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  1. switch9128

    Scam Mining

    Hey Folks! Did you know that there are plenty of websites offering cloud mining features to their visitors out there ? Yep, there are plenty of them . Unfortunately I've had a bad experience with one of them. So called "Cloud Miner " website (cloudminer.biz) There are a lot of videos on yortube pointing out that this company has never paid their clients. However, this is something i've learned later. Long story short . I have created an account for testing purposes and specified my wallet id to ensure that withdrawals go directly into my bitcoin account and left mining window open for few days. On day 3 i have tried to withdraw around 50000 satoshis and received confirmation notice on successful withdrawal. However, i have never received a coin. So i have decided to research a little and found some mad posts about these guys. Apparently they have been doing it for some time and they have more than one website to trick you into this deal . They are targeting users who are looking to make more satoshi per day by providing upgrade options. Basically you pay 0.5 bitcoin for an upgrade and they promise you to 0.25 BTC per day revenue. I know, sounds too good to be true. Nevertheless, there are plenty of people who got caught into this trap and lost bigger coins. Watch out our there friends . Hopefully this post will save you from contributing into such scam communities. Good luck everyone!
  2. Thank you dear annelalaine
  3. "I ve got a good heart, but this mouth ..." Got ya mate
  4. lol in game name is switch9128. Its me captain , you are back from your voyage ?
  5. Hey gamblers! Unfortunately i got muted, yep. Worst thing is i don;t know for what. Stepped away for a second to grab a drink came back to desktop and boom, muted. Is there a way to find out what is the reason for that ? Didn't violate any rules... Thank you and have blessed day
  6. Hello prime dicers , it is my very pleasure to be a part of your community! Texas Cowboy here! My name is switch9128 My in-game username is PrimeDice : switch9128 "I like to make sexy time " - Borat