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  1. But players need to tip bank to next player in case he's chore is done. So what, freeze tips with exceptions? Somehow too much difficult...
  2. Idea is interesting of course, but it will became into kinda trust game I don't like to say that, but 95%, that someone will run with bank, especial before the end
  3. lupandina

    Do you use bitcoin faucets still ?

    Agreed, that why faucets usually is waste of time. In freebitco case (and with old acc with some conditions, only they knows :D), about 500 sats every hour, 24/7, automatically without lifting your finger (even withdrawals can be done automatically if you want) - why not?
  4. Heyyy, guyyyys, I didn't said nothing bad about no one Just in other forums this is rule, I was curious, is same here, or not
  5. That's clear. I'm about, like, if I have some useful info about, like, Stake.com, I can go to topic about if, post my reply with ref/+non ref links? So in same topic will be a lot of different users answers and every will post his ref and clean links?
  6. Tell me, if I'm wrong. We can post our ref links everywhere in all topics, if we have to say smth useful about that site?
  7. lupandina

    Making a living from gambling

    I think, it's possible, but only for few ones... But too much of us are just chasing that dream (win big and live without problems) with result of zero or even debt... Well
  8. lupandina

    Do you use bitcoin faucets still ?

    I don't know exact their "formula" with conditions, but for some old acc's with good depo's, wager and refs, Captcha disappearing. I have 2 such acc's atm
  9. lupandina

    Do you use bitcoin faucets still ?

    No, if you wrote IMacros command by yourself Actually I did that some time ago for claiming freebitco 24/7 from 2 acc's, worked nice, extra 0.007-0.01 monthly was good. After changing pc I'm still lazy do that again
  10. lupandina

    Do you use bitcoin faucets still ?

    Unless you can make it work auto (like claiming with IMacros). But it's rear thing. So generally - it's waste of time.
  11. lupandina

    How you start gambling

    Freebitco? Nah, their code is soooo rigged...
  12. lupandina

    How you start gambling

    Exactly my story
  13. No way, I even found chat room for my language (lithuanian) Sadly, only 2 lithuanians there
  14. lupandina

    Coming in to gambling bad or good?

    At first it was very bad decision. After it turned into very good decision