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  1. Every tip is refunded automatically after verifying. If it wasn't, means your account wasn't verified. I didn't find any errors in logs. Please contact support of exchange site, with full info.
  2. Eos was added to exchange few days ago Sorry for delay, but we had and still have way more serious issues to fix...
  3. Dinabot suddenly felt so lonely during lock down... It wanted to send some friendly tips, but was lazy do same process over and over again. It tried to rain, but barely could even recognize users who got it. Sooo: introducing NINJAR Yea, it's smth like Ninjas Jar Ninjar is a tool for easy sharing with friends. Setup your friends list in CryptoGamblersPub once, and all done! Anytime you will send any tip to "Ninjar" in our connected sites, bot will automatically split and send it out to your friends. Got a tip from Ninjar? Means, someone is considering you as friend... And shared with you, as ninja Or, become one of top ninjas and get ninjed by others too! We really really wanted to make it free, as it's for fun, but we can't. After weeks of testings, we calculated how much of our resources it eats, and set a 0.8% fee to just cover our expenses. Hoping, it can be reduced in future, if Ninjar will become more popular than we expected For more curious people, there's more detailed info, how it works: * You must have your username, from which you are sending tip, verified in CryptoGamblersPub, also, set up your friends list. If you will send a tip, but bot wont find friends list of tip sender, tip will be shared to another ninjas. * Bot runs every minute automatically. All tips are private - it's ninja, it's secret! * After deduction of 0.8% fee, bot is trying to split your tip evenly among your friends list in same site, where tip was received. If: - it's impossible, because doesn't divides equally, bot rounds it. - it's impossible, because doesn't fit into minimum tip limit, bot sends as much close to minimum tips to random your friends, as possible. * You can set up few options: - share with other ninjas. By choosing this option, 20% of your tip will be shared to random ninjas with highest ninja score. Your Ninja score grows with amount, which you shared with other ninjas and as long as you are active (ninja score resets after 10 days of inactivity as ninja). If your tip is less than 10x of minimum tip amount of site + fee, tip will be shared only with friends. - receive sent tips report by email. If you wish to know exactly, who got your ninja tips, choose this option. * Tips, sent to Ninjar are not refundable. If your tip is too small even for one minimum tip after fee, ninjar will consider it as donation.
  4. Your email was replied by support. I can't tell the exact reason, as our server didn't receive any exchange requests for these your tips. Most possible - you didn't fill form or didn't click "finish" at the end. Less, but still possible - our server didn't record request to database (it would be weird tho, as all other exchanges were and are going smooth). Case forwarded to check more deep.
  5. Kindly please, check your email. I can't be sure which exact case it is, as there were 2 customers in support this morning, which didn't provide any exact details or information, only "I (we can't guess who is "I") sent some coins somewhere somewhen". We can't find anything just with this...
  6. We are proud to announce, that Dinabot just made it's 100,000th exchange! 💯 We sent 100,000 sats to lucky user manas13 (Primedice). Congratulations! Thank you everyone for being with us! With love - Dina, Rack and Pecka 😘 Along with that, new promo codes for discounts in CryptoGamblersPub: RKvphH94Sq, U7He9E0VkI, h2YmW2NA1i, PtgWYK2hVA, 0SZEvkljOe, NMTtWNEM55 Every code has different discount value, and can be used only once.
  7. Bet: 45,891,119,234 placed by lupandina on 29/12/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 9.00x Profit 0.00000800 Bet: 45,891,120,010 placed by lupandina on 29/12/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 9.00x Profit 0.00000800
  8. At first, I'm sorry for your loss, I was hacked in same way few years ago too. But, for second - who will protect pd from hackers? Why they should compensate anything from own pocket, if people don't care about their own security and safety? If you are old player - you know, that such things happens, and that 2fa is here for a reason. Pd isn't supposed to compensate anything, still, they did, at least a bit. More gratefulness from your side would be nice...
  9. Thanks for nice words More casinos - agreed! Thing is, it's not me, who decides that It's decision of every casino, join us or not. I offered to probably every single
  10. New promo codes for discounts in CryptoGamblersPub: PgKQj0kCYF, xV1sJTHv4r, BHzFyGEJkJ, BNyZrGvIEi, onYXWeE3WE, CX8SPGHPcg Every code has different discount value, and can be used only once.
  11. It's ok, till gambling doesn't stress you out Baby feels every your emotion, and it impacts his nerves system, so, pregnancy must be time of only good emotions!
  12. Since when privacy is a crime, which excludes you from anything? And what is purpose of knowing winners usernames at all? Just make them a target for beggars?
  13. Just because player wants to keep his privacy, isn't a reason to exclude him from races/promotions, it would be just not fair