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  1. Your email was replied by support. I can't tell the exact reason, as our server didn't receive any exchange requests for these your tips. Most possible - you didn't fill form or didn't click "finish" at the end. Less, but still possible - our server didn't record request to database (it would be weird tho, as all other exchanges were and are going smooth). Case forwarded to check more deep.
  2. Kindly please, check your email. I can't be sure which exact case it is, as there were 2 customers in support this morning, which didn't provide any exact details or information, only "I (we can't guess who is "I") sent some coins somewhere somewhen". We can't find anything just with this...
  3. We are proud to announce, that Dinabot just made it's 100,000th exchange! 💯 We sent 100,000 sats to lucky user manas13 (Primedice). Congratulations! Thank you everyone for being with us! With love - Dina, Rack and Pecka 😘 Along with that, new promo codes for discounts in CryptoGamblersPub: RKvphH94Sq, U7He9E0VkI, h2YmW2NA1i, PtgWYK2hVA, 0SZEvkljOe, NMTtWNEM55 Every code has different discount value, and can be used only once.
  4. Bet: 45,891,119,234 placed by lupandina on 29/12/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 9.00x Profit 0.00000800 Bet: 45,891,120,010 placed by lupandina on 29/12/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 9.00x Profit 0.00000800
  5. At first, I'm sorry for your loss, I was hacked in same way few years ago too. But, for second - who will protect pd from hackers? Why they should compensate anything from own pocket, if people don't care about their own security and safety? If you are old player - you know, that such things happens, and that 2fa is here for a reason. Pd isn't supposed to compensate anything, still, they did, at least a bit. More gratefulness from your side would be nice...
  6. Thanks for nice words More casinos - agreed! Thing is, it's not me, who decides that It's decision of every casino, join us or not. I offered to probably every single
  7. New promo codes for discounts in CryptoGamblersPub: PgKQj0kCYF, xV1sJTHv4r, BHzFyGEJkJ, BNyZrGvIEi, onYXWeE3WE, CX8SPGHPcg Every code has different discount value, and can be used only once.
  8. It's ok, till gambling doesn't stress you out Baby feels every your emotion, and it impacts his nerves system, so, pregnancy must be time of only good emotions!
  9. Since when privacy is a crime, which excludes you from anything? And what is purpose of knowing winners usernames at all? Just make them a target for beggars?
  10. Just because player wants to keep his privacy, isn't a reason to exclude him from races/promotions, it would be just not fair
  11. Haha it's an interesting topic! I should do a research about that for some of streams 😅 Personally me - all my stats, in all sites, are mostly red... Yea, i'm definitely not good at gambling 🙈
  12. I use same 100 sats bet without any increases. If there's no exact payout requirement for challenge, using 98%. And ofc, dicebot 😅
  13. Only thing I can't understand, is why? Both Stake and Primedice has a lot of users. Equal posting rewards system. But difference of activity is huge.
  14. Thank you everyone for participating! I'm locking this topic temporary, as I need some time to check every reply, organize and prepare everything for stream. So, entries are closed We will answer almost all questions during stream. To make it fair, if some question was asked by more then 1 person, we will pick winner for that question randomly. If person asked more then 1 question, first one will be counted. Topic will be unlocked again after stream. See you there! ❤️