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    Shmara got a reaction from mony88 in сделайте обменник   
    Англы плохие не надо сними дела иметь!!!!
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    Shmara got a reaction from BalinIva in Как вы относитесь к изменам   
    Изменять не надо!!! А вот секасом занемайтесь всегда и при первой возможности😁😁😁😁😁
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    Shmara reacted to Kate865 in Do we need an ignore button?   
    After the innovations of Primedice there was a bonus rain-bot, which causes a lot of spam.
    (link at the end of the message)
    It is inadmissible to prohibit users from banned, but the chat can not be read because spam is mostly written by the same users.
    So, do you think we need this function?