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  1. then i will build a drone or rocket to fly up high enough to see the earth (dead serious, that's one of my dream :D) andddddd i wanna venture into the Arctic and Antartica! Wohooooo
  2. totally agree with you on the patience part dmbadillo10 ... we all lose it once in awhile wanting big wins fast but end up busting our balls (applies only to guys) ... but still a good strats for slow and easy farming for faucets bro
  3. hey DM nice meeting u! nice elaborated introduction too! good luck and lets have some fun yo!
  4. welcome to PD Tanya! goodluck in the dicing and enjoy your stay with the forum topics as well.
  5. Hey there Nick, welcome to PD....enjoy your stay and read often lol.
  6. Greetings Jelena! welcome to PD, have fun and enjoy the forum topics in here
  7. haha maybe not on the bloody red theme .... we could use a theme with visual artwork,no? beaches, mountains, sky, something uplifting u know... to come the senses. Just my two cents
  8. clear debts, do charity, build a bunker, buy a boat, buy a plane, deposit 10btc to PrimeDice js for fun sake lol...ok lolll
  9. I'd name my cryptocurrency as Valarium(hope there's no crypto under this name yet), and the use of this coin mainly for paying bounty hunters like 'unit' used in the movie Guardian of The Galaxy...who knows, it could be real one day.... just like how we are using cryptocurrency right this very moment
  10. Goodmorning Ravenyvolle and PD! i second on the idea...having some new features would certainly makes it more fun!!! #bloodrushing
  11. I would suggest using this method on manual, so u can switch sides anytime u feel like it. and increase bet. Still a good method
  12. LOL i kinda agree on the last part !
  13. Normally one would say they'll read the set of rolls, yeah mayb there's some truth to it (if it doesn't feels right then I'd stop) ...n yes stopping at a certain goal and close the browser is 1 way i normally do