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    bboyNZ got a reaction from eleven011 in A Noob Loosing 700k - How to Recover?   
    You could try using bitcoin faucets to safely earn your losses back. Or you could try selling a service on fiver.com. Or you could just walk away and never come back. Try to forget about your losses and move on... I wish I had done that after my first big loss.
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    bboyNZ got a reaction from Dan in Do you think primedice is truly fair?   
    no, obviously the unhashed server seed would give away too much. Im not even going to pretend to act like i know everything behind provably fair, but Im a part time magician (seriously lol), and I know that when something is out of view, covered or purposefully hidden, theres a reason for that...
    I will eat my words and profusely apologize for ever doubting PDif the development team could implement my suggestion. Thanks for the conversation Dan, but now I better go back to work lol
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    bboyNZ got a reaction from Carollzinha in Requirements for Being Able to Create a Thread in the Lending Section   
    Absolutely Sourc3,
    Although I would think that any lender  with half brain would already have these as minimum requirements if no collateral were involved.
    I also think lenders should expect that the borrower will lose the funds (I mean it is gambling right?), so they should ensure the borrower isn't relying on winning to return payment, i.e. When will borrower next be purchasing bitcoin and can they prove this... thats my 0.02  worth too
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    bboyNZ got a reaction from UltraChief in Requirements for Being Able to Create a Thread in the Lending Section   
    No Im not referring to you, my apologies for making you think that. Please understand that isnt my intention..  Sorry for not using the quote!
    I guess really Im just thinking aloud, because personally I feel a borrower wouldnt need a loan if they have altcoins... but like you say, PD doesnt use any other crypto, so i guess that is a valid point.
    I wish you luck tho, I think a trustworthy loan system could be quite profitable in the long run.
    best wishes.