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  1. Sure, i understand.. I thought Id done everything right because I didnt even consider the link.. my bad!
  2. I have no problem with the link and neither do the others I have referred already. The problem is most likely it is a link that can only be accessed from inside the great firewall of China... Bojana: yes it is my personal referral link. I found out about the app on weixin ~Chinas version of FB. Here is the link: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/MAwtf4aQYjIPMBaq56jGZA once again, im not sure if anyone outside china can see a weixin page, in which case, you can delete tbis thread if you like, sorry to waste your time
  3. Hi Bojana, That is the clean referral link. I didnt shorten or disguise the link at all... The devs are a Chinese company, and the link sends you to their webpage where you input your email address, which links you as my referral, and then directs you to download the app through the Google Play store.. Hope thats ok, nothing shady going on I promise!
  4. Hi everyone, Forget claiming faucets from dodgy sites just to rack up a few sats, I have found an app that connects Chinese English language student with Native English speakers like yourself! I signed up, got verified and within the first hour online I recieved 2 calls and got paid 64 Yuan which I then used to buy 0.0012btc. Good luck collecting that much from faucets in 1 hour! The students were very polite and nice to talk to. We spoke about movies, TV shows and other pop culture topics. They were easy to understand but require me to slow down my speech in order for them to keep up with conversation. After each conversation has finished, your account is credited at a rate of 1 yuan/minute. I had my earnings paid into my ALIPAY account, but you can also have it paid into WeChat wallet or PAYPAL. Once the money was in my Alipay acc, I used Localbitcoins to buy BTC using Chinese Yuan so there was no need to exchange the currency to USD... This app will never make you rich, but it sure beats claiming faucets for days on end just to earn enough to make a deposit. As far as I am aware, the app is only available on Android and you can sign up here... You can sign up using my referal link here, and we both get 5 Yuan bonus.. http://suo.im/4WH4jV You will need to write a brief bio and leave a 45 second voice message introducing yourself, but thats all.. once that is done, just wait for a MOD to approve your account, set your status to 'available' and wait for the calls. The students are really nice to talk to. Give it a try!
  5. You could try using bitcoin faucets to safely earn your losses back. Or you could try selling a service on fiver.com. Or you could just walk away and never come back. Try to forget about your losses and move on... I wish I had done that after my first big loss.
  6. Hi all, So I stumbled upon this dice site and it looks pretty legit! The Faucet claim is set at 250 sats for Newbies, which is 5x offered by Primedice Of course it would be great if you could sign up using my referral... https://rumm.com/affiliate/988f4d but if you would rather not, then here is a clean link... https://rumm.com I hope you enjoy it, and GOOD LUCK!
  7. There is a great app on google play simply called 'cryptocurrency news'. It collects articles from many crypto sites and compiles them into a very convenient list, all in one place
  8. I stopped depositing here when my faucet was slashed to 10 sats despite having wagered almost 1000 btc and losing over 12 btc total. I felt like us 'highrollers' were shafted when PD messed around with the faucet. Unfortunately PD's loss is Bitslers gain as I moved my gambling there and currently get 1000 sat faucet. While I hardly ever use the faucet anyway, its nice to have the option and 1000 sats there VS 50 sats here means its a no brainer unfortunately
  9. Username: bboystylesnz Merry xmas!
  10. I understand bitcoin value has increased, and so faucets had to decrease.. I get that... but what I don't understand is why would management degrade the VIP system making it worthless. Afterall, its the VIPs who keep PD going with regular deposits, yet we are shown the same respect as the bottom-feeding 'faucet farmers'. As a player who has wagered almost 1000btc, and has lost 12+btc here, I think I have a right to feel slightly disgruntled by this issue. ..Im going to go cry myself to sleep now..
  11. no, obviously the unhashed server seed would give away too much. Im not even going to pretend to act like i know everything behind provably fair, but Im a part time magician (seriously lol), and I know that when something is out of view, covered or purposefully hidden, theres a reason for that... I will eat my words and profusely apologize for ever doubting PDif the development team could implement my suggestion. Thanks for the conversation Dan, but now I better go back to work lol