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  1. You could try using bitcoin faucets to safely earn your losses back. Or you could try selling a service on fiver.com. Or you could just walk away and never come back. Try to forget about your losses and move on... I wish I had done that after my first big loss.
  2. There is a great app on google play simply called 'cryptocurrency news'. It collects articles from many crypto sites and compiles them into a very convenient list, all in one place
  3. I stopped depositing here when my faucet was slashed to 10 sats despite having wagered almost 1000 btc and losing over 12 btc total. I felt like us 'highrollers' were shafted when PD messed around with the faucet. Unfortunately PD's loss is Bitslers gain as I moved my gambling there and currently get 1000 sat faucet. While I hardly ever use the faucet anyway, its nice to have the option and 1000 sats there VS 50 sats here means its a no brainer unfortunately
  4. Username: bboystylesnz Merry xmas!
  5. I understand bitcoin value has increased, and so faucets had to decrease.. I get that... but what I don't understand is why would management degrade the VIP system making it worthless. Afterall, its the VIPs who keep PD going with regular deposits, yet we are shown the same respect as the bottom-feeding 'faucet farmers'. As a player who has wagered almost 1000btc, and has lost 12+btc here, I think I have a right to feel slightly disgruntled by this issue. ..Im going to go cry myself to sleep now..
  6. no, obviously the unhashed server seed would give away too much. Im not even going to pretend to act like i know everything behind provably fair, but Im a part time magician (seriously lol), and I know that when something is out of view, covered or purposefully hidden, theres a reason for that... I will eat my words and profusely apologize for ever doubting PDif the development team could implement my suggestion. Thanks for the conversation Dan, but now I better go back to work lol
  7. As far as Im aware, the client seed and server seed are already available to the player before rolling, and remain unchanged until the player choses to change seed. As long as a player can count, you can figure out how many rolls have taken place, so displaying all this known info in real time on the main page shouldnt make it any more decipherable than it already is, but the fact that this info is hidden from view during the betting process is suspicious... As far as Im aware, the client seed and server seed are already available to the player before rolling, and remain unchanged until the player choses to change seed. As long as a player can count, you can figure out how many rolls have taken place, so displaying all this known info in real time on the main page shouldnt make it any more decipherable than it already is, but the fact that this info is hidden from view during the betting process is suspicious...
  8. I agree, my Hufflepuff conspiracy would take a stroke of genius, and I would applaud the person who came up with it. So I think you are right about that. But as far as not being able to see an accurate roll count, as well as server & client seeds while autobets are taking place allows for 'behind the scenes deception' IMO I think a truely provably fair system would be to display the information hidden behind the fairness tab on the mainpage, in real time as bets are taking place
  9. I know what provably fair is Dan, I also know it has its flaws... like how an error is the computation of seed hashes can force a 0.00 number.. Are you guys aware of the scandal that outed 99dice.com as a scam? I feel PD's system is similar yet more convncingly deceptive. The fact that you need to click the Fairness tab in order to see the server and client seed gives the site a chance to change the server seed. Try this.. set an autobet running. Click Fairness and you will see both the client and server seed, But notice that the roll count doesnt change even though rolls are being made on autobet at the same time. In order to update the roll count, you must close and then reopen the fairness tab again... dodgy!
  10. I hope I dont get banned for this, but Im not 100% sure that Primedice, or actually any online casino is absolutely fair. Primedice has a trick up its sleeve, called Randomness. Even if something slightly suspicious is happening to your dice rolls, how are you going to prove it? Basically, you cant. I have an odds calculator app, and time after time PD seem to pull of amazing sets of losing streaks that are just way too regular to be random IMO, but I cant prove it. Im 100% certain that high value bets arent as likely to win as low value bets. But once again, I cant prove it. Also, if you do a google search, regarding PD's founder, Edward, you will find some very interesting information about previous 'dice game' scams he was found guilty of in other online games before creating PD. Now I would like to stress at this point that I have nothing against Edward, and just because he has run Dice scams before, it doesnt necessarily mean he is doing the same thing here, I am simply pointing out a fact, verifiable by your own google investigation. Now here comes my tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorys about PD.. make fun of me if you like, it certainly wouldnt be the first time ive had my conspiracy theories laughed at... What if, the 'Hufflepuff' story was exactly that... a story? Because although the legend says that PD was scammed for 100 bitcoins, the Hufflepuff story has done wonders for peoples perception of PD, and boosted it reputation a lot! The story painted a picture of a scammer who almost crippled PD, but still PD honoured his withdrawls even when suspicion arose. The PD youtube chanel even glorifies Hufflepuff by showing video of him making 8btc bets and winning almost every time. And my unanswered question about the video is 'Who took the screen capture footage of it? and how did PD get possession of said footage? If you dont know the story of Hufflepuff, I suggest you look it up. I also suspect that some very successful highrollers that often pop up could infact be 'placed' in order to make winning look easy so other players might try the same techniques. Some names that spring to mind are the likes of Negan and Makaka. These guys tend to pop up, make winning seem so easy, they chat a lot (and get along very well with the admin), they happily flaunt their riches by dishing out tips to a select few and then suddenly disappear, never to return... With all these suspicions i have, I still enjoy the PD environment, and continue play and to make deposits even tho im almost -15btc poorer for my effort. PD is fun and social but I doubt its fair. Regardless if my suspicions are true or not, the creator has done an amazing job of marketing PD, and I admire that. Im sure PD has made him a fortune, and I have no problem with that if the site actually is 'fair', in which case I apologize for my accusations of foul play, they are simply my suspicions and nothing more.
  11. bboyNZ


    Personally, I think ALL dice sites have this loss limit function in place. For example, try hitting green with a 1% chance, how many reds do u hit before getting the green. Now try again with a 99% win chance and I guarantee that hitting the red will be much easier than hitting the green was... also, lower value bets always seem to win much more often than higher value bets do... most of the time this is evident simply by looking at the win/loss ratio of the high rollers. Ive made the mistake of being a highroller on many dice sites.. and I wont be doing it again! As for Poker, I have seen live games played with marked cards. When playing a live game, always watch out for those dealers than lay down the flop, the turn and the river card at the same time. If the cards are marked, a cheater will know exactly what cards are on the table before betting starts..
  12. No Im not referring to you, my apologies for making you think that. Please understand that isnt my intention.. Sorry for not using the quote! I guess really Im just thinking aloud, because personally I feel a borrower wouldnt need a loan if they have altcoins... but like you say, PD doesnt use any other crypto, so i guess that is a valid point. I wish you luck tho, I think a trustworthy loan system could be quite profitable in the long run. best wishes.
  13. Please dont take offence, and I dont mean to sound condecending, but as a gambler, Im willing to bet that 99% of all loans secured through a forum like this will be used for gambling. Please dont think I am critising your system, thats not my intention. Im actually just interested in trying to find a solution or rather a more 'user friendly' form of collateral.. Like you, I wouldnt be interested in online accounts for forums/games etc, as the collateral needs to have a predictable and agreeable store of value. For instance, if a borrower defaults on a loan, I wouldnt want the bother of trying to recoup my losses by selling a forum/game account at whatever the market decides is a fair price. However, collateral in the form of a reputable cloud mining contract/account might work perhaps? It has value, and at some point, could be converted into btc... but then again, CM contracts can often take a long time to mature, so the lender may find themself losing out anyways... There just must be a better solution than altcoins for both parties? surely?