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    CryptoDadlol reacted to dmbadillo10 in Forum Races   
    Alright! That's what I smell. Rhehehe.
    Thanks for hearing us out @Dan! 👌👍😎😎
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    CryptoDadlol reacted to maverick528 in [SCAM WATCH] HashFlare Offers Refunds for "Top Members" + Review Thread 2018   
    I can see that you are salty and over reacted, but 2+2 is 4 here and in Mars, it doesnt matter if you try to deny it or not.
    If you have a factory that produces 100 bucks worth of merchandise daily (and it doesnt matter if the merchandise is condoms, instant coffee or bitcoins), if you rent this factory from the owner he is going to charge you MORE than 100 bucks daily, so you will end up paying MORE for the merchandise that if you bought it directly.
    You dont go to McDonalds and say "I will rent the store for 7 minutes (including the personnel)" to get the production of that period. You go and buy 3 cheeseburgers and 2 frenchfries packs.
    You dont go to a farm and say "I will rent a cow for 1 hour and the person that milks it", you go to a store and buy the milk.
    And in the real world this rentals dont exist because there are economical reasons behind, that I just explained, you will pay 120 for something that can be already bought at 100.
    As for my lack of knowledge in mining, I am now mining only occasionally, maybe you have much more experience in mining than me, but lets provide MY real numbers.
    HashFlare is quoting right now 1 MHash Scrypt rental for a year for US$4.2, PLUS US$0.005 maintenance every 24 hours, and this is a total of US$6.025 yearly.
    A litecoin online profit calculator shows that this 1MHash scrypt gives US$6.46 a year, or a bit less than 2 cents each day.
    So this looks very nice, you win around 40 cents yearly for every 6 dollars you invest (not a big profit, but profit is profit, right?)
    WRONG, because this profit calculator assumes that the difficulty does not increase at all (and it says it).
    So in real world, how much does difficulty increases?
    Im posting a screencap of my dashboard at Litecoinpool.org where I mine with my equipment, real equipment in a real mining pool in the real world. Not fake promises in a webpage.
    As you can see, in the first 10 days of March the difficulty increased from 5033510 to 5517835, almost 10% increase, and this means that my miner equipment produces today 10% less money than just 10 days ago. This is a fact.
    And this means that the investment in Hashflare will turn into a big lose at the end of the year, the LTCs mined are not worth the money you paid UNLESS the LTC price rises a lot near the end of the year.
    Anyway as I explained, if you buy today LTCs in an exchange with those US$6.025 that Hashflare charges you, you will ALWAYS be in a better situation. ALWAYS. In all scenarios.

    Oh, and as some user in Bitcointalk pointed up, I dont considered into this numbers the Hashflare WD fee or transaction fees, those increase your red profit.
    Reading now the Bitcointalk text you posted, all that people have just found in the worst possible way the numbers I presented you here......
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    CryptoDadlol reacted to maverick528 in [SCAM WATCH] HashFlare Offers Refunds for "Top Members" + Review Thread 2018   
    I already wrote a post about this in Stake forum but its currently down, so lets write it again here in a short way.
    Cloud mining mathematically does not make much sense at all. That is why 95% of time its a scam. And when its not a scam, simply its not economically useful for the purchaser.
    Lets suppose there is a mining company called Cryptodadlol Mining Corp.
    You have your crypto mining equipment installed and working, and you are currently mining 1 BTC monthly.
    Of course, this is right now, because difficulty is always increasing, so next month you will mine 0.9BTC, following month 0.8BTC and so on.
    This 1 BTC you got is not your profit, from there you must pay electricity, internet and other expenses for keeping the rig running, and also money for paying a loan you got when you bought all your mining equipment (that each month losses value if you want to resell it as difficulty increases and technology advances). Lets suppose your profit is 0.2BTC this month (and it also decreases next months). So talking in dollars lets say you are getting 10000 dollars gross profit each month, and 2000 dollars net profit each month, diminishing each month.
    Now Cryptodadlol decides to enter the cloud mining business. You have new expenses for that, a webpage where people can buy your services, a cut that credit cards take from payments, support, etc. (and maybe even paying money to people that brings you customers).
    And you also want to win more in cloud mining that you were already winning (otherwise why the hell are you entering the cloud mining business???).
    So when maverick528 contacts Cryptodadlol Mining Corp, and signs for a mining contract, he has to pay US$12000 monthly to rent the equipment.
    At the end of the 1st month maverick528 gets the 1 BTC that was mined, with a market value of 10000, but he paid 12000 for it and waited 1 month to get it.
    Why not going to a crypto exchange and buy it instantly and at the current market price?.
    Hope that you understand now why cloud mining is usually a scam, or it just means that you are buying BTC at a price much higher than the current prize.
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    CryptoDadlol reacted to sourc3code in What will happen if people stop mining Bitcoin?   
    This is true, since if everyone stopped mining alltogether then it wouldn't be possible for anyone to send transactions. Transactions rely on blocks to be found, hence the reason why there are transaction fees as incentives for the miners and also why transactions sent with little to no fees have a chance of being rejected. So yes, you are correct =)
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    CryptoDadlol reacted to fabianabank in Marvel Heroes   
    hauhuahauhaha we dont know what they thought at time
    But they will do this slowly and slowly, til we accustomed. (Riri Willians is her name )
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    CryptoDadlol got a reaction from sourc3code in [SCAM WATCH] HashFlare Offers Refunds for "Top Members" + Review Thread 2018   
    Interesting take. Hashflare and many other cloud mining programs are legit. 100%. The ICO in my profile for example is also legit and will be offering similar services. They are not ponzies (programs that pay members with other members investment) and they are not scams (programs designed with the knowledge it can not last). They are mining btc. They are paying customers with btc mined. The issue with these companies (the real ones btw i am aware there are more fake cloud mining programs aka ponizes than real ones but you can't lump them all into one) is not taking into account btc difficulty and price fluctuation. That is one reason I am investing into the ICO of Icerock Mining.
    As far as your research into hashflare you can find live walk thoughts of their center. There is tons of info out there but before I defend them anymore let me say this. FUCK HASHFLARE! I would not invest into this company. Not because they are a scam but because bad business model and treatment of affiliates. They don't attach affiliates to sponsors for life. If your affiliate doesn't click on YOUR hashflare link or enter your code manually each time the commissions go to the last site visited. 99% of the time this is the default hashflare site. meaning hashflare takes the commissions... Any company with this type of affiliate system can wither away for all i care. fuck em.
    Lets just be careful using the word "scam". It tends to be used these days anytime a company is not making profits.. that's just business not a scam lol Over 90% of offline "real" business fail... so anytime an online one does people say scam.. it hurts the industry. We need to focus on the REAL scams like bitconect and similar ponizes. Cloud mining" is the future. This is a new industry about to blow up. IceRock got a fucking mountain to mine in... I have seen others with portable trucks with wifi! It's nuts. It's only gonna get bigger and that's why you do cloud mining over rig mining. Unless you have tons of space or end up renting space you can not compound your profits as easy as you can cloud mining. Of course you make  less in some areas but you also take less risk. I personally wouldn't want to be responsible for $500,000 a year worth of BTC mining rigs. I rather a large, sustainable, expandable business that can pull resources not possible by an individual. That's just me though and I do understand and see the values of rig mining. It's just not for me. Don't have the space nor time to invest into running and building miners.
    wow I had a lot of coffee! lol sorry! But yeah, biggest take away here is lets not call things cams that are not scams and hashflare can die off for all I care! =D
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    CryptoDadlol reacted to fabianabank in Marvel Heroes   
    they look like that
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    CryptoDadlol got a reaction from dmbadillo10 in Weekend Count Contest - Multiple Prize Pools - March, 10th 2018   
    What's up PD! So it's the weekend and I'm bored.... Who want to play a game? I don't have a ton of sats but figured I would sponsor a game and see what happens.
    Count to 1,000 on this thread. Game ends 3/12/18 @4am EST.
    1. You must post the NEXT number in order. No skipping. If you should post at the same time as another member just change yours to the next.
    2. There MUST be at least 1 post in between your posts. No spamming more than one number at a time.
    3. You may not play/post with alt accounts. 1 Account only please.
    4. Users may win multiple prizes as long as the rest of the rules are followed.
    Be the user to post the following numbers to win
    100 = 1,000 Sats
    200 = 2,000 Sats
    420 = 4,420Sats
    500 = 5,000 Sats
    550 = 6,000 Sats
    700 = 7,500 Sats
    800 = 10,000 Sats
    1000 = 20,000 Sats
    BONUS: The player with the last highest number posted will win a bonus prize up the the total remaining prize pool ! So post even if you feel you're far from cashing a prize!
    I will start it off. Good luck!

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    CryptoDadlol reacted to dmbadillo10 in Chat Room Etiquette 101 - A Noobs Guide to Chat.   
    I'll hit you up on PM.
    But yea. Its a cheater and a bully. If you see it, its disgusting.
    What you mentioned about trolling is on point. Its ok to troll for me, in a way that both of you are trolling just for fun, but no drama. 👌👍
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    CryptoDadlol got a reaction from dmbadillo10 in Chat Room Etiquette 101 - A Noobs Guide to Chat.   
    Yeah we seem to even have mods who have a hard time controlling their inner child. Maybe mods shouldn't be allowed to drink while "modding" lol
    What happened? I have not been in chat much recently due to cheaters and bullies. When mods start trying to troll you and talking shit that's time to take a break lol If you're over 18 it should be illegal to troll. it allows weak people to hide and say things they would NEVER say to you in real life., It's frustrating and for some reason kids think making other humans feel emotions is some type of "win"? hmm cool.. you made me upset.. I stub my toe and get upset.. guess you're just as useful as a stubbed toe.. lol fucking kids... Trolling is a sign of an easy life. If you troll. You are beta. You are soft. The only people who create drama by trolling are people who have none in their real life so they try to make others feel bad just to make them feel like they actually did something in life.. it's sad.. and annoying that some people are raised with such little hardship and never had to do anything on their own. We end up having to take care of these people later in life.
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    CryptoDadlol reacted to UltraChief in What will happen if people stop mining Bitcoin?   
    Increase in  miners = Increase in difficulty. Thus miners leaving will make it more profitable for the miners remaining. Also difficulty will decrease for that miner. So its a win-win.
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    CryptoDadlol reacted to UltraChief in What will happen if people stop mining Bitcoin?   
    No. Miners dont "control" the blockchain. Mining btc is done by the proof of the work done by the miners. But they dont control the blockchain.
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    CryptoDadlol reacted to cryptsforum in Bet on Loss Streak   
    update for todays morning rolls

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    CryptoDadlol got a reaction from dmbadillo10 in What will happen if people stop mining Bitcoin?   
    "Node. (computer connected to the blockchainnetwork using a client that performs the task of validating and relaying transactions) gets a copy of the blockchain, which gets downloaded automatically upon joining the blockchain network. ... Nodes are said to be “mining” Bitcoin, but the term is something of a misnomer."
    "validating and relaying transactions" isn't that done by mining? Isn't that how btc is sent to people also? Don't miners have to solve that "problem"? I thought that was how miners made money by completing transactions on the respective blockchain and generating more btc?
    My understanding of blockchain can be totally garbage at this point lol
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    CryptoDadlol got a reaction from Tintin in What is the highest multiplier you had?   
    Then tilted it all in about 5 minutes the next day.

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    CryptoDadlol reacted to sourc3code in [SCAM WATCH] HashFlare Offers Refunds for "Top Members" + Review Thread 2018   
    To my knowledge, Hashflare has always been a scam, just a working one (at least up until now). I have no idea why people insist on investing on cloud mining...if you don't have the funds to mine with your own hardware, then use something like Nicehash or Miningrigrentals where you're actually renting REAL equipment from private parties. The business concept of such companies are actually sustainable since the price to rent is set by individual miners, and the company makes money from a % fee.
    IMO it just isn't feasible for a single company to continuously add enough equipment to their infrastructure in a timely manner to fulfill as many purchases as there have been with Hashflare. More than likely, they have significantly less overall hashing power than they've actually sold, and they just pay people out using the funds they continue to receive from new customers. AKA a Ponzi Scheme. I definitely wouldn't be investing any funds into Hashflare, or any cloud mining company for that matter. It just doesn't make sense to me how it could be profitable without significant risk to the company or to the end-user. At least if you purchase your own hardware you can sell it when difficulty goes up. And with Nicehash/Miningrigrentals, you can rent by the hour so you can easily stop mining to reduce losses should there be a significant difficulty increase in a short period of time. Just my 0.02 cents on the matter.
    EDIT: Another thing I want to add, I've never been able to find photos of Hashflares supposed mining operations that coincide with the amount of hashing power they've sold. The only photos I've found are here, which is nothing but a few closed racks and power generators...
    There could be anything in those racks, or nothing at all. I know that if I was running such an operation legitimately, I'd be wanting to show off photos of the datacenters and hardware given how impressive it would be. They can't even show a single rack showing that they at least have SOME hardware? It just all doesn't make sense to me...transparency is a MUST for such operations, something they've never been able to provide. Which usually means they are overpromising. Eventually, the tipping point will come and it will all come crashing down. Keep this in mind before you invest anything with Hashflare or any cloud mining platform.
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    CryptoDadlol got a reaction from sourc3code in [SCAM WATCH] HashFlare Offers Refunds for "Top Members" + Review Thread 2018   
    Changing this thread to more of a "HashFlare Watch". I am not claiming HashFlare is a scam. Matter fact i think it's one of the few reputable companies out there doing cloud mining. 
    With that said i think it's a very rocky time for HashFlare. IF this is true and they are offering refunds it's a red flag... In their own terms of conditions they say "Subject to any statutory rights you may have, you may not cancel the agreement covered by these terms of service and you will not be eligible for any refund. " . So I think it's safe to say something is going on. 
    I would also like to point out that this company does not care about you as an affiliate. They will take your affiliates without thinking twice. They have a policy that allows your affiliates to let someone else get the affiliate bonus should they happen to click on another users affiliate link. So you may get the bonus once but if they log in or click any other hashflare link besides yours at ANY TIME you lose that affiliate.. where does it go? Well, I assumed to the new affiliate link right? But when I asked HashFlare about an affiliate of mine that this happened to they said it went to their (Hashflares) default affiliate page (In other words HashFlare kept my commissions). In 18+ years of online marketing I have NEVER seen or heard of a policy like this. Discussing and would be and IS the reason i no longer promote this company. (That doesn't mean they are a scam btw just in my opinion a really crap affiliate program and unethical)
    Please feel free to discus or add positive/ negative evidences, reviews or any other type of useful information that may help people make an educated dessision if they should invest or WHEN they should invest into HashFlare.
    Thanks and look forward to some comments.

    (from http://bittrust.org/hashflare)
     Write a review
    Joker - March 1, 2018

    Put money in and watch it trickle away.. To ....NOTHING......
    DonnafromLatvia - March 1, 2018

    SK! Don't invest! It was one of the best cloudminer sites... WAS! After that they changed lifetime contracts to 1 year contract and the minimal withdraw becomes 0,05 BTC. Now the support is horrible, sometimes you have to wait one or two weeks for a ctrl+C - ctrl + V answer. Hashflare is struggling with financial problems and is doing what they does (i think). But they will lose their customers (especially small investors who have more) and they will bankrupt. As I said: DON'T Invest! You will not see your money back! I hope it was useful!
    Danyboy12 - March 1, 2018

    New Spring Discount? Really? Are you Joke? We don't need more promotion code and discount! We need lower minimal Withdraw.
    sk - March 1, 2018

    Hi guys i am new here and want to know about the hashflare . Is ti ligit or sacam i dont know ? I want to invest some momey but i am in confusen that should i invest or not . Please tell me about this site .
    frank - March 1, 2018

    I purchased 50 T/hash of mining power at a cost of $11,000 in December. Initially, i was supposed to end up with 2.2 BTC after the 12 month period. 2 months later, i'm not only projecting to make 1.48 BTC. Every day my payout has gotten smaller and smaller. I understand that mining difficulties change, but this is highway robbery. On top of that, they end up taking about 35% after you factor in their "maintenance fee" and then there's some other nonsense "electricity fee". Then when you want to cash out, they rape another "commission" fee out of you! Hashflare is a scam! Buyer beware!
    AreYouMad? - March 1, 2018

    0,05 BT???? Really??? Are you okay???
    Mondo79 - February 28, 2018

    Do not in vest in hashflare. They falsely advertised that you can instantly with drawl any amount but you can only with drawl $500
    Ghora - February 26, 2018

    They keep increasing the minimum withdrawal to make it very difficult to withdraw anything, support even worse sometimes they take weeks to reply copy paste answer
    kevin - February 26, 2018

    i am legit user , and you can contact me [email protected] , you can remote in my desktop and can see how hashflare cheating people , i invested about about $700 and every day my revenue drop until i can't even reach my ROI .Free feel to veiw my account if you really want to know scam or not . some of people here write five stars and promote site. i say it again you are free to visit my hashflare account to take a look true or not
    pena - February 25, 2018

    bad payer.
    Cole - February 25, 2018

    Meep, you are right! And don't forget the changed contracts... Ridiculous...
    Trish - February 25, 2018

    Started saving up to withdraw everything! 1 year contracts and prohibitive high withdrawal amounts will be the end of this site!
    Meep - February 25, 2018

    High fees, high minimum, this shit that they call support, and many of lost transactions. hey write some positive review about themselves which is the same again and again suspect others that the same people writes all the negative comments. Pathetic! This is a dying mining site and they only want to get back some money before the bankrupt.
    Disapointed investor - February 25, 2018

    Pathetic support....
    Morgan - February 25, 2018

    The BTC goes down and down and I can't withdraw my BTC. (now 155€ of about). I loved hashflare. Refer to my friends, invested, reinvested... But now? I HATE YOU! I warn everybody, not to invest Hashflare. I figured that I lost my money. You should also care that Hashflare has been sacrificed. They will go bankrupt.
    Yan - February 25, 2018

    Withdrawal limit too high and overpriced!
    Fred - February 24, 2018

    Awful site! Does not respond to the suggestions of customers!
    Tre - February 24, 2018

    Will not be reinvesting in this site as the high withdrawal fees smell Ponzi scheme!
    Adam - February 24, 2018

    These guys who put 5 stars and their promo code are garbage reviews! They should talk about how the fees are high, contracts are 1 year and the most expensive among cloud mining companies! Garbage I hope they lose all their customers! Recommend to stay away!
    cristian - February 23, 2018
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    CryptoDadlol reacted to sourc3code in Hacker Returns 30,000 ETH to CoinDash   
    Lol I know right - Can't believe someone was actually able to get away with that much from such a big company. I will say though, the bigger a company gets, usually the easier it is to find exploits as its so difficult for them to be able to bulletproof all portions of their services. I guess whoever hacked Coindash can now retire, even with the portion of funds they kept!
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    CryptoDadlol reacted to cryptsforum in Bet on Loss Streak   
    @nytewind yes resettig to base after win
    @eldrindcm yes i use only 2x and stick to one side the whole time
    @CryptoDadlol thanks crypto, yeah not yet. goona see how it work with larger balance and larger bets

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    CryptoDadlol reacted to dmbadillo10 in Hacker Returns 30,000 ETH to CoinDash   
    Gyeah. No matter if he returns 70% or 100%, he still stole the coins. And again, made something out of it already so he's now being rigged by his angel side. Hahaha. 😂😂😂
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    CryptoDadlol reacted to MateuszHDHR1 in The truth.   
    Finally back

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    CryptoDadlol got a reaction from fabianabank in 🏆 [0.08 BTC] Ping Pong Challenge!   
    @Dan just to be clear each PD user should post only 1 time here with a winning result correct?
    21,854,434,745 placed by cryptodadlol Wagered: 0.00000100 Payout: 2.00x Profit: 0.00000100  
    21,854,434,651 placed by cryptodadlol Wagered: 0.00000100 Payout: 2.00x Profit: 0.00000100  
    21,854,434,558 placed by cryptodadlol Wagered: 0.00000100 Payout: 2.00x Profit: 0.00000100  
    21,854,434,433 placed by cryptodadlol Wagered: 0.00000100 Payout: 2.00x Profit: 0.00000100  
    21,854,434,329 placed by cryptodadlol Wagered: 0.00000100 Payout: 2.00x Profit: 0.00000100  

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    CryptoDadlol reacted to Ssociety in Mine Using Google Chrome! Free No Investment Needed + Payment Proof   
    for me, mining using cpu is not a idea at all  using add chrome add ons???? woooot..
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    CryptoDadlol reacted to dmbadillo10 in Mine Using Google Chrome! Free No Investment Needed + Payment Proof   
    Freakin awesome. Hahahaha. 😂😂😂😂😂
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