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  1. skywallkee

    Who or What makes you stay loyal to PD

    If it weren't related to stake, I wouldn't have known about stake or maybe wouldn't have joined it either
  2. skywallkee

    Playing safe or risk it like a biscuit ?

    Well, a little of both. Mostly, I make 10% of the balance bets
  3. skywallkee

    [Lending] Short Term Loans

    Hello, dicers! If you need some short-term loans then you can come and post in here and ask for a loan. - Must have a positive trader feedback - You shouldn't have any active lending! Any borrower that has an active loan from another lender will not be accepted - I don't offer loans in private on the site or in the forum, you can always ask me if I have funds to lend, but not ask for a loan, every loan will be made in here - The max lending amount is .003 BTC and .03 ETH, any request higher than this one will be discussed in function of the reputation - If you have a bad reputation with lenders, you will also not be accepted - The max payback time should be 5 days. In case of any problem, it can be extended for a period, but after 14 days a report is going to be made (I can provide long-term loans, but we should discuss about it before) - The interest rate for all borrows is 10% - You must communicate! This is the most important, the communication between borrower and lender! Let me know if you have problems and we'll figure out a solution In order to make a borrow request, please mention the following: your stake username, the amount you want to borrow and the payback time. Current borrowers: BTC: ETH:
  4. skywallkee

    Playing safe or risk it like a biscuit ?

    I don't play any of the above. I play for fun, the fact that I win is a bonus I don't play to "recover" or anything, just get how much I can and that's it.
  5. skywallkee

    Coming in to gambling bad or good?

    It is pretty good for me I don't sustain myself from gambling, but I do manage to buy things I want to and have some money to spare when needed
  6. skywallkee

    Who or What makes you stay loyal to PD

    The fact that it is related to stake and it has a great community and support
  7. skywallkee

    Which kind of poker you play?

    I have played before a lot of PokerStars and in real life, I always play the classic poker with friends
  8. skywallkee

    TIFU by not checking the % on the bot

    Well, that's why whenever I use the bot, I do two-three 100k bets simulation to be sure it is alright
  9. skywallkee

    Retrowave Twitch Stream Package - For free

    Thanks for the website, I saw a few layouts that I would definitely pick (such as the Pixelpop or Gooey )
  10. skywallkee

    [SOLVED] Can you Solve the 1BTC puzzle?

    The last sentence won't be applicable in here The ones who are behind it won't make a simple solution to be easy to discover. I don't know in which puzzle, but there was one where people had to put the upside-down image and flipped in an audio file and listen to it. The result was the link to another step to the puzzle. Well, that is a hell of a pain to think of this and actually, make an image (a clear image that looks like a normal painting) that can be converted in an audio file and then listen to it.
  11. skywallkee

    A Paradise Villa to be sold in C-Currency

    Well, this guy invested in the house a while ago and he knows that he won't get back the money he invested, that's why he's asking for a crypto coin as a currency for his villa. In this way, he can keep those millions until he gets 10-20 million and cashes them out more profitable than other methods. (well, he could rent it, but still, it isn't profitable on short-term)
  12. skywallkee

    Man caught for buying drugs with bitcoins

    Well, not everybody is into a healthy life so, they would prefer buying drugs than other healthy things
  13. skywallkee

    BTC Price .. It will rise again?!!

    I still remember it being $2k and people were saying that it has a price so high and they are expecting it to go down. And now we are all saying that $6300 is the best time to invest in. 😂😂 It is pretty funny and interesting, maybe sad too that not many actually knew how much bitcoin will be and didn't think of investing even more. If I knew at $500 that it will rise even more, then I would've invested and cashed out at $20k lol...
  14. skywallkee

    Man caught for buying drugs with bitcoins

    Many of the newcomers in the "bitcoin world" don't really know that bitcoin has been used a lot for these things before and they still are used for it. It is all because of the protection and incapability to track down the money. Before people starting to find out what BTC is, only thieves, drug dealers and other people used it to do illegal transactions, the market of bitcoin being made only out of this kind of people. Nowadays, they aren't that many in percentage, as there are more normal people investing in bitcoin for profit, but there are for sure more people that are using it for illegal purposes. If in 2011 bitcoin has been used for illegal thing in proportion of 99% (with a market of a few people), nowadays it is used in proportion of lets say 10% (more or less) with a huge base of people. The numbers are just as an example and the year too to be clear the differences of the bitcoin before and today, but the main thing is that it was and still is used a lot only for illegal stuff.
  15. The thing these sites do is that a few people get some money and invest in a website like this. They get let's say $100k to invest. At first, they pay every single investor so they look legit. If from that $100k investition, they are going to pay 20% ($20k), they will put a delay in their payment, something like "you will get your investition in 1-2-3 months". After the completion of the delay, they are going to pay again another 30%-50% ($30k-$50k). They will put another delay, bigger than the previous one (1 year). After that year, they will pay back with everything they have left and call one more delay. From now on, they won't pay any other investition from people and they will get a bigger profit than they would have to get in any other stage before. That's how these companies work. My example was imaginary, the companies can have bigger or smaller banks (or none) and they can put bigger or smaller delays. The thing is, that at first, they will get for sure the trust of small people, trying to get some bigger people involved.