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  1. Also as far as I know, if paypal finds out that you sold bitcoin, they might suspend your account.
  2. Well, it might seem as it is a pattern, but it is worthless to find order in chaos. You can find similarities, but never an exact rule general applicable to any point in the series
  3. Well, it's pretty clear said that only the new iOS 12 has this feature. Also, I don't really think that it will stay much there, I don't really know if Apple wants to get in the list of "supporters of BTC".
  4. I'm from Romania and that number is more or less accurate. In here, at least 70% have heard about BTC (heard, not know and the percent won't count people over 55 y/o that don't even use PCs), 40-50% know the basic things about BTC and yeah, 12-20% actually own BTC or other currency. I went one day for college and made a survey on the street. I asked 1000 people if they have heard about BTC (~750/1000), if they knew about BTC (~600/1000) and if they own BTC (~150/1000), so the numbers were pretty high and surprising. Especially because our country don't really support BTC (we don't have laws against it, but it is pretty hard to get in posession of BTC, the easiest way being mining it)
  5. I really love that they did it. I like having a big portfolio of cryptos and whenever one is on + I can withdraw and just invest in more that are on - I heard that many investors are doing it in some kind of way similar to mine, but they at least do more research than I do when investing. I'm just going with the top coins 😂😂 I would really like if they'd add even more coins, that would be awesome.
  6. Well, I'm in the green club with BTC, but in the red club with ETH and LTC, so... yeah, I like partying :D
  7. I've been used to use https://changelly.com/ There's only a 1% fee which isn't that much. The transactions aren't the fastest (it can take up to 3-4 hours, that's why athena's service is better)
  8. If it weren't related to stake, I wouldn't have known about stake or maybe wouldn't have joined it either
  9. Well, a little of both. Mostly, I make 10% of the balance bets
  10. I don't play any of the above. I play for fun, the fact that I win is a bonus I don't play to "recover" or anything, just get how much I can and that's it.
  11. It is pretty good for me I don't sustain myself from gambling, but I do manage to buy things I want to and have some money to spare when needed
  12. The fact that it is related to stake and it has a great community and support
  13. I have played before a lot of PokerStars and in real life, I always play the classic poker with friends
  14. Well, that's why whenever I use the bot, I do two-three 100k bets simulation to be sure it is alright