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  1. Generally it isn't the mining program itself which busts the PC, but damage to hardware is more common with these programs because a lot of the people using them don't have adequate cooling. Even though CPU mining isn't anywhere near as power-intensive as GPU or ASIC mining, it's still a performance heavy task, and when the poor little $5 laptop fans can't keep up and the CPU cooks itself, people tend to blame the program itself. They normally aren't profitable either, unless you have access to solar power (fortunately I do), or have some beast of a CPU like the Ryzen Threadripper.
  2. Where's the proof of payment? Most scam sites/add-ons have some kind of satoshi ticker, proof of payment is an actual withdrawal with screenshots of matching withdrawals/deposits on each respective page. Considering Chrome says the add-on can: - Read and change all your data on the websites that you visit - Display notifications - Communicate with cooperating websites - Manage your apps, extensions, and themes, This add-on sounds extremely dodgy to me. Wouldn't go near it. Not to mention, the add-on offers up to 10 levels of referral networking, with each user getting paid for all their referrals and sub-referrals down to 10 levels. No way in hell this kind of payment scheme is sustainable.
  3. I myself haven't made any withdrawals yet, since I only joined today and the minimum withdrawal is pretty high at 0.001BTC. But I'll be sure to post screenshots as soon as I make a withdrawal.
  4. Found this faucet today, layout is similar to other faucets such as freebitco.in and coinfaucet.io. Unlike other similar faucets which let you roll once per hour, this faucet lets you roll every 15 minutes. It also has a higher base prize/earning of 100 satoshi/15 minutes, as opposed to around 20 satoshi/hour, and it also has a higher max prize of 0.1BTC. The winnings for each roll number are slightly different, so you have a slightly higher chance of winning the higher prizes than with other faucets. The site uses Coinhive proof of work instead of a captcha, so all you need to do to claim is donate a few seconds of computer power - far better than clicking endless images with a store front imo. By claiming every 15 minutes for 10 hours a day, you can make 28K sats per week, minimum. There's also a 5% daily bonus, a referral system which pays 25% of all referrals' winnings, and there's an optional mining page to earn some more (though I haven't tested this out yet). If you regularly use sites like freebitco.in then this one will be very familiar (except for higher payouts ). Withdrawals are also free. http://myfreebtc.net/r/B30FE8B74
  5. I've tried it before and the worst I've had was 5 reds in a row. Was unlikely, but bound to happen at some point considering the number of rolls needed to turn a noticeable profit. Had 3 reds on the first 3 rolls before too, so I'm not playing with that "strategy" anymore.
  6. JamesD28


    Far from an easy choice, you can see him running every single possible outcome through his head and the stress from not knowing which one it will be. Would have been far more stressful though if he'd folded and saw the victory slip through his fingers, so good on him for taking the leap and coming out on top.
  7. @1claire I was only talking about doubling every 24 days in terms of the calculations, not actual bets. But you are correct that the compounding interest on daily 1.03x bets would result in higher gains compared to exactly doubling every 24 days. That explanation was just to show that daily 1.03x and 24 day doubling are roughly equivalent in terms of gains, and to show to steven that the gains you mentioned for 468 days are in fact correct.
  8. @CryptoDadlol Here's some proof of payment in case you were still wondering.
  9. After one day you multiply 100 sats by 1.03, which gives 103. After the second day you multiply 103 by 1.03, which gives you 106.09, day 3, 109.2727, etc etc. It's not much by itself, but done 468 times, it does reach 100,000,000. Another way of doing it is by saying that roughly every 24 days, you'll double your money (since 1.03^24 is about 2). 468/24 is 19.5, so after 468 days your amount will be 100 x 2^19.5, which equals 0.74 BTC (the lesser amount comes from the rounding down in 1.03^24).
  10. While discipline does help in controlling yourself and taking profits before they can turn into losses, the odds still don't change, no matter how long of a time span you spread it out across. You still need to multiply your initial 100 sats by 1,000,000x, and one of those daily 1.03x is almost guaranteed to fail eventually. Otherwise it would be no different to gaining 1.03x every minute, and turning 100 sats into 1 BTC in just under 8 hours. Starting with a higher bankroll, say, 0.05 BTC does help reduce the chance of going bust, but it still requires 102 gains of 1.03x each, which is still unlikely.
  11. No need to apologize, most things related to crypto have a learning curve. I was unlucky enough to get robbed of 150K through SpaceMining, so I learned the hard way.
  12. SpaceMining gave the entire ponzi business a boost even after it went down, since it gave people (even those who can easily spot ponzis) the impression that such sites can still return a profit, provided you get in there soon enough. SpaceMining actually paid its investors, so a lot of people now believe that applies to all scams if the site lasts longer than it's break-even period. But in most cases, future scams will just take advantage of that and lure people in, then never pay a penny.
  13. A SpaceMining clone known as EarnHash popped up a little while back, then disappeared again within one or two days. It's currently back up, but it could vanish again at any time. Don't tell people they're guaranteed to 1.5x their investment, since it's as much blind luck as a roll of the dice.