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  1. If you are really lucky, getting huge wins and streaks, buying a house with gambling profits is very very possible. Also depends on how much you gamble tho.
  2. This can take you a while. 9900x takes a lot of patience. You can't even hit it normally in 9900 turns.
  3. Yea. I do follow PD on facebook. 😊 Nothing much going on with it, but yeah. I still follow PD. 😎
  4. Reverse Martingale is a good strategy, but yet as risky as it can get. 👌🏼
  5. It feels bad to be on that situation. I've been there numerous times, when I am almost at my goal and was planning to withdraw, then all of a suddem.. Boom. All winnings lost. I guess we have to control and learn to rest for a while. Even though we are very close to our desired withdrawal amount.
  6. At some point it could be a blessing in disguise. As you mentioned, you're a little behind financially, so having limited ways to deposit and gamble I should say is a good thing. At least you can avoid any additional set backs at the middle of a health crisis. Good to know that you're still positive on things. Stay healthy man. Lucky days are on their way to yah. 😊👌🏼 I guess you need a little bit of a stroke of luck my dude. 😊 Just keep on playing you're game. You'll get back your losses soon. Stay safe! 🤘🏽
  7. Definitely, it will be a successful project. With the connection and influence that PD has, there should be no doubt on its success. However, I feel that making its own coin is necessary at this point. PD is already established as a gambling site, and must continue focusing on its purpose. 😊👌🏼
  8. To be honest. We cannot really say how much PD earns in a day. Not even an estimate. Maybe, this can be calculated using historical data of how much money came in and came out on day on day basis, let's say for a good past 6 months for good measures. Of course, only PD has those data, not for our eyes. 😊 All I know is, PD is continuously profiting decently, as it keeps the site growing for the benefit of its users. 💯
  9. Heya dudes and dudettes, It has been a while since I last posted a topic here in the forums. Very, very long while. 😅 Let me try and get back to my usual forum ways. 😊 Maybe we can talk about the current global situation and how it affects our gambling ways. Personally, it affected me a little bit badly, as I had more time to gamble since I have more time at home. Since activities are somehow limited, I resorted to just play using my phone at home. And eventually, ended up losing some. Well, my point actually is.. This quarantine sucked a little bit for me in terms of gambling. The more time you have to spare, the more prone you are to spending money. How about you? Did this situation happened to you as well? Don't be shy to drop a comment below. ❤
  10. This should have been an easy cake for you buddy. You hit much higher amounts before. Hehehehes. 😅😊
  11. Hmm. If this way of being a VIP was implemented way back, I couldve been a VIP by now. Its kinda hard reaching even the bronze VIP. Unless you really aim for it by having a decent bank roll and play safe with it. That's the only way that I think I can reach VIP status.
  12. Yes. This is a cool new feature. But anyways, I got used to playing without any sound or volume. It feels a little bit peaceful. But props to PD on this one. 😊😊😊
  13. As always, this jackpot is a fortune. I've heard somebody had hit 77.77 consecutively, but on a low bet. Its most likely not gonna be won on max amount, unless you have the whole BTC balance in the world to hunt this jackpot. Lol. 🤣😅
  14. Nah. I think PD is all good on how it is ever since. PD implies as "The best dice site in the world". Thus, it doesn't need to have any other games other than Dice 😊
  15. This is truly a promising story. Somehow, it inspires a lot that they dont need much to win much. Its all about decision making, and like what was mentioned, a little bit of luck. I know that this has been a year now. Hopefully the guy made the right decisions too on spending all the winnings. ❤😊