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  1. Dark or black isn't really PD's color. Lol. Its not gonna happen. ✌🏽 Anyways, i remember a certain topic here in the forum which contains a way for you to customize your PD colors. Try and find it. 😊😊😊
  2. That's right. ✌🏽 Not sure as to why they waste their time looking at it. HRs should be wise enough not to entertain anyone that is unknown. 😊😊😊
  3. Well, this is my own perception on that: Most likely, HR watchers look at it and sends PM to the high rollers. Begging, offering something, etc. We have to be honest, that's mainly, or mostly what they do. 😂 But then, we also have watchers, for the sake of checking who won big, just for the "wtf, dude" moments in our minds. 🤣😂🤣
  4. Well, PD is known as a "Dice" site. Adding a different game would actually kill its purpose. 😬 Anyways, they have its sister site, Stake, if people wanted to play and see other games. ✌🏽
  5. Well, I dont think very soon. The design of PD5 was just up this year. And it looks really smooth and slick. PD will definitely change designs, maybe on PD6? 😊✌🏽
  6. Well, definitely, you're right. In terms of promotions, Stake is more boosted than PD. I think its because Stake is really built up to be the world's #1 Casino site. PD is already the #1 "Dice" site in the world. So i dont think it needs further push. 😂🤣✌🏽
  7. Well, at first this was a feasible thing to do for me. Of course, I wanted to make sure that withdrawals are more than the deposits. However, as I play along, I got lost with the numbers. Not really caring at all, as I keep on making deposits and play on. 😂
  8. Basically just save around 70-80% of the winnings, and then play with the 20-30% left. I think that's the wisest thing to do if you win nowadays. 😉
  9. Hello PH, May share lang akong bago ko na nakita. Wala namang mawawala kung ating susubukan. I'm giving you free P50 starting bonus on RaketDito.com, a place where you can earn in many ways using only a Cellphone or Computer. No registration fee or investment. Absolutely FREE! 1.) Passive Income - Mining Cryptocurrency 2.) Active Income - Answer quick Surveys 3.) Bonus - Play a Game All in one place! Use this link to Claim your P50 once you signup for FREE here: https://raketdito.com/startnow/1101827
  10. Personally, I'm not into the government, being involved on my crypto transactions. Government involvement = Taxes. So that's basically why. I rather have my transactions private. Crypto transactions are the only TXNs that I have in private so, I want to keep it that way. Measures on keeping it in private? Hmm. Pretty much, just keeping records of each and every transactions I make for reference. Government, not saying all, but most, will NEVER be lenient on this because of the fact that it involves money. 👍
  11. Great idea. I'm currently on PC. I have some pictures saved on my phone. I think it was PD3 when I came here. I'll have it posted here the soonest.
  12. I think I saw this before. Not sure if its on github or maybe somewhere else. But yea, anyways.. You're definitely right. Why would you sell something and claim that it will give profit? Then you could just use it and make profit yourself right? These people who's making this are totally fraudulent. People, avoid these kinds of stuff. Not everything being offered in the internet is safe. Take care!
  13. All was already mentioned, like you've read most of the people's minds. Ehehe. Anyway, my take away is, the reason for begging is because there are people who are tolerating begging and is giving out to them. Its kinda simple: Don't give, so no one would ask. Though, there are people who are really persistent of begging on chat relentlessly even no one's paying attention to them.
  14. Well definitely. Promotions equals to Advertisement. Which leads to more users getting attracted to use the website and register. Though, Stake makes a lot of those promotions since the platform is all about fun and games, so that's why they frequently do that, PD can also have its own set of promotions, focusing on what it mainly offers: The Dice Game experience.
  15. Well, I would say YES. Like when this was discussed and covered on a previous topic, the jackpot won't be in place a t the first place if it is not attainable. The chances are very, very slim, and you can say 2 consecutive 77.77 comes once in a blue moon, but hey, a lot of us experienced and rolled a different number 2 consecutive times. So its not impossible that you pass by 77.77 twice in a row somewhere along your game. Tip: It is not advisable to hunt this jackpot. You'll deplete your entire crypto without you knowing it.