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  1. dmbadillo10

    PH Players Forum Challenges

    Nice. Ayos. Buti pumayag sila. 👍👍👍
  2. Yea. Same here. All gone steady. But who knows. A little by little increase, breaking safe points is indeed a progress. 😊
  3. Username: dmbadillo10
  4. Awesome site. Hardwork has paid off. ✔💯
  5. dmbadillo10

    Ang 1.20x Strategy

    Oo. X4 pag talo. Tapos every apat na green, change sides na kaagad ako. Paulit ulit lang.
  6. dmbadillo10

    Strategy - 33.33% Chance

    Hahaha. Sabagay. Phone lang kasi gamit ko, so wala namang problema sa kuryente o anu man. Ganun ba kalakas ang konsumo agad non pag nag run ka sa PC mo. Kahit mga dalawa o tatlong oras?
  7. dmbadillo10

    Ang 1.20x Strategy

    Change seed or switch sides ayus na yun. 👍 Di rin ako tumatagal talaga dito. Ngayun tyagaan sa manual para sigurado.
  8. dmbadillo10

    Cryptocurrency Exchanges sa Pilipinas

    Ok yung coins pro. Madali lang gamitin at maintindihan. Nakipagsabayan narin ang coins pagdating sa exchanges, which is mabuti para satin, at para sa mga gustong pasukin ang mundo ng crytocurrency na pinoy.
  9. dmbadillo10

    Initiative Q

    Yow. I registered using your link just for the lols. 😂 Got nothing to lose. Let's see how this turns out in 14 days. Kindly verify my registration bro. Thanks! 😉
  10. dmbadillo10

    Gambling addiction

    Hmm. Lemme share my own experience on this one. Before, when I just discovered PD, it seems like I was just having fun, knowing that there is such site that you can gamble and bet using dice. As I play along, eventually, I started depositing, and aimed to make my first withdrawal. Ofc, it came. I won big. That's the time the urge to always play and always win kicked in. Depoes started to increase, everytime I wanted to play, without me noticing how much Im losing already. There was even a point that I played half my paycheck and lost it. Then, I came to realize the losses.. And had a new goal: to redeem my losses and get back on track. I must say I got addicted at first. But when I realized and opened my mind in terms of losses, I started to gain control of my game. I had set goals everyday.. Started to play by session.. Totally had full control of myself. I had that goal of turning back to green last January 2018. Told myself that I need to get all I lost by end of year. But I already made it last July. Now gambling is just for fun for me. 👍 There's a big difference on habit/just for fun and addiction. And I experienced both. 😁
  11. dmbadillo10

    Bitcoin history price calculator

    Lol. Checking out how much I hold right now versus its price then is fun, at the same time sad too. ( When you check the price last December 2017. 😂) Anyways, this is somehow a good site to check that information out. Thank you! 👍
  12. dmbadillo10

    [POLL] Would you consider PD as a source of income?

    Noted. Thank you for the reminder. 👍 If this topic seems to be irrelevant now, I'm kindly requesting to close it out. So no responses can be made. Thank you.
  13. Tbh, that's the same way that I feel somehow. There's no strong signs of a strong bullish trend. It has been dancing over the same price range, worst, even going lower that where it stands. Still, hope it will gain momentum this November. If not, then we may have to settle for what it looks like for the entire 2018.
  14. dmbadillo10

    African cryptocurrencey exchnage to step up security

    I see. So that's how they keep their assets secure enough. Hope everyone realizes the fact that they are prone to being ripped by using hot/online wallets.
  15. Yes. Hopefully. 😊 Even an increase back to 7.1k$ would be a great progress! ✔