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  1. I usually re group and think for a bit. On what went wrong, and on what not to do again after losing. Even on a huge balance, it can only take a few seconds for it to bust. So i have to think and avoid any mistakes on my next play. 🤙
  2. Well, I dont have that long streak like the others. Maybe a maximum of 10 greens in a row on the same side.. As far as I can remember. ✌🏽 Those who competed and won the previous giveaways for the longest streak in 2x.. Some of them had 15.. 19.. 22.. Or even longer. 😎
  3. "BEST" This is how describe PD, as I cannot find any better dice site to play on. At least on my own perspective. Interface is smooth, support team is great.. Promotions are consistent. What more can players ask for? 😅😅😅
  4. Hmm. Bad luck was never a good thing at first. You'll lose self esteem, and of course a lot of coins. 😅 But I look at it like, charging it on experience. The more you lose, the more you learn. 🤙
  5. Believe it or not.. There is some kind of a pattern, depending on what strategy you are using. Start observing it on 2x. Just try to bet like 1 sat per roll, just for you to see how your dice moves, depending on its seed. Thank me later. 👌😅
  6. Yea. That happens to me to. But to avoid the obvious bust and chase, I limit my profit goal. Then restart a new session. Its kinda effective until you reached your profit goal per session. ✔👌
  7. Well, aside from its smooth and crisp interface, I like how the support team is built. At least the set of support when I came in to play. They're not power trippers, unlike some that I know. I also like the fact that this site is fair play. 👌✔✔✔
  8. Yea. I think I do the same when losing BTC. But not that often, coz Im always deciding what coin to play, and I settle on that. It kinda makes me play distracted when I know I have some other coins to play with. So i focus my gameplay with one type of coin only.
  9. Lol. I may spend money that is part of my budget, but not do the examples mentioned above. Its already an addiction if you come to think of doing those bad stuff. I can lose my own hard earned money, but not those that came from a crime. Never ever. 👌👌👌
  10. I used to go roll over. But I change sides every after session. I also observe how my dice moves depending on what seed I have. If it usually goes on the high mark, I go roll over. And vice versa. ✔😅
  11. I agree with what you said. We should know when to stop, regardless of how good our strategy is. Coz in the end, like what I mentioned above, there's sustainable system that can make you beat the house. ✌🏽💯
  12. Hahaha. That's nice. As long as you get something out of the time you spend buddy, its all good. 💯😅 And yea, those challenges makes everyone play longer than the usual. 😅😅
  13. You mean, the tip minimum right? Well, not sure as to why PD lowered it down, but yea. I think its ok. Regardless of how much tip minimum PD has. Maybe for people to give more to each other. I dont know. ✌🏽😅
  14. Hi PD players, Just got curious.. Coz I've been playing online dice for quite some time now, and there were times that I play for a very long duration. Maybe depending on how much bank roll I got.. Or maybe depending on what my goals are. But nevertheless, I've had those nights that I played all night long. 🤫 How about you guys? 🤔🤔 Do you have a certain limit as to how long you roll? Drop it down below. Thanks for reading! 👌💯✔
  15. If you intend to hit high payouts with that, better run dicebot instead. Just like you mentioned, you get errors due to balance issues when you do that. So its not really effective. 👌💯✌🏽