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  1. Heya, As we can see and as we know, PD had its most recent update of the website. Design-wise, I think its cool. 😎 However, for people like me who plays on mobile since the beginning, there are some flaws that occurred. Mainly, what Im talking about is the page scroll. Take a look on this sample screenshot: Im using Chrome on mobile on going to websites. I already switched to "Desktop View" on this shot. If you can notice, the page is cut, not being able to see the balance. I cannot scroll up or down on this spot. 🙁😔 Also, I would like to add the roll speed. It went too slow. 😌 Hope admin and devs would see this as something to be looked on. For us, mobile users. But then again, the update looks cool. Great job!
  2. dmbadillo10

    How many percent that they know about Bitcoin ?

    Is this 10% of the global population? Or just your own country? 😉
  3. dmbadillo10

    How many percent that they know about Bitcoin ?

    In PH, I think not more than 10% of the whole population is aware of BTC, or cryptocutrency itself. I think once people are all aware and is using it, it would be a big boost and a good movement not only for BTC, but for other coins as well.
  4. dmbadillo10

    Your faucet story

    Ouch. 100k sats is not bad after all. Hope you make that up again. Or even higher. Goodluck! 😉
  5. dmbadillo10

    Your faucet story

    Nice winnings you got there with faucet. Keep it up! ✌🏽👍
  6. dmbadillo10

    Stake Giveaway

    Guys, Baka di pa kayo nakakasali. Birthday ng Stake ngayon. May pa giveaway si Mayor sa Discord. 10$ per 20 minutes. 15$ per hour. Sayang. Sali na kayo.
  7. dmbadillo10

    Your faucet story

    Yes. Before PD 5 update, we usually have 100 sats. 300 sats for VIP members.
  8. dmbadillo10

    Big Whale? Or Big Scammer? 🤔👊❌

    Of course. That's the reason why I posted it. To share the experience and educate people. So no more victims in the future.
  9. dmbadillo10

    Big Whale? Or Big Scammer? 🤔👊❌

    Be careful. There's a lot on Stake too. 😉
  10. dmbadillo10

    Big Whale? Or Big Scammer? 🤔👊❌

    I agree. The best thing that I can do right now is to inform and educate people here so no one can be a victim as well.
  11. dmbadillo10

    Big Whale? Or Big Scammer? 🤔👊❌

    This is the same concept. I agree. Its a matter of luck and calculation. This is gambling anyways. Good thing you and your client were able to make profit. But this one im talking about is a BIG LIAR. ALL EXCUSES. And its not only one client, like 10-20 people are in limbo for months now, waiting for refunds.
  12. dmbadillo10

    Big Whale? Or Big Scammer? 🤔👊❌

    This is getting off topic. 1. Who questioned you or accused you as a scammer? 2. What does your trading have to do with this topic?
  13. dmbadillo10

    Big Whale? Or Big Scammer? 🤔👊❌

    Well, I haven't mentioned any User Names yet. 2nd, I haven't transacted with you. 3rd, I haven't receive rain from you. If in case I missed it, please tell me how much was it so I can return it. ✌🏽 But im saying now, its not you. So chill. 🤣😂
  14. dmbadillo10

    Big Whale? Or Big Scammer? 🤔👊❌

    @wilburwilbur nope. Like what I mentioned up there, and like what bur said. I will only reveal the user name if the time is right. For now, I will wait patiently. 💪🏽 Also, I wanna comment on something. PH people aint obsessed with High Rollers. Not to brag, I had my High Roller days. Thats why im on green profit on my account. Check the stats for proof. I also roll high on other sites too, and win most wagered competitions. So I can confidently say that i am not obsessed with any HR here. Coz' i know i can roll the same way. The only difference is, if you have money to roll or none. My fellow PH peeps had the same mistake, that is investing on this scheme, since it gave us good returns at first. But were already over that. So I hope that there wouldn't be any cussing to the PH people. Thank you.
  15. dmbadillo10

    📢 Scheduled Maintenance

    Delete message option would be nice.