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  1. Warm water is ideal after eating fatty foods rather than cold water. Helps to avoid the risk of clotting in heart
  2. TouchMeNot


    I use bootstrap when I'm in a rush or sometimes when I get lazy. I design my sites manually usually.
  3. Whatever it is, i hope itd turn out the best for you.
  4. Whoever has the time control. Correcting the past. Avoiding accidents and such. - that includes collecting btc in the past lmao
  5. Best life for me means i have everything I want and need. That includes physical and emotional needs.
  6. Better watch documentaries. Like the first hacker in the world
  7. Will there be Primedice shirt? I don't mind buying it.
  8. TouchMeNot

    Love vs. Money?

    Best suitor wins. If you can give the best to the one you love, you win. Im just being realistic.
  9. Same to you We all do mate. We all do
  10. Nothing new. Its like making a new currency and tagging it as "crypto". No difference from paypal, paymaya etc
  11. I agree to death penalty. This what our world needs today.