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  1. Hahaha o nga tas iyak pag hindi naka withdraw. Tsk tsk tsk. Tanggalin yang attitude na yan
  2. Haha oo ako rin. Sa 4.4x naman sakin is 2 rolls then if red parin then click 2x button
  3. Same pang cashout ang coins MEW sakin sa bounty(kasi un lang talaga) Coins.ph pang withdraw Blockchain for btc and eth
  4. Yeah. Help the community and the community will reward you. Ayos din tong forum natin eh.
  5. Ayy haha sige sige. Oo ayos na yan. Syang din pag hindi naka sali. Libre na nga eh d na tatanghihan
  6. Yeah. Karamihang problema eh. "konti lang tas withdraw agad" Hanggang sa hindi na winithdraw at nabust
  7. Lol why not BCH @eldrindcm Seems like you got phobia with bch haha
  8. Yeah, and i experienced this once My friend pmed me and i didnt notice And here he is telling me i ignored him The fight lasts for 2 days nc of that haha
  9. Hehehe sayang. So ngayon dapat maging practical. Pag wede iwithdraw iwithdraw muna agad
  10. Hahahhaa sabi sayo jaxx na eh. Sayang yung lagoas isang million
  11. Thanks mate. Hehehe at least someone noticed it
  12. Haha yep. Thank you for noticing. I was struggling last night finding messages on mobile lawl.. Selfish suggestion
  13. Or pinaka astig yung from the scratch na mga withdrawal. Napakasaya ng feeling .. . Kaso wala akong experience na ganon dito sa pd
  14. In stake if someone messaged you, you can tap the message notif and go directly to the inbox. Can we do it here? You can save a little time not finding messages
  15. Yes lol. You also sometimes go directly to another site before you searched PD. Oh well ohh well
  16. Lol i thought is just bugged. So i use my back button to exit messages
  17. Very shortly? How short is that, i hope same with stake.
  18. Wooow really ?! That's nice reaally nice .
  19. Alam at common naman satin ang coins.ph pero may iba ka pa bang wallet Expect sa pitaka mo I mean online wallet? Ilan at bakit?
  20. Thrice ata sakin. Kasi yung mga iba sa pasabit sa mga nagwiwithdraw at hatian sa fee Sayang kasi eh.nakikisabit sa mga kakilala
  21. Haha you do not like eth don't you. Mr. Breeeezy
  22. Lol i visited PD few hours ago. (been off to pd since last month coz my stats became red and i got mad) I was chatting then there was this dude spamming chatbot commands Like oh wow! Great move to full his cup And another, always talking nonesense just to chat Oh great! Good move to get some water ftom the rain And many more. Lol i didnt thought pd got more beg shits than in stake
  23. Uhmm @dmbadillo10 if it is the issue about depo then stake has the problem they havent fixed their eth wallet and the cause of delay And again, coins.ph gave the list of eth wallets they support. Behehe I think eth will be next too BTW
  24. HahahhH Ngeks . Syang chance. Anyways salamat sa pagsasalin ng mga salitang yan sa wiking filipino. Para kahit papano may idea kaming mga d marunong masyado sa english