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  1. BAP known association here in the Philippines want to spread knowledge and usage of blockchain and the c-currencies Great move https://www.rappler.com/technology/news/203112-blockchain-association-philippines-established
  2. Lol this one. Just do you thing mate haha Well i do this just for fun.. If that is, im prepared to lose and cry
  3. Hmmm seems like few of you still holding lots of ETN. The hype is done already though. And its peak was in 0.00009 eish I hope they just give the list of the alt coins
  4. Uhmm after the ritual and did check out the result i fainted. mostly it is a risky bet so what should i say. But if you hit it ? Damn 10 fold happiness coz it feels like the ritual helped It depends on what ritual youbare doin haha
  5. I mean gawin mong 2x ung balance mo Hindi 2x na all in haha
  6. Thanks man. Help the community and the community will reward you
  7. Much appreciated man. You should apply in forum PD as first ever forum support
  8. Before i bet,not all the time just when it is needed, i do some kind of ritual. Change seeds then a little boom shakalaka hiss sound then click bet. Close phone I know i know im weird But what about you . Do you have some rituals before betting?
  9. Imma try this one. Since i did it on stake. Woooohoo Fighting! New challenge But it is done. So ill do it on my own
  10. Taga san ka? Hmm be active okie? Depo ka ng 0.002 try mo i2x mas madali hehe
  11. Multiple coins in the next update would be nice. So everyone can enjoy betting with their secret assets
  12. Im wondering if the faucet of an admin is the same as the faucet of a normal user hmm
  13. Im so sorry 😢 insert gloria's gif
  14. How many etn do you have that you still hoping for it to go up haha
  15. Hahaha ikr. My highest balance using faucet is 25k ish only. And i took 30mins play with that
  16. Tell me about your faucet. How far did you go with faucet. I mean from nothing to something and managed to withdrew. Do you ever feel that experience?
  17. Overall okay naman na eh. After the updates. . Solve na ako haha
  18. wilburwilbur

    PD friends

    Maliban sa mgankaibigan niyo dito sa pd na mga pinoy May mga naging kaibigan ka na rin ba na foreigner?
  19. Hahaha ikr. ETN hype is done. Good for those peeps who sold it on its peak. Those who are still holding it should better exchange it in LTC and gamble w it
  20. Increase sa anong percentage kuys. Kompletuhin mo naman para try ko
  21. Hahaha screen shot ko yung akin. Tas sabi ko pwede kayo maka ipon ganyan. Naging active sila pero nawalan pag asa nung walang dagdag sats nila
  22. Meron kaso laging sabi pano ba magkaroon ng sats dun eh binigay ko na yung link at lahat lahat. Hayyy hirap
  23. Anong ginagawa mo sa 4.4x Increase or stable at sapalaran lang?
  24. Hahaha sana nga. Inencourage ko din mga pinoy dun sa stake para maging active
  25. Yes bitcoincash, he might not like it coz it feels like a copy cat of btc Surely mate