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  1. Haha go boj. Exercise ya body Lol you need to be healthy sire Imagine a .05 lose lol Applies to you too 😃
  2. If you have time to do that then why not join bounty or signature campaigns on bitcointalk. Better than this one haha
  3. So actually i am doing this. I posted something like this on forun stake too Okay game! The purpose is this is to stay fit and to exercise the body Rule: When you lose, there is a corresponding exercise My recipe, 5k sats lose = 5 push ups 0.0001ltc lose= 15 seconds planking At least if you bust. Just think of it like "Yes, i have to workout!!"
  4. I prefer malaking puhunan. Usually ang ginagawa ko pag ganyan is yung overall na puhunan half nun ang target ko. So ganito, kunwari 1m meron ako 1.5m tama na. Withdraw na yung 500k then ganon ulit. EZ ez muna ako sa pagbet hanggang nakuha ko yung ROI ko
  5. 1000 LTC?? Hmmm definitely cashout and make a business out of that money. Boom! Life
  6. wilburwilbur

    isa pa!

    O sya ate @bellapelle time mo na para sa bagong giveaway huwag lang mag pa greedy. New giveaway ay para sa katulad ni ate bella Out tyo jan dmb
  7. Yeah. Speaking of schedule. Naka schedule ang wheels last year pa pero di pa nagawa.. Priority daw nila,from spike, is improvements muna before new games. The same din dito. Di sila magdadagdag,so crossed out ang new game sa dice site na to haha
  8. As far as i know, it will be an abuse if you claim faucet on different accounts. Like if, you got 2 accounts w depo history and you claim faucet to the other one and maxed out then claim again to the other account. Then that is abuse . I think
  9. Errrm this was the issue months ago right and it used to be non depoers cant tip too? Oh my you can withdraw without depo now? Lol that's nice
  10. Haha as for me i separate my religion and my beliefs to my gambling habit. =p
  11. Kayang kaya yan 😃 Same devs ang stake at pd kaya mas mabilis masosolusyonan yan
  12. wilburwilbur

    isa pa!

    Dahil din sa forum at panonood ako mejo nakapag lay low sa pagbebet. Hinay hinay lang mga kapamilya
  13. Yep. Same devs for primedice and stake Right @Edward ?
  14. What ?? You can withdraw w faucet winnings here? Mehh stake is different Okay so @BenWalkerTry this Claim faucet, 5 sats basebet, 9900x multiplier. Do it everytime your faucet resets. Good luck
  15. Sa mga nakaka apekto sa mga games , wala na sigurong dapat maimprove speed ✔ Fairness uhmmm ✔ Kung sa development ng community meron pa. Inbox notif hirap hanapin Click yunh notif para maidirect ka sa notif na un Privacy settings and the like
  16. wilburwilbur

    isa pa!

    Ang problema ay... Pano magpigil kung ikaw ay nanggigigil? Alam mo un? Na you do not mind the value anymore basta panalunin mo nalang. Until matalo ka nalang and you stare blank on your phone Cray cray
  17. Uhhm hirap ng roll hunt. Yung ginagawa namin dati (sayang si grifter, nawala na rin ibang users) Is (kaalaman) trivia tagalog lahat Naka set yung date tuwing sat ata un . Or kung online ang lahat tas ayun haha ung mga tanong is ph history, economy, etc.. Ganon hahaha
  18. Lololol is this related to my topic im ritual betting? Nice one mr. Catlife you deserved it
  19. Congrats han han 😃 time to be a good boii
  20. There are many sites who have multiple coins haha Btw eddie asked the community what is their top5 coins for stake. Maybe he should do the same here
  21. Same. So for once i can bet 1 whole coin in 1 bet only . .
  22. Ohh i will not call it ritual betting but seed change ritual or what you call anting-anting
  23. You are a filipino? Lol what a news. Yeah ikr Hehe in time buddy, in time Yes 😃 and i think these dudes are the one who gives seminar w the gov
  24. Yeah trust on what you wanna trust. I can support you w that. Multicoins on pd .hmmm nice
  25. Hahaha better pray that you wont get hurt that much after you click the bet button