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  1. wilburwilbur

    Who are your best rollers?

    If only he/she is still here. I say, neverever. I think he's still a very good roller
  2. wilburwilbur

    What makes you stay at Primedice?

    One thing that can be applaud on is the support. Some casino sites have "24/7" support but when you create a ticket they'll reply 24 hrs, 7 words So how come they have 24/7 supports. But here and in stake they have fast responding support, superior to other casino's support. That's why i am confident in playing here and always comes back
  3. wilburwilbur

    The letter game

  4. wilburwilbur


    I used to have a target like 0.2 btc or 5 LTC something like that and i reached that. What happened next is expected, yeah i gamble out of boredom, busted it and i stared blankly on my phone. What im trying to do now is to reach it then withdraw it "not gonna hold ot" coz it is tempting
  5. wilburwilbur

    Last letter game

  6. wilburwilbur

    Have you ever used a Bitcoin ATM?

    My country doesnt have an bitcoin ATM atm but we will be having now Look at this https://news.bitcoin.com/union-bank-philippines-cryptocurrency-atm/
  7. wilburwilbur

    What’s your highest all in bets?

    Whoaaw nice one mate, i believe not your highest bet but it is your highest profit in single bet?
  8. wilburwilbur

    Favorite gambling game

    Slots and Keno are my fave. Slots only when online but keno are both online and real. What i like about keno online is the sound. It is pretty cute when you hit something. (referring to stake)
  9. wilburwilbur

    2019 : New Year, new resolutions

    My new year resolution was to have a moderate drinking habit and also smoking which is on progress. Right now im going to the gym regularly
  10. wilburwilbur

    41 losses in a row on 3x... this is weird

    It is weird and purely unlucky lol im sorry @irawk0 Is that btc?
  11. wilburwilbur

    ilan coins ang target?

    Pangarap ko nung last eh kahit maka 2 eth, 4LTC at 0.2 btc Nagawa ko yun pero hindi parin ako nakuntento kaya ngayon stop stop muna ako sa mga laro
  12. wilburwilbur

    What’s your highest all in bets?

    Update: i got baked in stake playing keno depositing huge amount. My biggest was 0.03 btc
  13. wilburwilbur

    Big Whale? Or Big Scammer? 🤔👊❌

    There's a big difference in personal information and revealing someone's username. The rule number 7 says. Do not reveal personal info, in which case he is just going to mention the name of the username. Is the mentioned user's info leaked? Nope thank you for reminding us the rules and @dmbadillo10 have you experienced this?
  14. wilburwilbur

    Primedice is.....

    Life without PD will not be that cool anymore. Cant find good site other than PD
  15. wilburwilbur

    Primedice in 4 years time

    Primedice is one of the leading dice site no qualms about that and i strongly agree. Simplified, cool animations and "provably" fair bets. But what do you think will happen in primedice in 4 years time?