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    Bimfo got a reaction from MrNice23 in First Impression?   
    Anytime I am into PD, I always want to be focused. I know PD doesn't like me, so I am not always in love with PD. I am here to win some amount of sats. Falling in love can make me be deluded and then make me do stupid mistakes. 
    PD is a place where I just love to been focused. So the 1st impression PD gives me is focusing. You have to be focused to win anything with dice unless you will get problems with dice.
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    Bimfo got a reaction from cryptomonkey in Martingale Strategy....   
    Thank goodness you know that margintale is a very stupid way to gamble.
    I think I margintaled from 1.6LTC to 1.73LTC, which still busted at the long run.
    Margintale makes you comfortable and fuck you up.
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    Bimfo got a reaction from cryptomonkey in Only luck will make you win or that you need to have a good strategy?   
    I have always said it. Luck is a little part of the dice game. There are reasons why there is fairness to the game, and there are reasons you can do some calculations to your favor and see the outcome.
    Yes, luck is essential sometimes, but you have to different strategy because only one strategy don't work. You have to stay focus and let your head be in the game for the number of hours you want to play. There are sometimes you are not in the mood, just scrap playing (unless if you are okay to lose) and take your time..
    Luck has its time, but the game is mathematically fair. Know your strategies, be good with it, let your game be in the game and you should do well. Though its an Ev- game, the house will always win, but that doesn't mean you should always lose.
    Another thing is to be smart and not chase loses. That shii makes someone go fucking broke.
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    Bimfo got a reaction from MrNice23 in My Biggest Mistake   
    My Biggest mistake was making 30000 satoshi to 3,000,000 satoshi (0.03 BTC).
    My head told me to leave and go and sleep. But I said let me get to 1 BTC. Then I put it on 1.01x pay out, and BOOM everything was gone. 
    Dice went below 1.99. Painful. Very painful.
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    Bimfo got a reaction from protonRockit in What do you do when you lose all your coins?   
    Actually it depends on the kind of money you just lost and that moment. If I am dead broke and I don't really want to deposit, I just come to the forum to see and perform the weekly challenge and maybe get some free sats, that is better than waiting all day for rain or  begging the whole of Primedice for tips.
    Sometimes when I just lose, I stay online to read more and learn a lot from my mistakes. I watch videos on how to gamble effectively and well. 
    And sometimes I just sit down to reflect on the stupid mistake I just did.
    But when I lose and I want to continue playing for sometime, I just try to come to forum to win some little sats.
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    Bimfo got a reaction from JohnTravel in What did you think of the tip value reduction in eth and btc?   
    I just checked. And I observed that the btc has been reduced to a tip of 200 sats. That's way too low, then the one for ETH has also been reduced to 10k gwei. Seriously?
    Then I checked for the other currencies and it was not reviewed which was not also encouraging.
    I feel all currencies on PD should be reviewed except the Doge because it didn't actually increase so much in value. Every other coin increased in Value and should be reviewed in a very attractive way.
    i feel the amount of tip is too low and it's very bad when other currencies are not reviewed, maybe because they are still trying to sample people's opinion on the reduction. It should have been to 1000 sats, which could have been better. 
    How would I tip a person just 200 sats, it looks ridiculous to me, maybe because I am so used o 2k sats.
    My question is why was the minimum amount changed? When we reach the 20k mark, what will be the minimum sats? 10 sats?😂😁 because I am so confused now.
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    Bimfo reacted to sheenaz.bay in A trick to improve your performance   
    I searched Google about pro gamblers. finally I agree with your opinion, but I still doubt, is there a pro gambler in the dice game, because this is different from poker, roulete and baccarat, this proves one thing, gambling is not always a bad or destructive life as long as it is done professionally the key is in emotion, most people do gambling with emotional involvement, greed, fear and so on so often their behavior doesn't make sense which causes their lives to fall apart. finally because it involves emotions he becomes addicted to gambling. here is the stage of gambling destroying one's life. professional gamblers do not involve emotions, all based on measurable and logical analysis. this keeps him away from addiction and destruction of life.
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    Bimfo got a reaction from Noahbreezy in Prove to me God is or isn't real.   
    Someone introduced religion. A scam artist did that. 
    There are a lot of religion to pin point the existence of God, and none has ever convinced people to a logical extent. 
    If there was ever a God, then he doesn't meddle in Human affairs. Because trust me, the process he gave us to find him is up to 4000 different ways. 
    It is all a Mirage. Nothing is true about it.
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    Bimfo got a reaction from Xlmcoins in How do you control your patience .   
    No one can teach you patience, because no matter how everyone talks, if you have not experience self destruct (Streaks of red), you can't learn on your own. 1stly is to never chase loses, its a casino you are expected to lose, but it is very dangerous to start chasing loses after losing a few of your coins. Very very dangerous.
    No strategy is 100%, so you have to have different strategy that can keep in line with your loses. 
    Pro gamblers have mastered the act of keeping their calm and claim their loses as it comes, but if you are impatient, you are damn destructible. 
    You have to learn patience yourself. There is no need to rush things. It is okay to lose, Xl. 
    PS: You are one of the few people I respect on PD.
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    Bimfo got a reaction from JohnTravel in Do you risk too much to increase your earnings or try to earn little?   
    Its a big number between both 99x, but it is a very reasonable one.  I think I have gone 700 rolls on one side without getting a green at a time, but it is rare. I love when I can play big payouts and then try and calculate the amount of base bet I will use by using the Casino Kelly Criterion Formula.
    Betting big on small payouts is a very very risky thing. It is even suicidal. I prefer to bet with small bets and hit it even with 1 thousand rolls in between. small payouts are just too risky for me, and can be suicidal.
    Thanks for the information in the picture though, you have done a very good and efficient job for others.
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    Bimfo reacted to JohnTravel in Do you risk too much to increase your earnings or try to earn little?   
    Today I was playing with doges, and I decided again to count the "values" that come in the data as I play. So I was playing on the 1.22x payout as is my custom, in fact, this is the payout that many do not like, but I started my game here in this way and started to climb and win. Before I played anyway without a defined strategy.
    So, going back to the 1.22x game and noting the results, I noticed that there was a 99.36 (99x) bet on the bet number 213. I quickly wrote down this information and continued playing on the 1.22x payout to see when the other bet would come. fits in the payout of 99x.
    But bet did not come, there was no result of the dice that could be a value that reached the payout of 99x. Again, I looked at my notes and noticed in the live stats that the game was in the 568 bet and I thought to myself: "Phew, it's been a long time without any value that fit the payout of 99x, now I can change the payout to 99x because possibly a value of 99x can be very close, I can for an amount in the amount of 100 doges, if I hit I get 9000 doges! "
    But my instinct spoke louder inside me, and I did not change the payout of the game, I stayed in the payout and style of 1.22x, and after 1000 bets I made a profit of 564 doges!
    However, to my amazement, since I started here in primedice I have never seen a value between two possible values of 99x take so long to appear.
    Should you be thinking what happened or when it came to appear the other value of 99x? The other possible value of 99x only appeared in the bet of number 782, that is, the first value appeared in bet number 213 and the next value of 99x only in bet number 782. Therefore, there was an interval of 569 bets and if I had entered the bet kind of game to look for the value of 99x I would have lost more than 3800 doges!
    Here results of the game:

    So it is not always good to try to earn more because you can lose everything you have and make your situation worse. What would you do in this situation, do you usually risk too much to increase your earnings or try to earn little? Or is your playing style aggressive, always risking, sometimes winning, but losing more than you win? Share your story and game with us. Cheers!
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    Bimfo reacted to Nesyeg in What do you do when You lose a lot?   
    Losing is part of gambling..  The real BAD thing is to try to recover your losses in a quick way. When i lose i start listening again and again to the very wise words of Phil Gordon: 
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    Bimfo reacted to Dan in A guide to posting meaningful content   
    Disclaimer: I see a lot of people on the forum posting topics which are nothing but a copy-paste from articles/magazines found online, etc. Please, do not do that. We will no longer tolerate peoples laziness. This community was setup as a request from the users to help build relationships and support the sharing of useful information. Since its launch, people have been abusing the privileges given to them by taking advantage of the forum rewards system and simply spamming the forums with any form of information they can find with a google search. We have no issues with you sharing and discussing any form of information here, but you need to be invested into the conversation, and not just reference some random, bit of information, that ultimately you don't care about.  Some of the behaviour of people here, has deterred a lot of productive members away from participating in discussion, and we are now going to take action to help prevent this.
    Instead of demonstrating what you shouldn't do, I am going to be proactive and list examples of how to properly present interesting information and to express your ideas effectively. Please be aware that copy & paste is considered plagiarism, and that will not be tolerated.
    Posting in announcements, events and giveaways
    Generally speaking, during a giveaway event or some kind of official activity, we encourage your participation in a fairly relaxed way. Post contribution can be anything, and as long as you aren't abusing any rules, will be considered as participation, and not deleted. These posts aren't usually granted any bits.
      Posting about news, hobbies and interests
    Do not simply post a link, or reference another article you found online. Sure we acknowledge that you may find something interesting online, but its irrelevant if you don't tell us why its interesting, or why you love it, or why you hate, it. Give an opinion, provide examples of where your opinion would benefit or be detrimental to the people involved. We highly value independent thought, and will reward users handsomely. The reputation granted by all moderators and administrators on here awards the author with bits. Think about how many staff are around, and how much you could make simply by posting 1 single good topic. 
      Posting guides and tutorials
    This is something we would love to see more of. It can't be plagiarised or stolen from other sites. Things like this always stimulate the responses of the community. If you have topics that are well received and users are drawn to participate in their discussion, its guaranteed to attract the attention of the staff here, and if they see value in what you have contributed, are sure to send reputation your way.
      Posting about cryptocurrency, gambling and markets
    This is a very important area of the forum for us, and its the most heavily abused outside of the off topic discussions. We don't want to remove the forum rewards completely, but if we see more abuse in this section, we may be forced to. This section needs better content and your contribution needs to be meaningful. For an example of what to discuss and how to present it, let's focus on gambling for the time being. If you have a strategy, or a great story, then perhaps lets add some context to the whole event that took place. Try to engage the readers, tell them how long you have been trialling this strategy, perhaps the hurdles you overcome to get to the successful final outcome. If you want to discuss other currencies, or even market products, don't simply ask the users for discussion about it, create discussion. Tell us the benefits of the altcoin, tell us the flaws or issues that might arise in its future. Give us a comparison to other similar currencies or products.  
    If we can get a better grasp on what meaningful content is and how to present it, perhaps we can even look at allowing bits earnt on all forums, instead of limiting it.  We wan't this whole forum to be a valuable resource that you can all use to benefit yourselves and each other. If you post something you have no intention on continuing the discussion about once its submitted, then is it really worth posting?
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    Bimfo reacted to JohnTravel in If your bets are not working, what do you do to win?   
    I have noticed in a few months that many old players and some new ones are failing and going from bad to worse, some say they are out of luck, others say they need money, others make lots of excuses, problems.
    So today's question is, what do you do to change your negative situation to positive ie how to win? If your moves are not working, do you change the payout? Do you refresh your browser? Close the browser? Make another deposit larger? Do not play for a few days and come back with a calm head? And if your move does not change and you keep losing, do not you see that the problem is you? If your bets are not working, what do you do to win?
    I ask this because after almost 1 year of primedice I started looking at other players who are succeeding, then realized that I had to have my strategies, not just one but several strategy. In addition, I also started to change the payouts more and I stopped playing all my money in a single bet. The results have improved, but I'm always trying to learn more. But one thing is for sure, if you're losing without stopping, you're doing something wrong.
    In my opinion I think if a person is losing days, weeks or months then the question is not just luck, but luck and strategy together!
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    Bimfo reacted to sheenaz.bay in Can gambling be categorized as one type of work?   
    You yourself say your neighbor has no job. but he fulfills his needs by gambling. it's clear that he doesn't work but he gambles. means gambling is not a job
    @Noeprellik1 and @Bimfo it means we still agree that gambling is not a job. gambling is just a game.
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    Bimfo got a reaction from ethsawin in To Bingo Or not to bingo?   
    These days that there are roll hunts on chats, the chats have been very active and very okay. The chats need to attended to, and bring real games back to it. I know some people misused the VIP tags, but there should have been a replacement to the games and Tags, maybe it will reduce the number of beggars on chat, and it will stop all these Hi, Hello and good luck. 
    If everyone has something doing, everyone will communicate respectfully and not be begging for tips in the PM.
    Support should look into this though.
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    Bimfo got a reaction from Sarahstones in I place my bet on primedice!!!   
    Lol. I thought you were rapping. Or what is the essence of the break lines. But if I can go along with the rap, you are calling Ed out for disguising and taking all your money. But unfortunately, its not eds fault. This is a casino, You win some, You lose some. Its always an Ev-  game. You will surely lose. And if you are a rash gambler, you will always lose.
    I wish I could reply your topic the way you created the topic. 😁
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    Bimfo got a reaction from Sarahstones in Have you deposited more than your biggest loss afterwards?   
    On PD and Stake, Bust is life. I am always careful about busting but sometimes greed overtakes me and I bust finally.
    I deposited almost 1.6 LTC, and I lost almost 2 Eth afterwards because of recovery. It was really depressing. But I already learnt my lessons. I always do. You dont try and recover losses with a deposit. Dangerous and dangerous move.
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    Bimfo got a reaction from Sarahstones in Rainbot   
    I think the rainbot is random to proplr that are active in chat and they wager. You also have to at least show you wager amount to the public to have a chance at the getting rainbot. Rainbot doesn't have preference. Just wager and wish to be lucky.
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    Bimfo got a reaction from Sarahstones in Bet speeds   
    The reason why people love PD is because people love how the numbers are been rolled and shown. I think on dicebot, I have seen approximately 2 bets per seconds which is very okay for our sanity on the site. Just chunking out numbers without feeling the vibe is absolutely rubbish and unnecessarily. 
    The way the dice roll on PD is okay, and there is no need to increase more than that.
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    Bimfo got a reaction from Sarahstones in Hi. I'm a degenerate gambler.   
    Welcome to PrimeDice. Please read the rules an understand the dos and donts of Forum and chat so that you won't be red flagged. 
    Welcome bro.
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    Bimfo got a reaction from Sarahstones in Pre-rolls Importance   
    Pre rolls are good when you are hunting those big numbers. I do pre rolls when I am gunning for 990. I do almost 3000 pre rolls with my dicebot and I often hit 990x after the pre rolls. The strategy has helped me a lot. Pre-rolls are good and advice-able. It doesn't mean you might not bust, but actually you get to know which sides favors and the side that doesn't favors.
    Its just for the fun of the game and gambling. I even have a belief that you get better with Pre rolls when you are going for payouts like 2x and 1.5x. It doesn't guarantee not busting, but you just get better with dice. 
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    Bimfo got a reaction from Sarahstones in hold or sell   
    Hold for sometime. The BTC have stabilized at 8k, and can stabilize for the next 1 month on that price. But by the end of June, the BTC should start her journey to 10k$, which by that time will be big money for people that are holding as of now. So the best advice I always give people that are into real trade with BTC is to sell some and keep small. You don't know what might happen when you wake u tomorrow. 
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    Bimfo reacted to Steve in Rain, Rain, Rain!   
    Claim your prizes here!
    Let's face it, we all love the rain at Primedice more than anything. I was thinking why not make it rain every day for the next 3 days? Actually how about 6x a day every day for the next 3 days!
    What to expect & another giveaway?
    Each rain is going to be worth $10 to 25 people and will happen 6x a day over the next 3 days!  That's 18x rains valued at $180!  There will be 2x rains for the following currencies each day: BTC, ETH, DOGE  
    Another giveaway!
    If you can take a screenshot of yourself winning any of these rains and post it here you'll also win another prize! 
    Post a picture winning a BTC rain - Win $1 Post a picture winning an ETH rain - Win $2 Post a picture winning a DOGE rain - Win $3 The first rain will start in 24 hours! After that some rains will be announced in chat before they happen, some will have advanced notice through the official Primedice Telegram and some will be completely random! Rains will happen in the English chat!
    PD Telegram: https://t.me/OfficialPrimedice
    1 win per person (don't post multiple pictures) Post count of 15 Only pictures showing the rain in the chat box count Your post has to be a picture from these specific rains Try to show something unique or your full screen in the picture. Using someone else's picture is an automatic loss.
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    Bimfo reacted to MrNice23 in A Good Methodology For Daily Gamblers   
    I agree @Bimfo in that point, gambling is not a business , gambling is a risk , you never know when you will get busted , long run strats are very risky in my opinion