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  1. Very dangerous way to gamble. Are you telling me that there are no ways to recover than to wager all your balance in 2x? Are you tell me you can't bet proportionally and recover? What about you have 10 BTC and you wager all because you want to YOLO, and you hit the red side. There are a lot of ways to recover. Going YOLO is a waste of resources and the most dangerous way to gamble. Go with a little proportion of your balance and gamble. PS: I am not okay with the topic, because it will mislead a lot of newbie that to wager all is an okay move.
  2. With all the different ways to get coins on post stake and PD, I don't feel anyone should be using the faucet option. I think the developers found out that the faucet option is so useless and there was no reason to use it, and people don't really use it, so they just decided to remove it or reduce it. I don't know why someone will decide to use the faucet option. I think the bitcoin faucet is giving 5 sats. Lol. What do you want to use 5 sats to do. It's not worth it. 😁😁
  3. I have never had that kind of gamblers luck. If I am not focused and I bust or reduce my balance to a stage I feel there is no return, that is all. I don't really have those kind of luck where I will be opportune to recover. So from the start, if I really want to cash out because I am broke, I have to be focused from the very start, If I am not focused from the start, I will end up bust all my balance and when I say all, I mean all the coins. That's how bad I am when I am chasing loses. It is really bad like that.
  4. 1) 15.68 Bet: 32,388,939,874 placed by Bimfo on 29/06/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 3.00x Profit 0.00000200 2) 10.28 Bet: 32,388,940,113 placed by Bimfo on 29/06/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 3.00x Profit 0.00000200 3) 06.78 Bet: 32,388,940,362 placed by Bimfo on 29/06/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 3.00x Profit 0.00000200
  5. Lol, to get a good strategy is a thing no one has been able to find. In short, there is nothing like good strategy. The good strategy today can be the strategy that can make you go bankrupt tomorrow. It is as simple as that. There are a lot of strategy, and you just need to find a way to beat around the bush and also be flexible. You can't stay on a strategy for so long and be expecting to continue to hit it, trust me it will never happen. It has never happened. No strategy works forever. The highest number you can use a strategy straight is for 4 days, anything after 4 days, you bust in a way you won't expect. PS: In all strategy you use, please do not use margintale. It is the most stupid strategy of all time. It makes you comfortable and then messes you up in a simple and short period of time.
  6. Mad ass profit. Sometimes, you just hit some streak of luck and you wonder where has the luck been since all these days. You feel happy and believe, the whole process is not rigged, but calculative and very very dicey, just like the name Dice. You don't use one strategy and then you become so flexible like water. Goodluck in your next rolls and I believe you gonna hit something big very soon.
  7. With those settings, you are definitely on love with margintale. Margintale is the craziest and the most stupid gambling method ever. It is so stupid that it doesn't give you any profit anytime. It gives you the feeling of a profit and then just make you bust stupidly. Goodluck on your rolls bro. But please drop margintale and look for better ways to roll.
  8. I think I prefer to go into races where I can win something,. A race of just 20 people winning, I mayn't participate. But a race where there are 50 people winning, I will definitely participate. And when it comes to racing, I always pray not to get busted at the middle to the race. There are some whales on this site especially on stake. They are really crazy.
  9. In an ordinary Casino, the tendency that you will lose money is almost 100%. Because the human mind is greedy, and you in someone's house, and when you are in someone's house, you will always lose. The same thing goes to primedice. No matter how much you wager, they are entitled to 1% of your winnings. If you see a player that has won 10 BTC, trust me 100s of BTC has gone to PD. But PD is probably fair, so everyone forgets about the 1% and roll with them, forgetting that the 1% edge can bring down the whole planet and start a war that might never end. You are in PD's house and PD will always win. Anything you have the chance to win a little, take and run!, Why? Because it can go at any minute, and before you can see someone that can go with the flow and trends, and change games, it's gonna take a big while.
  10. If primedice changes or switch, they would deviate from the main reason why the site was created from the first place. The reason why primedice was created was because of the dice game. It was created because of people that wants to have that dice feelings and nothing more. They don't need to change the game, or types of game, they just need to bring a little changes to the sit and that is all, so that people won't be tired of the same view. But I reason why Edward and the team cannot give primedice an audience now, because of stake. To concentrate on 2 projects is so hard. Stake offers more games and there are a lot of giveaways. So the lot of changes goes to Stake and not primedice.
  11. I don't think this is true. I frequently lose on ETH, but I manage to win on BTC. I don't know why, but that is the drill. The value of each coin doesn't affect the next rolls, or your rolls. Primedice is actually fair, but the way they calculate their winnings, which is impossible to get, is not affected by the type of coin you are using to gamble. You just need a little bit of calculation and probability and luck to get things right on PD, but sometimes luck will not be on your side. PS: Just delete it off your mind that the higher the value of the coin, the higher the winning rate. Its wrong.
  12. I have also some few dollars from the satashis that I stacked up, and that is amusing, because I never knew the price will jump above 10k so fast. I will sell very soon and leave few satoshis for the time been. I still feel it will go higher very soon but maybe not in the coming days. So I will hodl few coins then sell off for the time being. It was such a fast run, and I feel it will go down 9k in the next few days/weeks.
  13. I think the primedice logo is okay and well represented and doesn't need any change. It's a logo that sticks after the 1st encounter, and what else do you need a logo for. If not for well representation and real recognition. The logo has been the logo been used since the beginning, and it is well known among crypto gamblers. So I don't think it should be changed because it might raise some few brows and also send another message completely to the general public..
  14. This is not for non beginners alone but for almost all of us. We can fall for this kind of trap, anytime anyday, It is the kind of scam those scammer use, and I really appreciate Kate for bringing this amount of topic on board. The scamming world especially in my side of the world is increasing at an alarming rate as the day goes on, and it is so painful. But I will appreciate if you can read this topic well, and digest so as not to fall for it. Most of those scams happen on Telegram, so be careful.
  15. First and Foremost, I love your topics and your replies, but I don't think support or any mod have a hand in you not getting satoshis. Your topics are educative and interesting posts, so that I don't know why Primedice or anyone in particular have to ban you or don't want you to be here. Secondly, you should also check the sections you posts, because it's not all sections that get paid for posting and sometimes, the section that paid yesterday doesn't give you satoshis at all, because I think and I was told, the sections that pays per day, gets changed and changed everyday. Lastly, Anytime you accuse someone and you want to make it public, it will be better if there are proofs, like a screen shot. Because I don't know why someone will say what he said up there. (Without any reason). And this is whyt I love Prime dice and stake. There is always reason for doing something. Maybe you have done something that has gone against the term and conditions of the site. Or the forum rules. Just take it easy, because I still love to see you here. You are a great contributor to my learning as a crypto user and a gambler. And that is a big fact.
  16. The problem is, some people should mind their business and not poke nose into anyone's business. I have come to the BTC bank to buy at least 5 times a day, why are you asking me what I am using BTC to do? After telling them I am using it to trade and Gamble, what will be their reaction? They tell me gambling is bad. I ask them where it is stated in the constitution of the country that playing in casino is bad, then they go blank. So far I am not doing anything illegal, no one should come here and talk to me about Holy behavior.
  17. I am so bad at keeping something in my room or somewhere physically safe. I forget things easily and it always have effects on where I keep things. I will try and reason along with you and adopt having a hard copy of my private key with me.
  18. Before I start rolling in a month, I understand that this is a casino, and probability of losing your money is high especially if you are a rash gambler. I start rolling, and if I am losing which is okay, I look for another way to recover loses, but not quickly but systematically. Losing is okay, but what is not okay is when you don't find a way to recover. When I start in a month on a gambling site, I don't really have a target. My only target is to withdraw consistently. This Month of June has not been okay, in the essence that, I am studying for a course right now and it will take Year before I can be through with it. I am not really active on the gambling site again, but once in a while when I drop by, I take my time, dust my gambling books and move. It is as simple as that. And anytime, I have the chance to withdraw or meet my daily target, I do that immediately, without waiting for PD to take it off from me.
  19. I didn't get my data back. I have to find a way to delete everything on the phone, and maybe my google drive or my back up drive will help me get some information back.
  20. I have never fell for the 1st type of ransomware you mentioned, but I have fell for the 2nd one and it always causes one problems or the other. I even have an affected phone because of those other files that gets downloaded instead of my movie files. It is so annoying.
  21. My private key is always in my icloud. I just store it there in case I am far from everyone and I need to access some coins, I can do that without any problem. I think another of my wallet is in my google drive. I just love storing something offline in a place only me can access anywhere in the world.
  22. I think Micro is part of them. Yhough I am sure he didn'tt start primedice with Edward and Stunna because there was this topic where he was promoted, but I am sure, he is at the top with both of them. When it comes to primedice, he is king, and he is in charge. I think he is the official CEO. And you can't just use someone you don't know as CEO, or can you?
  23. I think even at 10k, it is big profit for me. Now it has passed 10k officially, which is very okay for people that were involved at 3k$.
  24. I always experience it before, but I don't do that again. when you play for hours, the probability of busting is higher and the probability of having regrets is higher. After you deposit and before you start playing, always have a plan, and have a determination to stick to the plan. That's a way of not been greedy. Again, don't look for a way to hit the star, thinking that if you miss you will hit the moon. Bro, you can miss the star then hit the sun directly. That's the probability of Primedice. I have a policy. When I deposit $50, I withdraw when it is $150. I don't behave greedy and convince myself to get to $180, because I think luck was on my side. That's not luck, that is greed, and it can kill indefinitely. Get a plan and stick to it. PS: I am not always happen when I see your topic about busting after making huge profits. You don't have to gun for 1 BTC from 100 sats. If I have 100 sats now, when I get to 120k sats, I will change to ETH and withdraw. So simple and accurate. Be careful, and don't roll when you don't feel like rolling. Always have a plan and a target before you start in the morning. And lastly always disable your "Max Bet". Stop thinking you can use Max Bet button to recover all your loses. It is a dangerous move. You are been deceived. Play to win, don't play to avoid losses.
  25. Though apart of people that I introduced to primedice, and they have left because they can't take risk, I have never met anyone in real life. But I have added some people outside PD, and we have spoken on all other social network. So some of them scammed me, but sometimes, I am always grateful for meeting them. Because they taught me how to be smarter than them and how to know a thief when I see one. Or when I chat with one. How to learn the hard way. They even taught me never to tip when I am gambling or rolling. I should tip when I have stopped rolling. Because the mind is tricky and it will not want to lose something it has gained. So when you tip or rain on some set of people while playing, you will want to rain more and gain more to recover the coins you shared, and with that you lose focus and mess everything up.