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  1. Bet: 59,901,408,721 placed by Bimfo on 02/06/2020 Wagered 0.00004000 Multiplier 50.00x Profit 0.00196000 Bet: 59,901,409,295 placed by Bimfo on 02/06/2020 Wagered 0.00004000 Multiplier 50.00x Profit 0.00196000 37.76 Bet: 59,918,381,485 placed by Bimfo on 02/06/2020 Wagered 0.00004000 Multiplier 1.01x Profit 0.00000041
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    Okay bro. Welcome to the community bro.
  3. Dan, are we not going to have the chance to withdraw the remaining little Satoshi of our account. Like reduce the withdrawal base limit.
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    Hello there!

    Oh. I mistaken your name for each other.. I am sorry. Were you a member of the Primedice community before? If Yes, what's your username before?
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    Hello there!

    @Nevena Are you the same as dose? Or did Dose leave the job? Or you are here to help dose?
  6. 96.83 Bet: 59,560,005,277 placed by Bimfo on 29/05/2020 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 6.00x Profit 0.00000500 93.49 Bet: 59,560,006,014 placed by Bimfo on 29/05/2020 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 6.00x Profit 0.00000500 3.83 Bet: 59,560,167,328 placed by Bimfo on 29/05/2020 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 6.00x Profit 0.00000500
  7. Does coin really make you lose? I think you lose on your own accord. Lol To be serious, there are some coin that you just feel you should waste and not care what happens. Example of those coins is doge. Doge makes me so so free. I just wager and wager till i cannot wager again. It makes me lose. I don't like it.
  8. There are offline casinos, but they are not like other countries. They are called betting shops, because you cant play with other humans, you have to give the owner of the betting shop your wager money and bet against a computer. Another gambling method in Nigeria that is offline is when you go to a shop, pick numbers at most 5 numbers from 1 - 90, if the 5 numbers that is released from the headquarters tally with the numbers you choose, you get money back.
  9. Lol, there is nothing like bad seed. Everyone is just rolling. Remove it from your mind, There is nothing like a bad seed.
  10. Yes. Gambling is legalized in my country Nigeria. Reason because that is the only way the economy can move forward and most youths can stay happy.
  11. Yes. Was playing martingale and I rolled for 3 nights. It was real fun though, but it was dicey and dangerous. I was drinking Soda and I was already feeling really really dizzy. It was a crazy run. But since almost a Year now, I just fall asleep in the midnight and not able to roll. It's crazy. To roll at night is now very very stressful to me.
  12. I think I will agree with you. But how can I be confident when I was confident the last time and I busted 0.3 BTC or how can I be comfortable when I know that in the next 20 rolls, if I don't hit, I have busted and gone into oblivion. You can't blame me bro. You just can't looool. It's not my fault, You can't fault me at all.
  13. I have observed that 80% on both stake or PD just face one thing. Its either you wager to increase star, or just wager to profit. There are some that wager and profit big at the same time but they are little. Very Very little. The best way to increase your star is to face one and wager. Wager till you reach your destination point. If not for confidentiality, I can give you people that don't have anything in their balance most times, and I have to tip them, but their star is higher than mine and I don't even have a star. I complain to them and they just tell me the same thing. "I AM BROKE". And I get surprised because their stars keep increasing. Then I got it. It is either of the two. Wager or Profit. Just wager. Had 8k sats on Stake, and I got all the numbers in the forum challenge on a payout of 1.01x. I was just wagering. And I wagered 0.02 BTC in 4 hours
  14. Thats why you have to be determined. You have to set a goal unless you will go ahead and bust bad and it wont be cool. Having a goal andd sticking with the goal is so so so okay and it puts you at a advantage, because you might a next roll and you just bust. No cryptogambler have not experienced it. Just one more roll and you a down the fall. Sometimes painful, sometimes not painful at all.
  15. When you have a lot of time on your hand and you love to have fun while gambling, you will spend more. There is no how you love to play the dice or the any other game that you won't spend more. It has been a whole time in this quarantine. You wake up, visit stake, deposit, bust and go to bed. Boring! No where to go. Doing the same thing over and over again. Its tiring and it sucks.
  16. No parents want his son or daughter to gamble because they feel its a waste of money. Almost all the parents. So I try all my best not to let them know that I gamble. I gamble mostly in the midnight if I am with them or just tell them I am busy. They tend to pokenose sometimes. African parents pokenose almost all the time.
  17. You can't roll for more than 6k rolls and say it is just luck. This is not luck alone. This is based on some strategy that I don't know and I will really wish to know. I swear. This is like sorcery to me. Congrats @Ghostnipple
  18. When gambling makes you continue to think, then it has become a very dangerous mental issue. An issue that might take a psychologist to correct. I actually gamble for fun, but when it is getting out of way, I leave it and move on. Last week I was on a great streak, this week, i decided to leave it a little and move on a little bit and I have been great this week. Always know when to stop and when to withdraw. With that you can safe guard your mental health.
  19. You just need determination and help. I have also been a gambling addict but I read some rules on how you don't make gambling a form of income and I became so good in managing my emotions.
  20. The highest giveaway I have won was during stakes 2nd birthday> We finished a challenge and we got 50 dollars then. Nothing more. And again, I participate in the weekly challenge and I try to get it. If I don't I just leave it till another week. But trust me, That's the only constant place to get free btc on PD or stake. The Challenges.
  21. The only Known and main strategy is to wager. That's the only thing. If you cannot wager high, you cannot have star progress increase. You must stay and wager and with no time, it will come up and increase. Especially when you are not putting mind to it.
  22. It is the 7th birthday. I don't think it will be like the other 2 birthdays I have expirienced. This will be bigger and better because it is a perfect number. 7. Seven is a perfect number. I am expecting more.
  23. So happy to be part of the PD community. Thanks Eddie. It was a nice project and almost the first that is not in oblivion. It is hard to keep a business. Kudos to Eddie and the team and Happy 7th birthday to Primedice.
  24. I really love the day reload. The 10 minutes reload I can't keep up with it and sometimes, it is annoying that I just leave the reloads. It is hard reloading every 10 minutes. But any tips is welcomed though. PD can't satisfy everyone. If I love a day reload. Some people love the 10 minutes reload. So its all fine by me. It is in the generosity of PD that we are being given something. Other sites don't give anything at all.