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    🏆 Ethereum Giveaway!

    Very nuce initiative .
  2. Lemme try it then. But 4 weeks to get approved. Mehn, that's long. Very Very Long.
  3. Lol. It is worse in my country. To buy BTC with Local currency is hell, why? Because most guys are not into it again. They may have heard of it. Actually the age of 16-35 Years have heard about Bitcoin but they don't want to accept it. Its kinda funny. I ask them why and they tell me it's too volatile and it's not encouraging. I just shake my head and move on. And again, most important companies outside the World don't want to invest in my country, which is wrong. You can tighten the security, but improving your market in Nigeria is profitable..
  4. I make up to 10,000 rolls per day and I can make up to 1000000 sats per day, if I am in the mood. But the problem is, the rolls makes small profit, which I am comfortable with, but there are sometimes I just want to try my luck and Stake all at 98% odds. Quick advice: Don't ever stake all at 98% risk free. It might come back to hurt you and you may never recover from it again.
  5. I want to get 0.11 ETH, but I don't know where I can pay money to get. Who can sell here, and how will I transfer money to the person.? Expecting favourable replies. I stay in Nigeria BTW. Please I just need where I can get to buy. Please.?
  6. I just lost 0.1 ETH because I wanted a short time gain. It is actually crazy at the moment. I have been developing the coin for 3 days now at 0.001 ETH. What will it have cost me to play till 1 and then cash out. No I wanted to prove smart at 98%. Its very crazy, You know. 😁😁😂😂😂😂
  7. There was a day I was on it for 30 minutes, then had to leave it then come back later. It was really annoying that day. Thank you for making the suggestion @UNIT And for what you said @UltraChief, I am always logged into google chrome everything and that day, it still decided to give me problems of login.🙄😥
  8. That's the best bro. Big balance. 😂😂😁
  9. You are not getting me. All I am saying is we all should be able to decide if we are offline, Online or away. It doesn't generally have to be mods alone. If I decide to show I am offline, only PD servers will know I am still on the site, and others will not know. It will really go a long way in the eradication of passive begging.
  10. Bimfo

    Auto bet suddenly stop

    I always play on phone. But this morning around 3am GMT +1 I decided to use my laptop to play. But I observed that the Auto bet was stopping after like 30 minutes of playing. I use Mozilla on laptop, and the network is quite strong. This afternoon 1pm GMT +1 it happened again on the phone. It stopped and I couldn't view my balance, then it PD came up again and everyone started giving the same complain. I know you guys will fix the problem. Edited It stopped now again and I have to start all over again. You people should fix this thing. Please.
  11. Very nice and impressive explanation. Kudus to you @sourc3code. @Bojana can we also have a feature where we can decide if we are away (Busy doing other things but still Online), if we are offline or if we are online? We can also choose to let the site decide for us, but will it be nice if we are given the chance to choose ourselves? 🤗🤗 Expecting your favourable response.
  12. Interesting list. Very very interesting. The 1st and the 2nd on this list was breathtaking. The last message of Sathoshi and the man that sold hard drugs with it. I went to check Ross Ulbricht profile and I could read about a man that changed the way we see BTC. There were others that were linked with the Silk Road and I could not just stop looking at them as gods. Yes, what they did with it was bad, but they changed the future of BTC for life. And Yes, Nakatomo is one man, that got tired of life when the BTC was less than a dollar. He was just tired and moved on to other things Interesting list, I must tell you. The Birth of Bitcoin Cash. The scams also made by it. Long interesting List, and it was worth the read.
  13. Bimfo

    BTC Price Peak - Will It Reach It Again?

    This is January 2019. At the time this topic was created at October 21, the price was $8k+. Right now the price is on 3,600$, after it has struggled at 4k$ for just 2 days. The BTC right now has been on a low, but my intuition is telling me that it will come up, steadily. The future of BTC is bright. Very bright. But I don't have any hope till the ending 2020. I feel by that time, the BTC will be more accepted by the World in general and more investment will be made. Please don't sell all your BTC. It will be a gain if it sky rockets, and you won't lose anything if it doesn't. Cheers! 🎉🔝
  14. Bimfo

    What do you buy with BTC?

    Though BTC is restricted in my country and my community because a lot of people don't believe in it or they've never heard about it. BTC as a currency at my place is not feasible. Because a Currency is the fact or quality of being generally accepted or in use. Generally accepted! BTC is not generally accepted here. But I have bought some things with BTC when BTC was 7k+. I bought my PS4, and my home speakers. When the price went down 3k, the person started calling me, that he needs the balance of the BTC. 😋😋😋😋🤣🤣🤣🤣. Since then, people around me will rather use BTC as an exchange or use it to trade online than accept it as a means of transaction. 😂😂🤣🤣
  15. Bimfo

    BTC Price Predictions for December 2018

    Now we are in January of 2019 and the price keeps dwindling. It's a big headache to most of us. But what exactly is the future of BTC. Will the price go up. Will there need to be restrictions on ICOs projects for it to gain ground. I really feel the ICOs projects are really bringing BTC down. I don't know how there can be restrictions without centralizing cryptos. Or what is the fate now. Is it going up? There is a forecast that by late 2020, it will be up to 333,333 $. Lol. 😁 I read the article and I smiled.
  16. Will I? With the way cryptos are volatile? I think I will have the inheritance divided into 2. Don't't doubt me, I Love crypto and I love how it is been used in most part of the World, but how can we be sure that there won't be some kind of restrictions on it that will make the price go down. It's very hard to say. Crypto is the future! But there are some people especially the government that are not buying into it. So just check it out, when they succeed impeding on crypto and the price go waaayy down overnight and all my inheritance is on Crypto. Won't I die due to heart attack? 😂😂🤣😭😭😭😭 And please don't go into ICOs. Most of them are scams made by my Nigerian country men. They have been into it since 2017 and they still continue till now. I am not saying all ICOs. If you feel good about an ICO, You can invest your inheritance. 😁🎉🎉 Cheers! Don't forget to use the upvote. 🔝
  17. Bimfo

    Thoughts on government involvement In Crypto

    No sane government will want crypto to replace its local currency. Because it spells doom for the country already. No one will know how much a person worth. No one will know how a transaction is been made. If a person sells the country and stores it in his E-wallet, no one will be able to trace it. The Government can't stop crypto, but they can regulate it with reforms. But will the reform affect the people in Government? One of the main reasons why I don't want crypto to be a force in my country is because of those in Government. The people over here steal money and store it overseas and buy expensive houses and properties overseas, which could be traceable if people at anti-corrupt agencies do their work very well and with that corrupt people can be brought to justice. But if crypto becomes a force, people in government will steal money anyhow. They will transfer money of ordinary citizens (Including retirees), and change it to Crypto and with that, no one will know where stolen money are kept. It will be so hard to trace and recover. Or can the BTC coins in my wallet leave my wallet, if I don't give it the permission to? But apart from the stated reason in Bold form, I will love the BTC to be a Global means of exchange.
  18. Bimfo

    Martingale. Y or N?

    Martingale is good and better if you are patient. Don't rush into Martingale. The odds of hitting 30 reds on a roll with Martingale is so so slim. Just take it easy. Though it can it 30 reds on a roll but it's not likely possible.. Martingale is good. Very very good to me. But that doesn't mean, I have not lost with Martingale, but I have won too.
  19. Bet: 27,382,610,669 placed by Bimfo on 15/01/2019 Wagered 1.70000000 Multiplier 2.00x Profit 1.70000000 3.49 Bet: 27,382,608,645 placed by Bimfo on 15/01/2019 Wagered 1.70000000 Multiplier 2.00x Profit 1.70000000 96.80
  20. Bimfo

    How did bitcoin affect your life?

    BTC has been life saving and very interesting. It has also been a life saver. I knew BTC around 2014. The price was low then, and a lady introduced it to me. I didn't find it interesting because I was curious where the coin was coming from and no one will run away with everything one day. (Don't laugh, I was been myopic. 😂😁🙄) Then buy 2016, there is this police division that threatens us as students if anything more than 1000$ then was in your bank account. They will force you to open your account, check your balance and then force you to the ATM to withdraw. (Yea, very bad) 😣 By that time, I realised that my money wasn't safe in the country anymore and the best thing was to buy BTC. I bought BTC with my money and kept it in my E-wallet (Blockchain at that time). So with that way, if anyone stops me, no one sees anything in my bank account. So I am free to go. I traded with it, I played bet, I hodl, and sometimes I lose. But all in all, I knew I am not at the mercy of anybody at all. I am not giving money to anyone who so ever. PS: At that time most don't know about E-wallet and even till now, no one can ask what is a blockchain app doing on your phone.. With that, BTC have affected me positively a lot. PS: If anyone stops me to open my blockchain wallet or any E-wallet on my phone, I find a way to transfer all my money to Vault. 0.001% of the people in my country know Primedice. 😁😂
  21. Bimfo

    Introducing bitcoin to your family members

    Actually, people over here know about the internet, but the problem is how to earn money through a coin on the internet. The process seem like a mirage to them. It would have been better if the Government supports it. But no sane Government will do that because it makes the local money useless and breeds money laundering. We just have to face it over here. There are some people that will not be aware of this until BTC becomes a Global currency and you won't be able to trade if you don't have any in possession. It is as bad as that in this side of the World. Illiteracy at the peak.
  22. Bimfo

    Introducing bitcoin to your family members

    To introduce Crypto to my family members is stressful and not encouraging. The Cellphone came to our country 2003. It was hard for them to adapt. The grew up in a world of sending letters through the post office. I am a little bit different. I know about almost everything about the "E." But to convince them their android phones can give them a coin worth $3000+ and 1000000 of the Local currency will be kinda hard. Sometimes, they even ask me why I am always with my phone and what am I doing with my phone during midnights. They are wealthy, but they are not really open to the E-world not to talk of the crypto World. There are a lot of people like that in this place. They have never heard about the word "Bitcoin." They don't know about the Satoshi whitepaper, and I know they can't believe that you can have a wallet where you keep money on your Phone. It looks like a total lie to them, and no matter how hard I explain to them, my struggles will be futile and I might not be happy with that.
  23. The vault system is so good. Better and Better than the Bank system. There are a lot of errors that happen in the bank system that I feel it gives people headache rather than go through the Vault system. The vault system gives your immediate access to your funds without headache. In a country like mine, where a bank can get closed anytime, the vault system is okay. There is no need to keep money in the bank again. Just change you local currencies to coin, then viola! You are good to go. But there is a big but 😁😁😂, You can use all your life savings to roll dice and you can have heart attack. 🙄🙄😂🎉
  24. Bimfo

    My learning from gambling

    The technique about Gambling is that, always know when to get away. Always have that sense of feeling after a win, that it is time to get away. All my playing time has been on PD. I don't like any other BTC site betting except from Prime Dice, and I have been taught the hard way on how to go about betting. If you are a low income earner, you don't go rushing, there is a big probability that you will bust everything. You take everything poko a polo (Little by little). Then you know how to change strategy and how to change seed. Changing seed is very vital. Don't think a strategy or seed can last for ever. You have to know how to swap between the strategies. Also know there are some strategies that are good for Manual and there are some that are good for Auto betting. Don't forget to do a preroll, so that you can foresee where the dice is rolling at the hour. Don't always stake all. It's catastrophic. Very very catastrophic. And lastly, don't be negative. You thoughts sometimes can change the the outcome of the dice. It's not superstition, it is a well known fact. Enjoy. 🎉🎉