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  1. Nobody is here just to just have fun. We are to look for money. Even the rich people came here to look for more money because of greed. Fun just come by the way. Dont let anyone deceive him/herself. If you are not looking for a way to make money, why are you now here? So if you roll and you lose, are you still having fun, or you are deciving yourself? I have not seen anyone that laughs or have fun when losing money, and this is a casino, there is all probability that you will lose money even at if it is at 98% chance, you still have 2% to lose. Then if you lose, then, are you still having fun? You better dont let us deceive ourselves. If you know you are looking for a place to have fun, why not just be active on Twitter or facebook or any good forum like reddit, At least you can have meet people and have fun there too, why did you choose primedice or stake? We are here to make money, and fun comes along with it.
  2. Libra is a facebook coin, so there is all possibility that the owners and creators will want to store your informations and the details of the people that bought it and are making use of it. If tjhat is the case, then they are going against the policy of cryptos and they are not in any way close to the BTC that doesn't have any owner or have a central point where the coin goes in or out. I don't see Libra ever and ever beating the BTC, unless if Mark sells facebook, because people don't trust facebook with their information, something that is very critical and very essential in the crypto World. Anonymous is the secret code of this world, if you are not going anonymously, then you are not fit to be in the crypto world. The coin Libra will definitely fade off.
  3. Over Bet: 32,919,352,798 placed by Bimfo on 14/07/2019 Wagered 0.00003700 Multiplier 11.00x Profit 0.00037000 Under Bet: 32,919,355,315 placed by Bimfo on 14/07/2019 Wagered 0.00003700 Multiplier 11.00x Profit 0.00037000 11.11 Bet: 32,946,838,378 placed by Bimfo on 14/07/2019 Wagered 0.00003700 Multiplier 1.10x Profit 0.00000370
  4. I can agree with you in somethings, and I may not agree with you in some other things. Yes, gambling may not make you a better person but it still teaches you somethings about life. Gambling is all about risk, and not just risk alone, calculated risks. There are some laws that guide a successful gambler, if as a gambler you tend to follow these laws and rules, you will definitely be better in the way you look at life and the way you take risks. Life is all about risk. Risk whether to go into this business, whether to waste my time reading this book. If you are a good gambler, you will know if if the risk is worth it or not,. Gambling may not make you a better person but it will definitely teach you a lot of things about life, and moves you have to make delicately in all aspects of life and your journey on this planet.
  5. I don't know the history about all these, but if it was not PD the pioneer of dice casino, then they were the biggest player and house when crypto gambling came to being. They started in 2013. 2013 in the crypto world was still early and still like a stone age in the crypto world, so I am actually giving it to them that they started the crypto gambling in that time. The statement "PrimeDice: Creator of Dicing" is not just a statement, it is a damn fact and the absolute truth. I think Eddie mentioned it in the last birthday stream of PD. And they are not just the creator, they are the biggest dicing and definitely the most fair of all. No manipulation whatsoever. If you lose any bet, you can also go on and verify the rolls.
  6. I think me and my friend bet 4$ on who will finish using his bathing soap 1st. It was very funny. 😂😂😂😂😂 I think another time, we made a bet on which team will pass the ball first in the game of football, and the team who will make the first throwing. There are a lot of funny things, my friend and I make bets on
  7. The reason why we all gamble is to look for extra funds. No matter your reason for gambling initially, it is just a way to look for extra funds. You might want to gamble because you want to pass out the time and have fun, but behind the back of your mind, it will still be there that you want to make extra funds, and you can make much more than extra funds. We are found way down here because of extra funds and greediness of wealth. Don't let anyone tell you another flimsy reason.
  8. Loool. I just used the command !bonzo and I muted myself. I love this
  9. There is no way to consistently win. You have to change all ways. You have to be so flexible especially when it is on dice. There is no 1 strategy that can make your rich on dice. You have to follow the trend and be flexible. The house edge is so dangerous that it will be so catastrophic if you think there is a singular way to win on dice. You have to change your ways and your strategy. You have too. So goodluck to you my friend.
  10. Be careful my friend. Don't bet all your balances on one single time or bet. And don't rely on margintale. Margintale is the most stupid method of all time.
  11. I think this is not the best time to invest, I feel btc will still come down and it will affect all other major cryptocurrencies. If I want to propose the best time to invest is when the Year is coming to an end. People will sell a lot of currency and it will decrease the value of most. But most importantly of all, this is the most wrong time to invest in cryptos, because the value is not stable, unless if you are trader 24/7, and you can cashout immediately the coin starts losing. But I don't think there is anyone that can be so accurate, that will know exactly when the coins will start losing value. I might be wrong though.
  12. Thanks big bro, I have found a way around it. I already have a local supplier that can supply me BTC and ETH in my local currency. So if I check my Vault and I have a coin that is not ETH or BTC and I needed money. I just change through Dinabot to BTC and then transfer it out to my local supplier, then I pay for the transaction fee and then get my local currency in return. I would have loved to be using paypal but paypal is not allowed to receive money from my country. So it s a lose lose for me if I use paypal.
  13. I also lost all my balances on stake yesterday. I decided to risk all. Something that I have not done for almost 6 Months now. I did it and it cost me gravely. It happened in the middle of the night, I just closed my laptop and I slept. But when I lose, I just take a long walk and come back. To lose all your balances is a very bad and sour taste in the mouth. I feel I still have a long way to go. I never think my 1st bet will cost me a lot. But you just have to move on. You can't stay on a loss for too long. You have to move on. It's a lesson. I have learnt my lesson now.
  14. Risking big is not a big deal on PD. I have seen an high roller of 10 BTC. It all depends on your bank roll. Lol, If I mistankenly see 10 BTC in my account tommorow, I will withdraw without thinking about it twice. But some people will still gamble it and won more, but have I seen 10 BTC in my life before? So why would I gamble it?😅🤔 So, look at your bankroll and gamble away. Gambling 1 ETH is nothing. It is just the normal way of your gambling.
  15. When I am free. I can't gamble when I want to read or when I want to work. And I am free only at night. Apart from night, I am always fixed up in the day running around with work and activities, but everything is always okay during the night, and I just gamble my time away.
  16. I don't care if the sounds are off or On, but anyhow it is, I am okay with it and I am always happy when the green hits, when I am doing another thing and I set it to margintale and it gives me those green sounds. Nice sound from the team of PD. The sound of Stake Dice too is very addictive. Very very.
  17. You have to be the 2 so that you will be able to succeed as a pro gambler. There are sometimes, you just decide to be on a light nood, and then hit payouts that you didn't plan for. That is a simple form of gambling. Last week I hit 100x twice on a roll. I didn't calculate the risk, I just decided to go for it. And I wished to hit it, but that doesn't mean I am a careless gambler, though these days, I let greed control me rather than my head. I just see a payout and decide to wager all, no matter the outcome. And there are sometimes, you just have to be serious. You already know it has gone this so so number in how many times, what is the probability that it will hit either red or green in the next roll. All these are calculated risk which I have won plenty of times with it and I have lost countless of times with it because sometimes my risk calculations are not correct and then I bust indefinitely. PS: You should be the two and flow the the rhythm of the dice, unless the dice will catch up with you, mess you up and give you night mares only you will face and you won't be able to face that alone.
  18. I hate racing, because i will be forced to do something that I am not meant to do and I fuck everything up. I just love when I play normally and I hiot my profit, I cash out and I move on. I am not built for racing, I can't just face racing. I have never done it and I will not do it, no matter the profit that PD is promising all racers. I just love to wager and maybe do some forum challenges and see if I can hit!, rather than race and not get anything after I wager at a payout of 1.01x and I lose everything. Racing is for the strong at heart and people that can face the heat of time. I am not built to face the heat of time. I am of the notion that everything becomes good at its own time. Racing doesn't portray that notion. 😁 But I love and admire people that race.
  19. All these things definitely depends on your seeds. I always have the same problems too. There are sometimes, I choose to go under, then within a twinkle of an eye, it goes higher, and there are sometimes, I go over and it goes under, it is always annoying when I have to face this kind of problems. Sometimes, I am always thinking it is intentional from PD, and they just want me to lose my balance, then I remember PD is fair and doesn't affect the outcome of your rolls. If I chose one side, and it doesn't hit it after 3 rolls, I change side. And if it hits it after 1 roll, I change side again, just to be sure and to know exactly what is going on. Anytime it hits it 2 times in a roll, I just leave the side and concentrate on the other side. \ But most times, when I hit it once on one side, especially on a 50x or 99x, I just change side immediately. It is just to be very careful and hit more carefully. Sometimes it works and sometimes it just starts to troll. That's the life of a Primedicer. You should be aware and familiar with it.
  20. High roller, which means HR depends on 2 things and 2 categories The first set of High rollers: There are some people that wager a little satoshi and they win big, PD will categorize them as High roller. 2nd set of high rollers: There are some people that wager big amounts on 1.01x payout and they win or lose all, PD will still categorize them as High roller. It depends on these 2. There are some people that they lost all their coins and they have the flame at the back of their names. They are high rollers too, just that they are negative High rollers. I think you have to gain or wager up to 80$ at a go, before you can be categorized as High roller. I don't really know the exact amount. But I know is, you don't have to win big before you be an High roller, you can just wager Big.
  21. If you are an addict to gambling, it is always hard to maintain your time. But a very good gambler is not an addict, because he knows there are sometime he needs a time off, so he can refocus and hit more and more higher rolls. I am on with my MSc project and I am also into real gambling, but I don't see myself short of my real life. I know how to mix the time together and know when to read and face project and not gamble. And I have also monitor time when I will go hard with gambling and gamble rigorously. This thing is just time management and have a mindset that a good gambler doesn't become and addict or just gamble anyhow, but he picks his time to gamble and get the right results. Time management is the key and never be an addict to gamble, unless your real life will be a mess. An addict to a particular thing is bad thing. It ruins lives especially gambling.
  22. What makes a good gambler is not how he feels when he wins, but how he reacts to the long streaks of reds and how he recovers steadily. Anyone can roll a green roll at the 1st roll of dice, but when he or she is facing 20 reds on a roll, how does he or she reacts to the streaks? Does he wager all to win or just change strategy to withstand all the loses. You will know a very good player with the way he rolls. And how he wagers. I learn a lot from Eddie anytime he is streaming. Eddie might be on red anytime of the game, but Eddie always know that he will hit, and get to the profit side of gambling very soon. Eddie knows how to manage his coins and knows what % of his balance will he gamble at once. He is so good at it, and he doesn't just gamble because he feels the urge to gamble and he has the unlimited funds. He does it because he knows how to gamble and how to roll. In short, He is a very good gambler.
  23. You need that 1 deposit to wager 100 dollars, because without that 1st deposit, it will be very hard to start collect rain, or for any mod to see you and tip you afterwards. You always need that 1st deposit, another way is to come and contribute to the forum and you start earning good after 100 posts, but who can wait till the 100th posts before he/she stays to receive something meaningful. You just have to deposit once, but after that, after the 1st deposit, and you wager 100 dollars, then you can enjoy the forum more. But after from that, it will just be a waste of time altogether. And I don't think anyone has never deposited. I don't think so.
  24. I hate it when I am not in the right mind to gamble and I am visiting casino sites. I hate it so much, because I know I will definitely bust. When I am not in a good mood, or I am facing something I don't like, I leave the casinosphere for a time and take a break indefinitely, i.e. until I get what exactly is wrong and the solution to the problem. PS: It is adviceable to always check you psychological state before you say you want to roll or play any casino game, because trust me, you may not be focused and it will leave you in a worse state than when you started playing. I have been there and I experienced that. It is always painful to the body and a very bitter taste in the mouth.
  25. There are sometimes you just gamble and not evaluate your financial situation and you just gamble. There are sometimes like that, but if you are a pro in gambling and playing in casinos, you will always check your financial situation before going to a casino. There are some games, that you know if you lose, you are definitely going down for sometime, and sometimes you might not even recover. I love when I start with a strategy, I should continue till I hit it, no matter the number of red streaks, but there are sometimes I think at the situation from a totally different angle. I look at my balance and then decide to change strategy immediately I have lost this particular amount of coins. It is called been wise. You cant just start rolling without looking your balance. There are some amount that cannot last long when you are rolling 99x, but can survive when you are playing 3x. Its called strategy and checking your financial situation out. PS: When you have reached a stage in casinos, you will know that it is just normal to check your balance before you start rolling on a particular payout.