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  1. 32.23 (Reality Level) Bet: 34,645,689,410 placed by Bimfo on 13/08/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 1.10x Profit 0.00000010 21.12 (First Dream Level) Bet: 34,646,919,467 placed by Bimfo on 13/08/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 1.10x Profit 0.00000010
  2. Nice one Capitano!!!! A very big risk and it paid off. Nice one!!!
  3. I think I have made 1.90 ETH as profit since I have been playing on Primedice and Stake.
  4. 1) 04.80 Bet: 34,128,474,870 placed by Bimfo on 06/08/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 1.10x Profit 0.00000010 2) 84.84 Bet: 34,129,685,305 placed by Bimfo on 06/08/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 1.10x Profit 0.00000010 3) 08.40 Bet: 34,130,624,278 placed by Bimfo on 06/08/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 1.10x Profit 0.00000010 4) 0.08 Bet: 34,131,738,241 placed by Bimfo on 06/08/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 1.10x Profit 0.00000010 5) 48.00 Bet: 34,132,293,997 placed by Bimfo on 06/08/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 1.10x Profit 0.00000010
  5. FAcebook is a good way to build your affiliations if you really want to get somethings from it. That's a very good ad thoufgh, but those days are gone. Now PD is now very strict, and you can't just get on board and win 1 BTC with your eyes closed. Those days are gone.
  6. Primedice is the best site when you want to experience the dice feeling. Dice comes with something so unique. You can hit big and you can bust and then have a flattened penis! It all depends on you. Primedice is the best. AFter that Stake. Stake makes you experience all feelings. A casino feeling.
  7. I worst experience was when I wanted to withdraw, then I said let me leave it for race, then I left it. 1st roll in race on a 1.01x payout, I busted all the balance. Shit! it was so so bitter. Like? WHo the fuck sent me all these. Why am I so concerned about race. Why can't I just sleep and forget about all these. The taste of busting is really so so bitter, but you will get used to it as the busting goes on. Greediness is a bitch.
  8. I think the rainbot choses on its on accord. So far you are active in chat and you keep gambling, and you are not hidden, the rainbot will definitely get to you, but if you don't go by the rules I mentioned earlier, you may not be able to claim rainbot anyway.
  9. I have gone 21 wins in a roll. It was so surprising that day. Because I felt, for me to go 21 wins, I can also go 21 losses without the dice flinging. That's really really very very scary. Dice is my doom.
  10. Its a mixture of both. If you don't have vision, how can you be damn lucky. There is always a saying that luck is the result of hardwork and its kinda true in gambling. What about if you do not have the vision, will you hit it? Or will you get that required result? Everything depends on real vision and precision. Then luck comes along the way.
  11. When it comes to the dice game, I am a sore loser. I am so so much a loser. But when it comes to gambling, I am trying all my best to be a successful gambler. Though iut is so hard to beat that house edge. The house always gets the better of me, and it is always a painful ordeal. The house always and always wins, and I don't know how to quench my greedy nature again. The greed always gets the best of me, and I wish I can calm it down, but most times it is just impossible for me. To be a successful gambler, always go with the proportional bets. Don't even do martingale, or you bet at onxce. It is always very very dangerous to the health when you lose. Most of the times, You definitely lose.
  12. Though it might be very hard for me to win and become rich on primedice, because my dice skills are so wack, I can become rich in a casino. I tried it in stake, and I became rich until I became so so greedy. I love the games on Stake except dice. If the spirit of greediness doesn't reside in you, you can become rich in any casino, but that is where the problem lies. How can you not become greedy and play according to plan.? How can you become focus for 10 days. How can you make yourself disciplined and not go away from strategy for 10 days. That is where the problem lies. The way we were created, there is a big mystery to it. I wish I am been explained to why we are an animal of greed. Why? Why can't we forget about been greedy for a moment and play clean? Howwwww??
  13. How to win when you have small amount and badluck? Do Badluck just come like that? How do you know you have badluck. Badluck is not a permanent phase. You just have to change your luck by yourself. And you can acheive anything with your own mind. It all depends on your mind and that type of game you are playing. One of the reasons I left for stake. Stake has a lot of games. You might be having badluck in dice and be so dam lucky in wheels and plinko. You just have to try. You can always change your badluck to goodluck. But badluck will still come. It depends on you whether you want to change it or not.
  14. I think everything boils down to greediness. It is really painful that we are all created with that greediness behavior and we don't really know how to control it. It is so painful. But what can we do, we can only learn and move on very fast. I feel we can't concentrate because we are greedy. I feel when we get tired, we become greedy and not want to go the long way but the short way. It is so so painful. Wish we could get our greedy sins forgiven in a day, aand then go ahead and continue playing. I really really wish.
  15. Gambling is a very deceitful game. For the past 2 weeks now, I have been making the same mistake repeatedly, and it has been so painful. I really wish I can stop making those mistakes, but it is just impossible for me just because of greed. But I always learn my lessons, but most times, I don't take corrections to my lessons.And I have learnt one thing for sure. Which is I should never stay on a defeat for so long, when I make a mistake and I bust definitely, I just immediately move on. It doesn't take me a minute again, no matter the amount. Before, I am always very very pained, but now, I just don't care again.