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  1. Pre rolls are good when you are hunting those big numbers. I do pre rolls when I am gunning for 990. I do almost 3000 pre rolls with my dicebot and I often hit 990x after the pre rolls. The strategy has helped me a lot. Pre-rolls are good and advice-able. It doesn't mean you might not bust, but actually you get to know which sides favors and the side that doesn't favors. Its just for the fun of the game and gambling. I even have a belief that you get better with Pre rolls when you are going for payouts like 2x and 1.5x. It doesn't guarantee not busting, but you just get better with dice.
  2. I think XPR is one of the few projects that have a very long feasibility plan. Its around 0.366$, but when the crypto world is experiencing its bull run, it should actually go over the 1$ expectation. For we holders, please lets keep it for a little while. Don't rush to sell. then wake up the next morning and find out that it has skyrocketed. Lets keep chills and see. XPR is a good project. Top with the BTCs and ETHs.
  3. Actually, I agree with you in an aspect, but the risks outweighs the benefits. Most people just wants to steal and won't pass the initial 1st phase. I look at the ICOs I bought 3 years ago and mostof them have cashed out and left me with useless coins that can't buy a piece of bread. It is so fucking annoying. And when I later find out, most had the history of scam even after the Airdrops and ICOs verified pages verified them.
  4. There should be hard regulations on ICOs and their creations. People use this legitimate means to scam people which is very very bad. Last year, I was against it in Nigeria. Nigeria shouldn't be allowed to create ICOs because they are all scam. It's so painful but that is just the bitter and honest truth. No one should be given the rights to steal from anyone. I wish people can wake up to this and work on it
  5. This strategy is dangerous, because of the greediness in Human, and the unpredictable nature of dice. Red streaks can go unlimited on any particular pay out without it been manipulated. I have seen 8 times on 98% win chance. The compound formula is okay for a business. Gambling is not a business. Gambling is a risk. Depositing an amount of money you can't afford to lose because you want to make a small outcome is a very very risky trade and strategy. Always deposit what you feel you can afford to lose, because just like crypto, the online casino is so so volatile and can burn you down to the ground.
  6. Welcome to PrimeDice. Please read the rules an understand the dos and donts of Forum and chat so that you won't be red flagged. Welcome bro.
  7. The reason why people love PD is because people love how the numbers are been rolled and shown. I think on dicebot, I have seen approximately 2 bets per seconds which is very okay for our sanity on the site. Just chunking out numbers without feeling the vibe is absolutely rubbish and unnecessarily. The way the dice roll on PD is okay, and there is no need to increase more than that.
  8. On PD and Stake, Bust is life. I am always careful about busting but sometimes greed overtakes me and I bust finally. I deposited almost 1.6 LTC, and I lost almost 2 Eth afterwards because of recovery. It was really depressing. But I already learnt my lessons. I always do. You dont try and recover losses with a deposit. Dangerous and dangerous move.
  9. Bimfo


    I think the rainbot is random to proplr that are active in chat and they wager. You also have to at least show you wager amount to the public to have a chance at the getting rainbot. Rainbot doesn't have preference. Just wager and wish to be lucky.
  10. Lol. I thought you were rapping. Or what is the essence of the break lines. But if I can go along with the rap, you are calling Ed out for disguising and taking all your money. But unfortunately, its not eds fault. This is a casino, You win some, You lose some. Its always an Ev- game. You will surely lose. And if you are a rash gambler, you will always lose. I wish I could reply your topic the way you created the topic. 😁
  11. Lol. No matter how you roll, there is a big probability you gonna bust at the long run. Everything is just for the good. Been able to bust will actually teach you a lot of things and calm down next time you find yourself rolling the dice. Gambling is a way of life, but it is not a sure way of getting income. You have to be super smart before you can make earnings from it. And take this last advice from me, I have learnt when to continue gambling, when to walk away, and I always calculate my money after I have cashed out. Not before I cash out. And you want a way to earn respectfully, take the advice of @Carollzinha πŸ˜‚
  12. Never knew there was anything like transaction accelerator. Will you pay for acceleration fee before the transaction is made or before the transaction is made? Can you give me a breakdown big bro.?
  13. Yes. I think people that attended the stream and were well behaved and PD knew their casino Id were rewarded. Because I came online now, and I also saw some eth in my account. Thank you to Ed and PD. 0.085 eth is not small money. Can't wait for the 7th birthday, it will be on a grand style. But why isn't there an history about it? I cant find it in Transaction, I can't see it in tips or bonus. I think we should know the person that tip us this handsome amount.
  14. Never knew a person can fast track a transaction. Just hearing about it and that is so cool. KUDOS to Ed by the way. This is the essence of the forum. Now I can now call on Ed anytime my transaction is not coming through. Ed, please if you are seeing this, please drop your mobile number. Sometimes I always have issues with transactions. You could come in handy sir.πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸ‘‰πŸΏπŸ‘ŒπŸΏ Just joking BTW. Kudos to Ed by the way.
  15. The reason for using the Forum is to learn more about gambling and crypto-currencies. The reward for learning also is very good and inviting. I don't know why a gambler will not use this kind of opportunity. Yes, The forum is an opportunity. The forum also makes me know more people and make me know the people that plays in PD casino better. It makes me know how they think and how they go about it, and it also makes me able to place a face to almost all the people at the casino. The challenges also makes people better. With the challenges, the casino makes you roll better. At least for me, it has make me know the dos and dont of a particular payout. It also has taught me how to use the dicebot effectively with the available scripts.