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  1. Anytime I am opportune to withdraw, I do it with immediate effect. My only fear is not to lose focus, then go back with all my balance to win a bet of 1.01x to take care of the transfer fee and I bust. I am always scared of that shit every time. It is so annoying and stupid. I am also scared to withdraw into the wrong BTC wallet. Because it is always very sad when you lose the satoshis you worked for into the wrong wallet. It is always like that. And it is annoying like that. I wish I can really correct that with me. Or why would I be scared of withdrawing into my personal wallet. Why is it always like that? 😒
  2. You have to spend some few days and get used to the chat before you can be fully incorporated and understand what is been said in the chat. Just think as it as a house. A big house of some hundred people that already know how they relate to each other. Among those 100 of people, there a lot of characters. There are passive beggars, There are trolls, There are HR (High rollers, There are people who just contribute to the growth of the chat. There are a lot of people with different behavior. You have to stay a few days and understand the way topics been raised up and how to tackle them. It is as simple as that. You can't understand it in a day. PS: There are also Mods, Support and Super Support too. They try and make everywhere lively but also very very strict in their dealings. You have to be careful of these lots. Not to step on their toes or break any rules.
  3. I usually don't report them, but I am always wary of the scams that duped me when I was young on PD. When they come back to ask for tips, I am always there to report them. It is so so annoying. The main thing to do when they come to you is to just ignore them. Nothing will happen, Just ignore them. It is as simple as that. No one should stress you with their problems.The annoying ones are the ones asking for tips because they claim they busted in the race on stake. What is my business with that. It's non of my business and it can never be. Most of those beggars don't know the powers of forum and it is always annoying that they don't. They won't come to forum to earn free satoshis by posting and taking part in the challenges. They prefer they should wait for rain from Eddie or beg around. It is so so bad, and by the day, they are on the increase.
  4. 😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 Brrrooooo, why are you fucking with his emotions? You wicked broooo. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  5. Lol. If you think PD is robinhood, then you are mistaken. Yes, PD gives us a little back from what we lost due to our supidity, but it is not like robinhood. PD gains much more than it gives out, which is okay and certifies because that is the goal of business, and PD or stake are into businesses. Robinhood on the other hand collects from the rich and gives almost everything to the poor and that is not business. That is good will. Robinhood doesn't collect from everyone like PD does. PD collects from everyone and then give it to 1 person. 🤣 PS: Don't compare PD and Robinhood again. It is a disrespect to Robinhood's legendary status and folktale story.
  6. Facebook always have a loop hole and our information is not always safe with it. It is so so annoying. There is no need for Mark to delve into the crypto world. He does everything solely for himself and trust me your funds will be monitored. All the transaction you make too will be monitored and that is not what the crypto world is all about. Overall, I don't think it is a great idea, and it will not be used by a lot of people because of the buts it comes with it.
  7. Having a good reputation is a very good thing on PD. But I will advice if you have a reputation offline and not online. And if you want to have a reputation on PD, try and have it in the forum and not the casino. The casino is a bad place to have a reputation, because people always beg to have your money and your coins. They disturb you with a lot of messages and you don't have time to gamble. But there are so advantages to it too, when you go broke, you can decide to ask for help all around, which by the way is banned on PD. And you can also have a good relationship with the mods about and get away with some offences sometimes 😂🤣
  8. It is important, like pretty important. That is definitely the site that acts like the banking system of bitcoin. If there was no blockchain, how can you send funds? How can you track funds? And when you have issues with PD or other sites about crediting, how would you tell or show those sites that you have actually sent money to them? That's exactly how important the blockchain is.
  9. Yes, and his name is Eddie. 😅
  10. The only crypto some countries will accept is a crypto that they can track. If it is impossible to track, there is no reasonable Government that can allow it, because people will think those people in Government has ulterior motive in mind. Crypto and especially bitcoin gives way to corruption, because it is not traceable and so makes people in government and power very corrupt. They can easily transfer money to a guy in China and turn it to BTC. It is as easy at that in that level of Government, if it is accepted. If I find myself to be the President of a country one day, I won't use BTC at any level of Government or Public office, but the remaining of the people can accept and adopt BTC and crypto if they are okay with it.
  11. First and foremost, it won't happen, in the essence that, you 2fa or google authentication code won't make them log in into your account. Why are you thinking of something bad, Kate.? 😄 Secondly, if it happens, I will be indifferent about it. Because If I find out that they busted instead of withdrawing, I can start laughing. Because I will be wondering why they behaved like that. You know? It's kind of funny? Why would you bust instead of withdrawing? But after that, if I don't have my 2fa code, or if those hacckers break into the 2fa code, I will just start using Vault more often.
  12. Lol. I think I was here when all these were happening. You just have to take it with these people taht wants to step on your nerves. You are here to gamble, don't let allow anyone to fuck you up and make you lose distraction. He was muted for 48 hours and you are free from his disturbance. Happy gambling bro. Don't mind people in chat that the chances of meeting them is lesser that having 0.00 or 99.99 3 times on a roll.
  13. Lol. As a gambler, I think I love both, so far it involves winning some money. Live sport gambling is an example of the 2nd mode and it is a cool way to gamble. Betting on those cool matches and claim the money after 90 minutes. I can't wait for the introduction on stake in the next 2 months. I also love dice and Hilo, because I can see the results immediately. But still, sometimes it's just okay to feel the pressure for some minutes before you see the results of your gambling. That's another joy about it. The PRESSURE.
  14. Young people that have self control and can learn fast from others experience can gamble and not waste away. An older person might have a wide knowledge about gambling, because they always say experience is the best teacher. But these days, you don't have to learn from your own personal experience. You can learn from other experienced people. You are young or old, you can be better than anyone with self control, and not chasing loses.
  15. Lol. Actually it is just prediction. None of them will be so stupid not to have the smallest in Bitcoin, because no one controls it and you are not right in your predictions. That's why it is called predictions. No one is not always correct, at least not everytime. There must have been so many factors for predicting like that though, especially with the way the World bank went hard on BTC and didn't want it to flourish or wanted to control the outflow and inflow of Bitcoin which is not possible. The BTC will still try it's best to reach the 10k hit point by the 9th month, but what about it's fate as the Year comes to an end. That's where my fear lies.