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  1. So what is the essence of crypto if you will just lock it somewhere and not use it for your own good. The essense of crypto is to do away with anything Bank. Crypto is volatile, we love it like that. The way it can decrease is still the way it can increase to 300,000 dollars. I think it is just a way to use people's cryptos for gains. They save it at 5000 dollars, it gets to 5,300 dollars and the 300 dollars is MarkerDAO's own. it is so creppy and bitcoin does't support that. I will rather bust in Primedice than save my BTC up.
  2. If you can know the number your seeds generate, why not, You can make a whole lot of BTC, more than one BTC. No one has been successful at calculating the numbers your seeds produce, because it comes with a calculation. To your infinity roll, Primedice knows the next roll you will make, only PD, and she doesn't manipulate it. So if you can get your next roll, then you are good to go, but without that, you gonna have a long way of getting to 1 BTC, and that will eventually be the case. If you are rich, then you might get to 1 BTC, but if you are trying to start from few satoshis, or Faucet, I think you are trying a near to impossible thing. Some did it though. He started with 70k sats, and he got to 1 BTC over 24 hours. YES! Someone did it on PD, but he is the only one alive to do that. (That I know of)
  3. I think the easiest way to win crypto currency is when you offer jobs online, or when you complete some surveys. Yes, some companies pay with BTC. You can also do some smart tradings with BTC. You can also create affiliate programs and earn smartly from it. You can also mine bitcoin if you want to. Hope that is expensive, but you can gain a lot if you have the money. You can also learn your bitcoin for interest. But don't learn someone that his name starts from P, And one of the most sure ways if luck is on your side is Gambling.
  4. Lol. I wish too. I wish I can get a time machine too. I wanna get all the BTC I have spent all these years. Now its on 5.3k dollars, which is very cool. Even with all my wager in PD now. I should be close to a million inn my local currency, but unfortunately there are no time machines.
  5. My 1st mistake and my biggest mistake on PD was not learning how to roll before I deposited on PD. I always thought everything was about Guessing game, not knowing I was deceiving myself. And the fact I didn't use the power of the Forum in the 1st place. I just registered on PD forum, left the Forum and started rolling. It would have been cool if I have learnt everything I know on rolling the dice NOW, when I first stumbled on this site by mistake. I just wish , I would have not lost much and I would have been fucking good. No problem, we move on and we learn. Anybody that wants to know how to roll should read 50% of the crypto related topics here. You will be quite good.
  6. I have a lot of Buddies here but the one I love most (No Homo) is Pimpnuts aka OMGJimbo aka Jim, I also like sleepywillow, Ialso like Zxr, I like Tanisha too, the Chartered accountant. I like Oluwayomi too, he is my brother from Nigeria. Before I like Tdelonge, but he is a fuck up now. The mod and support I like most is Milan, Katarina, Bojana, Froggy, and I like Robear too though he has this I don't care attitude. I also like Mirela (cool lady). I like Zoltan too. Those are my buddies and people I like on PD.
  7. The reason why I just feel Primedice has the best dick game is so simple. Primedice has only one game, and that is the dick game, it makes the site unique and not like other casinos site, and especially not like her sister Stake. Stake gives you a lot of whole new experience that you may not get to the dice section for a whole Year. There are other cool cool games, that will give you profit. But PD just gives you the dice experience. And its one of the oldest gambling site. Though people have left drastically for stake. The dice game is still top notch to none, and there is no one that can argue or deny that.
  8. Lol. 1 BTC will be enough to stop you from gambling? I don't think that is true about you. When you get to 1 BTC, you will remember you want yo give some people somethings and you don't want to touch the 1 BTC, then you wager all for Bimfo and the rest And forbid you might just bust. Lol.
  9. Lol. I have been targeting 1 BTC for almost 4 Months now. But it always eludes me. I wish I can win 1 BTC, So that I can rain on people and help people. I love when I can help people. I just wish I can win 1 BTC, but it has been hard especially because of the country I come from. Its been hard though. Because to deposit and then pay the transfer fee is always expensive. But I pray the gods of gambling smile on me and I win 1 BTC and share it to people I love on the site.
  10. For me, gambling has actually become an important part of my life. Though its hard not to bust and become a very good gambler. Its a quite addictive, but I take caution most times. My phone on the other hand is used for a lot of things rather than gambling. So my phone is a very big integer of my life. When I wake up, I dont see myself coming to PD straight, but anytime I wake up and I don't see my phone at my side, I start to panic. Its so very not cool. So Yes, Gambling is now an important part of my life but its not as important as my phone.
  11. Hitting that Jackpot is a very very hard task and a Huge task. The chances of getting 2 numbers on a roll is hard, now come to think of it, you looking for 77.77 twice. Everyone wants to win that jackpot, but the earlier you take your mind of it, the better for everyone. And the list you made is a very long list which will actually be forgotten when you win 120 BTC. 😁 Goodluck to you bro, if you decide to hunt the Jackpot. If I try it, I will go broke for Years to come. And if I successfully get 77.77 twice on a roll, It won't be on the minimum base bet, or it should be on another coin. Its so so hard. Wish someone can win it. Someone that has nothing. I really wish. Its been a long way coming.
  12. For you to see a man with profits, he has lost pretty much. The house always wins. Its so fucking hard to win and be 100% right in rolls. And a real and addictēd gamblér, just want to roll. No thinking, just rolls.
  13. I have always said it. Luck is a little part of the dice game. There are reasons why there is fairness to the game, and there are reasons you can do some calculations to your favor and see the outcome. Yes, luck is essential sometimes, but you have to different strategy because only one strategy don't work. You have to stay focus and let your head be in the game for the number of hours you want to play. There are sometimes you are not in the mood, just scrap playing (unless if you are okay to lose) and take your time.. Luck has its time, but the game is mathematically fair. Know your strategies, be good with it, let your game be in the game and you should do well. Though its an Ev- game, the house will always win, but that doesn't mean you should always lose. Another thing is to be smart and not chase loses. That shii makes someone go fucking broke.
  14. CoinMarketApp is the best place I do check the prices of cryptos on my Android phone. You can also download it. It gives the prices of other cryptos and assets too, and shows you the Heroes and the Zeroes for the week, so that you will be careful about the ICOs you will invest in. It also shows new airdrops everyday and gives and sells the best mining machine for a crypto. Its actually the best. It gives a lot of things apart from those things I mention. Those are actually the tip of the iceberg.