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  1. Primedice profit is much more than 10 BTC per day. Though they still give most out. Because maybe you are using the 1% house edge to calculate. But their profit if they decide to keep and not in promotions and VIP reloads is more than 10 BTC, but there are some platinum at reload every minute (Not sure), so you see why their profit will be 10 BTC.
  2. I have been drunk and high on drugs, thinking I will be bold to make big boys move. Bro, I busted so bad and I busted into tears. Loool. Since that day that anytime I want to gamble, i must be in the right mind and do things in the right way. Not influenced by anything and not regretting anything. Gambling when drunk for me is so so dangerous.
  3. Okay. I am very sure than 1000 BTC profit will be wagered on the average primedicers and stake's wager will be almost 100x of Primedice's own. You can check race for reference. At least the 1st 10 in the race right now just wagered 115 BTC, not to talk of the 10-100 people that wagered. (Just is the the rough calculation of the race that just ended). 115 BTC in 24 hours. I feel people will wager up to 1000 BTC per day in total on PD.
  4. Only a news from China will distabilize the BTC world again. We can't really predict the way the World is going on now with the news of Coronavirus going from one place to the other and the conspiracy theories of 5G coming with it. We have to wait a little to see how the World is spinning and going to. I wish Corona can leave and we can get back up to our feet.
  5. Bimfo


    Welcome. Follow the rules and do not spam. Be active on the site, you will always make some coins.
  6. Nolep, I don't know. But what really do we want to discuss. The only people that can say or answer anything about this is the CEO or the Owner. There is no how we can estimate how much is been wagered on Primedice or Stake in a day. It cannot be Estimated. There are a lot of people that come almost every day here.
  7. That is Neil. Do you know the bank roll of Neil? Neil won 2200 ETH on Friday at stake. I already said it, if you want to race you have to build your balance up or deposit. Someone with low Payout cannot race. BTW, Neil is a Diamond user. Do you know how much you must wager to be a diamond user?
  8. The Stars are just a deceit in some cases, before stake or primedice takes you really important, you have to get to that Platinum level and then the reloads can continue for ever. Most of them wager big and when they lose all he money, they come to the realization that they are all just mirages and lies. The same thing with racing. You have to have big balance before you can wage big in the race. Some people don't know this, they thing mere 300 dollars can make you win more in the race. I have observed that, if you have less than 700$, there is probability you miss it with the pressure that comes with rolling and beating the person above you. I feel the star is not to put pressure on us and make us take uncalculated risks, but just a way for both primedice and stake of saying Thank you, and as you improve above the ranks, you get countless of reloads everytime.
  9. Firstly and once again, I really want to thank you for what you do for the Primedice community. Good initiative. Now back to the topic, I will say you coming here to do giveaways have increased the activities of the forum to some degree. I actually have started to come along more often to the Forum after some break and some thanks to your giveaway. I just go around and read topics, comments and also comment. To your second question. Doing give away gives face lift to any community. Because who doesn't love free money. Everyone does. But when people start abusing it and using alt accounts to accumulate and collect coins, then that is bad and dangerous for the community because you really don't know the capacity of the Forum. For Example, when the pay per post was increased and doubled during the last Christmas period, people came here more often, and it was that time I decided I am not coming to Primedice, because I didn't feel the community reputation was real. It was a mirage and people are just using alts account to collect more coin. But now, you see everyone following rules, though some are still spamming and doing copy and paste, but it is at the minimum level.
  10. You are a Snitch Bitch. I will never trust any one of you.

  11. I really miss this feature. I don't like how I can't see my profit or loss till I contact support. Though sometime i am always using Seuntjie's dice bot to see whats up with me, and I eventually record. But I really wish they bring back this feature and implement it back.
  12. Its okay to sit around and do some constructive chats up and down the global chat. But what I hate and detest most about PD users is begging in PM. It is bad and it shouldn't be allowed. There are sometimes you just feeling like not rolling, then someone tips you a huge amount and you feel the vibe again to roll, but most times tipping don't make you rich. What makes you rich is the activeness to roll again. I have gotten tip of 0.25 ETH, 77k sats, 500k sats and those didn't make me rich by sitting down. I rolled down the line to make more. If I didn't try to roll and decided just to sit down in chat, I won't gain anything. The stake chat is also very lucrative. There are a lot of rains and tips there. There are a lot of users there, so there is a lot of tipping and rains, but the probability of getting rain if your name is not @sleepywillow is so slim and thin. PS: I don't know how Sleepy does it. She always gets rain from everybody if she is online. No matter what. Lol
  13. Before, I am always thinking I will withdraw to vault and I will be safe, then I realized I will go back to vault, then withdraw and play some more till I bust. I have observed that until it reaches my wallet, I don't trust myself not to do something stupid. Vault is so easy to access and that's the only main disadvantage. I can withdraw to vault now and withdraw back. Nahh. I observed a long time ago that Vault wasn't meant for me. I am better with the withdrawing to wallet style.
  14. You know where Gambling thrives the most? The country gambling thrives the most is a country where the economy is down and the citizens don't have anything to lose if they don't win anything. (This is just by the way.) But I don't think online gambling can be affected by anything except there is a hacking what so ever. Actually the only industry that is gaining massively from this recent pandemic known to man is people that invested in gold and the people that are in the gambling industry. I mean people that are the big players in the casino industry. Because people don,t have what they are doing again and they want to make fast money. My prayer is that we go back to our normal lives where gambling and visiting casinos were a part of fun rather than a necessity.
  15. Everyone has their way of life before the Pandemic. Now there is a total lock down in almost all countries and economy is dwindling. It is almost 3 weeks now since the tag of coronavirus as a pandemic and things are not getting better. The numbers of people getting infected per day is on the rise and returning to our day to day life seems impossible, and its far from now. The Pandemic has made the way I wager normally decrease. We are not been paid again because there is no work to do (Everyone is indoors), Everyone is just clamoring about groceries and food items and its kind of frustrating. What we just need is a vaccine or a treatment that can make this chinese virus go. I am already getting tired of everything